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SPECIALTY CATERING ent way of processing what we eat,” he adds. “Food for all of us is no longer generic. With that in mind, we’ll keep providing a diverse, superior range of products for all to enjoy.”

Questions and concerns

Across the globe in Asia, Bangkok Air Catering is very much aware of the heightened interest in free-from goods in the inflight catering industry, but airs on the side of caution when it comes to the lasting effect of organic food items, due to the high costs involved with bringing such items on board. “For next five to 10 years, there is the possibility that airlines will continue to promote organic food, but it may be just a gimmick due to cost concerns, unless, there’s a cost reduction on a certain level,” says Amorn Rassamesangpetch, Director Corporate Communications for Bangkok Air Catering Co., Ltd. “I don’t think it will make as big of an impact as expected, because unlike halal, kosher, and dietaryrestricted food items, which are a necessity, organic food items are simply a want or a desired option.”

Despite his skepticism, Rassamesang- or modified starch, both of which are fully petch does recognize the larger role nutri- in line with the labeling; Additives such as tion is playing when it comes to inflight sweeteners (yellow traffic light), which are catering, especially with more and more used only if necessary; and Forbidden (red passengers wondering just how healthy traffic light), which include flavor enhanc— or unhealthy — the meal on the tray in ers, fillers, propellants or coating agents. front of them is. The company says it is important to “Nowadays, people are more concerned officially declare that a product does or with health, and we want to help passen- does not contain a particular additive. gers limit the calorie intake of each meal “Consumers are used to labels like, ‘no they consume on an aircraft,” says Ras- artificial flavor enhancers’ or ‘no artificial samesangpetch. “Using our NutriSystem, coloring’ and they trust them,” says Silke we can calculate the nutrition data from Schmuck, Director Sales and Marketing each airline meal. If it’s found high, we at LSG Sky Food, based in Germany. will create a healthy alternative, or share “Therefore it is very important for us to the nutrition data with passengers in case also show our customers and consumany have health concerns.” ers that our products follow our clean Taking calculation one step further, label approach.” LSG Sky Food, partner of U.S.-based Oakfield Farm Solutions, has developed a manual outlining the three categories of compulsory labeled additives, which are: Unrestricted use (green traffic light), which include acidifiers All of Fleury Michon Catering and Delta Dailyfood’s meals are made from scratch using high quality ingredients


Sponge Cheesecake Butter cake Fruit cake Mousse

Laminated dough Croissants Puff Pastry Calzone Frozen dough


Demi-glace Béchamel Tomato concassé BBQ Apple sauce

Pre-cut fruit & Vegetables Cubes Slices Sticks Julienne Chateau RÖsti


Toast Loaves Baguettes Buns Rolls Pita bread




Vegetarian / Vegan Organic Diabetic Gluten / Nut allergies Low sodium / Cholesterol

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