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Companies look to hit pay dirt with airline customers in the Travel Retail Zone at WTCE. This picture shows the section in 2015


he buy on board sector represents a significant opportunity for brands looking to drive revenue or increase visibility with consumers. The sector is showing signs of a robust compound annual growth rate of 8.4%,

Lance Haywood

Lance Hayward, Managing Director and Founder of The Hayward Partnership addresses the opportunities and challenges of getting products listed in the rapidly growing airline buy-on-board sector by LANCE HAYWARD

according to a BNP Paribas report The Anatomy of Travel Retail. That translates to an increase in value from $63.4 billion to $85 billion by 2020. In addition, it is widely recognized as a lucrative opportunity for brands to gauge consumer reaction and spread the word about their products. Whether it is to increase revenue, gain visibility with consumers or benefit from the association that comes with partnering with a globally recognised travel brand, companies considering the sector need to ensure a clear objective is agreed at the outset. You will need to be certain about what you want to achieve

as well as understanding the rules of engagement in working with the onboard industry, which is not always an easy task. If you don’t understand the business you’re entering into, it could be a significant distraction for your existing strategy. If you have a clear objective in place to manage the demands and potential volume of orders associated with the onboard industry, it is a fantastic sector in which to work. It offers brands a host of opportunities that are sparsely found anywhere else. What other sector can offer you the volume promised by that of the airline industry that transports over 3.4 billion passengers per year? You gain the advantage of a captive audience as well as receiving valuable one-to-one time with a global consumer base. If you’re in it to gain visibility, there is no doubt that this is one of the biggest benefits of being onboard. Of the major challenges faced by brands entering this sector, understanding the industry and the restraints placed on travel companies is key. Airlines typically have a dedicated budget for food and beverages  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  61

PAX WTCE Hamburg March/April 2017  
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