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Armed with comfortable, high quality uniforms and footwear, SKYPRO is changing the way airlines view and select attire for their crew


SKYPRO will be showcasing a new collection of women’s shoes, featuring five new models, at this year’s WTCE

SKYPRO will be showcasing a new collection of men’s shoes, featuring six new models, at this year’s WTCE


hile catering and inflight entertainment offerings on board an aircraft might contribute to a better travel experience, the single most important resource in the cabin is the crew. Of the many factors that ensure a crew’s wellbeing — and thus a positive

experience for everyone on board — uniforms and footwear place high on the list. After all, whether it’s a long- or short-haul flight, a full or sparse cabin, if the crew is not comfortable, their ability to meet the expected level of safety and passenger service may be compromised. SKYPRO’s products are made using ‘skin-friendly textiles’ — materials featuring a high percentage of natural fibers to allow for breathability and good moisture absorption

But the crew’s comfort — specifically regarding footwear — was not always a priority, or at least not a component of the uniform that received much attention. This lack of attention caught the eye of Portugalbased SKYPRO, an airline uniform and footwear design and manufacturing company that took this shortfall and turned it into an opportunity. “Since the first moment we understood that flight attendants were wearing the wrong footwear and realized there wasn’t appropriate footwear made specifically for airline professionals, we began working with airline staff to identify their specific needs and started researching to provide apt solutions,” says Jorge Pinto, CEO of SKYPRO. “It’s no surprise that shoes are of tremendous importance for a flight attendant’s daily support. We have started a long process of R&D to get a full understanding of what airline professionals need when it comes to footwear.” SKYPRO began as subsidiary of Abotoa SA, a footwear company that formed in 2004. At the time, Abotoa was managing several franchise stores for a well-known fashion brand. In 2005, SKYPRO entered the footwear market via comfort footwear brand Aerosoles. In a partnership with Aerosoles, SKYPRO started to supply TAP Portugal’s crew with footwear. With Aerosoles experiencing financial strife in 2008, SKYPRO decided to develop its own brand, and with this move, the company was born. Today, SKYPRO offers what it says is best-in-class footwear for airline crew, serving some of the major airlines around the world. Focusing on improved  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  59

PAX WTCE Hamburg March/April 2017  
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