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Grit Peschke, Textile Engineer at SPIRIANT, looks at the relationship between technology and textiles, and how airlines can mitigate costs. To read more from this interview, visit PAX International: When it comes to creating textiles, which is more important: efficiency or comfort? Grit Peschke: Our challenge to make sure our textiles have both elements. For example, when providing a comfortable blanket we make sure it’s also able to handle the intensity of an industrial washing process. The aim is to make sure an airline’s design can retain its integrity and aesthetic components after 30 or 50 wash cycles.

other materials onboard airlines, textiles are a relatively easy way to integrate an eco-friendly aspect to an airline’s portfolio — with efficient costs, too. PAX: Do luxury textiles always mean an added expense? Peschke: Often it does, but there are ways through this with strategic brand partnerships. SPIRIANT has experience in both branding and quality textiles, so we support bringing luxury together on a budget.

PAX: Which innovations and trends are you seeing? Peschke: The biggest trend is sustainability. We’re thinking in terms of recycled and fair trade materials and sustainable fibers. We are very well prepared for this new phase. Awareness is increasing, and compared to

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PAX: What is the most common question an airline asks you about textiles? Peschke: Airlines always want to know about the durability of the textiles they choose, and which has the highest lifecycle. PAX: What are SPIRIANT’s goals when it comes to providing textiles to airlines? Peschke: I make sure every piece of the product comes together from the operational requirement and supplier capabilities, to the budget, design and expectation. We bring everything together to achieve the ultimate goal of passenger comfort and overall experience onboard.

SPIRIANT has experience in both branding and quality textiles, and supports bringing luxury together on a budget, says the company’s Textile Engineer Grit Peschke


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PAX WTCE Hamburg March/April 2017