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COMFORT ITEMS interesting brand partnerships, innovative functionality or the use of unusual, more sustainable or luxurious materials. These items are combined in order to create a ‘hotel in the sky’, providing utmost comfort and ensuring the wow factor,” he adds. Sustainability is high on the agenda both for Galileo Watermark and its customers. “We are constantly striving to work with innovative materials and look at closedloop processes and initiatives to ensure our products are not only commercial and attractive to our customers, but sustainable also.” Galileo Watermark recently undertook work for Air Serbia to furnish its new aircraft and first transatlantic route to New York. “The Business Class blanket is a good example of the trend of emulating the hotel experience in the sky,” says Linaker. “It has both a Microplush and peach skin side to provide the customer with options as to what they would like to sleep against, and the plush materials create a sumptuous and luxurious in-seat experience.”

“Our innovations are not only comforting to the eyes, but we pay close attention to new materials and cosmetics that are soothing to the skin as well.” Sustainability is important to the firm. “Kaelis always presents eco-friendly options not only in terms of materials used, but we also focus on the whole process to try and reduce the carbon footprint,” says Pridhanani.

Mills Textiles

Mills Textiles has been working on a sensory comfort range of products to promote a sense of relaxation and refreshment. These can be tailored to help sleep or wakeup and be branded or themed depending on airline requirements. In terms of trends, the company has experienced a continued push towards weight-saving fabrics to offset laundering and fuel costs. The most recent drive has been more impetus on branding, sponsorship and shared cost ownership, says

Kaelis will have several blankets on display at WTCE (including the one pictured), which have been designed to improve the travel experience for passengers in terms of comfort


Kaelis will be bringing new designs and materials to WTCE in a bid to improve the travel experience. “Comfort is one of the most important aspects when it comes to travel,” says Kaelis Creative Manager, Manoj Pridhanani. “We study customer needs as well as the ambience to come up with personalized items that can enhance the passenger experience. We try and create an ambience like home in the air.


Tim Morris, Mills Textiles Head Global. Sustainability has influenced the company’s products and production processes. “For many years we’ve been promoting our eco selection of bamboo towels and latterly, bamboo blankets. Indeed, we worked with British Airways in the late 1980s to

Mills Textiles has been working on a sensory comfort range of products to promote a sense of relaxation and refreshment

determine the feasibility of recycling formerly disposable cotton products. We are always looking at new technologies to reduce our environmental footprint,” Morris adds.

WESSCO International

WESSCO International recently launched a collection of premium bedding items for Hawaiian Airlines, including a quilt, pillow, slippers, and lounging pillow. The lounging pillow features an elastic band to keep it in place on the seat’s headrest and provides added comfort as a lumbar support. The item resulted from Hawaiian Airlines’ collaboration with Hawaiian designer, Sig Zane. This line of soft goods is colored in Hawaiian poi and pink, adorned with the local Lei’hua flower pattern. “As is evident in the brands we carry and products we design, sustainable processes are always at the forefront of what we do at WESSCO,” says Vice President Petros Sakkis. “It’s not simply a matter of corporate social responsibility; it’s a matter of optimal design. Sustainable products are by definition products designed smart. The growing interest in sustainability has given us all the more opportunity to display our innovative design capabilities to a larger audience looking for eco-smarter solutions.”

WESSCO International recently launched a collection of premium bedding items for Hawaiian Airlines, a result of the carrier’s collaboration with Hawaiian designer, Sig Zane

PAX WTCE Hamburg March/April 2017  
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