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To combat today’s competitive market, Galileo Watermark focuses on unique points of difference, such as the detailed embroidery on the sleep suit developed by Galileo Watermark for AirSerbia

focused thinking. With airlines looking for partners that are dependable and robust, innovative — with regards to creativity and ideas — and can deliver an improved guest experience through cost-neutral or lower-cost programs, Galileo Watermark appears to be on the right track. “The airline industry is becoming increasingly competitive and budgets are inevitably suffering,” says Linaker. “Often during these times, availability for guest experience projects constricts, with per-seat cost budgets consequently being impacted. Galileo Watermark delivers results that allow our partners to build in cost-neutral guest value, or where requested, manage product categories and logistics to save considerable backend costs.” In light of the current competitive setting, Galileo Watermark’s product innovation team has made it a priority to deliver the best passenger experience by focusing on unique points of difference. “ We intend to continue working as a strategic partner to our customers and are further investing in our design teams globally to deliver truly innovative and first-to-market concepts,” says Linaker.

Riding the waves

Looking forward to where he feels the passenger services industry is headed, Linaker says that although various circumstances will lead to changes, for the most part, the 48  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  MARCH/APRIL 2017

landscape of the onboard hospitality sector will always carry with it a certain level of consistency. “The aviation industry is, and has been highly cyclical for over 50 years, with new and ever more diverse challenges making it so” he says. “However, it is also regionally idiosyncratic, with some carriers experiencing greater growth, or contraction, than others. This will always continue to be the case.” Based on this understanding, Linaker sees Galileo Watermark’s clients working closer with partners like themselves, to help share the challenges of these cycles. “They create great opportunities for us to demonstrate innovation, not just across product development and design, but in commercial sourcing and operational delivery to deliver tangible results” he explains. “Galileo Watermark is positioned

to be an enterprise-wide, strategic partner that can manage entire product categories and cabin groups to deliver significant economies of scale and cost savings — something that can help manage these testing times.” With Galileo Watermark exhibiting at the World Travel Catering Expo in Hamburg for the first time this year, the newly formed team is gearing up to introduce its new identity to the industry. “We will be showcasing our most recent launches and all of the fantastic work we do across some of the world’s leading airlines, including Qantas, United Airlines, Etihad Airways, British Airways, Virgin Australia, and Air New Zealand,” shares Linaker. “We will also be privately introducing our exciting R&D projects, as well as sharing some insight into customer data and the relevance of amenity kits in today’s market.”

Air Seychelles Business Class kit, developed by Galileo Watermark

PAX WTCE Hamburg March/April 2017  
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