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together Focused on designing the best in next generation onboard guest experience and hospitality, newly-formed Galileo Watermark is creating solutions that are driven by thought leadership, better passenger understanding and future-focused thinking


n December 16, 2016, an acquisition was completed that would see two companies — Galileo Products, a creative products agency and Watermark Products, a well-known design partner and supplier to top airlines — merge to become Galileo Watermark, a company specializing in amenity kit and onboard hospitality design and development to the airline, cruise, hotel and retail industries. With the company’s new branding, unveiled in January, both teams have been busy with the transition, ensuring business continuity while integrating the different functions of each formerly independent company. Before the merger, Watermark Products was an established company in the pas-

senger services industry, boasting more than 30 years of heritage and an experienced and knowledgeable team. In recent years however, the increasing competition coupled with changing market conditions, a lack of resources in key areas and structural shifts, affected its growth. Despite these circumstances, the company’s sound infrastructure and the recent merger with Galileo has led to some exciting projects currently in the works, that will see the business transform over the coming years. “We believe that our merger will refocus the teams and strengthen our offering to our customers,” says Ian Linaker, CEO of Galileo Watermark. “The new global team has been reinforced, offering our customers local insight backed by an international network of designers and highly depend-

“Galileo Watermark is positioned to be an enterprise-wide, strategic partner that can manage entire product categories and cabin groups to deliver significant economies of scale and cost savings — something that can help manage these testing times.”

Ian Linaker, CEO of Galileo Watermark

Qantas Airways partnered with Australian lifestyle brand Country Road, for the airline’s new Premium Economy amenity kit developed by Galileo Watermark

able operational capability,” he adds. “Galileo and Watermark are aligned in a focus on designing the very best in the next generation of onboard guest experience and hospitality.” Linaker asserts that Galileo Watermark’s core business initiatives — delivering innovation, backed by the best in commercially competitive sourcing — would not change. “There are of course operational benefits to be gained and our capacity will naturally increase in areas, from amenities and textiles, through to meal service, but the main difference will be our approach and philosophy.”

Full steam ahead

Although still in its early days, Galileo Watermark already has several projects underway, and in the next six months will have new products launching on four international flag carriers. In addition, the company’s research and development and design teams are working on a number of innovative projects, which Linaker says will cause ripples in the market this year and into 2018. Products aside, Linaker said that to become a trusted partner in the industry Galileo Watermark must do much more than just supply products. “We offer strategic enterprise-led partnerships with our clients to become extensions of their operations and procurement teams, offering commercial and innovative solutions across all their pressure points with innovative commercial structures and sourcing models,” he explains. The goal Linaker adds, is for Galileo Watermark to develop itself as a researchand insight- led business, creating solutions that are driven by thought leadership, better passenger understanding and  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  47

PAX WTCE Hamburg March/April 2017  
PAX WTCE Hamburg March/April 2017