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ttendees to this year’s PAX International Readership Awards will get a little look at the world of airline catering that existed years before the advent of aircraft like the A380 and Dreamliner and all the rapid technological advancement that has changed the travel experience. There will be plenty of innovation and technology to see on the trade floors of the World Travel Catering Expo & Onboard Services Expo and Aircraft Interiors Expo. Passenger Experience Week grows larger by the year and gets covered by a gaggle of press that planners say will surpass 130, representing magazines, blogs and travelrelated websites. Planned for the Awards evening is a short, thumbnail history of the magazine, with the small group that formed it at its beginnings, through the launch of our website, newsletter and digital issues. Looking back 20 years — fewer years than it takes for a person to grow to adulthood and finish college — it’s amazing

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how much has changed in the work that we in publishing and the rest of you, in the industry do. We took the first issue of PAX International to another leafy pleasant city, like Hamburg, in the spring of 1997. That city was Vancouver, an important travel hub in the Pacific Northwest that is also ringed in scenic waterways and beckoning outdoors lovers. As coincidence would have it, Canada-based PAX International’s 20th anniversary year falls on the same year as Canadians will be celebrating 150 years since Confederation. Beyond the short look back, at the Awards evening, we do not have much planned to note the 20th Anniversary. We are saving that for year 25. We hope to see all of you then and cannot help but wonder what changes are in store for all of us just five years on.

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PAX WTCE Hamburg March/April 2017  
PAX WTCE Hamburg March/April 2017