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Green comfort With a broad line of hundreds of comfort items, SPIRIANT has scored big projects with international airlines and is now showing potential customers a selection of natural products woven in many forms by RICK LUNDSTROM

SPIRIANT’s 3D mattress is made with Tencel™


little more than a year ago, Lufthansa German Airlines introduced the world to a comprehensive line of sleep items that it has since rolled out across its fleet of long-haul aircraft. The Dream Collection, supplied by SPIRIANT, was an array of comfort components that included a new pillowcase and blanket, plus a mattress topper mainly made from 100% cotton from German bed manufacturer Paradies and a sleepshirt from another German brand called van Laack. But amid the well-known fashion and household product names the company proudly touts, SPIRIANT also relies on products from other companies whose goal is not to dazzle but to make the most of materials and do so in a way that keeps products out of landfills and oceans. Tucked beside its news of comfort and bedding, the airline acknowledged an important element that is now a necessary part of the conversation between supplier and customer: sustainability. “Since Lufthansa is also setting standards in terms of environmental friendliness, the plastic packaging of the blanket was replaced by a paper banderole,” reads a statement from the company. How to handle, and what to do with, the immense number of discarded products in flight has airlines and suppliers searching high and low, experimenting with new materials and complex weaves in the hope of making the most of discarded plastic, in some cases even teaming it with natural materials. In other parts of its operation, SPIRIANT has sought to sell

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PAX Amenities and Comfort Digital Issue 2019  

PAX Amenities and Comfort Digital Issue 2019