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Luxury luggage company Globe-Trotter was the perfect fit for FORMIA’s recently released ANA First and Business Class kits

as Chief Commercial Officer and Niklas Sandor as Chief Marketing Officer. Grohmann continues to lead the business, focusing on overall leadership, strategy and supply chain. Wendschuh takes the lead on all customer, business development and commercial activities, ensuring the company continues its approach of offering its airline customer base high-quality, bespoke products and new concepts which are unique to the individual airline and reflect its individual ethos, identity and culture. Sandor, meanwhile, is responsible for the design, brand and marketing functions, focusing on the quality, design and brands for which the company’s products are renowned. A significant part of his role will be to identify emerging trends within the industry and predict how the onboard experience will inevitably transform the world of passenger amenities and comfort products in the years ahead. According to Grohmann, future success will depend on constant improvements to the company’s fundamental customer-centric approach. “FORMIA aspires to be the world’s most desirable inflight comfort amenities company,” he explains. “Delighting our airline customers and their passengers is what we are all about. Pure and simple. If we can continue to do that, we will reap the rewards commensurate with any company which

occupies a market-leading position and an unrivaled reputation for excellence, innovation and customer care.” For Grohmann, it is the talent of FORMIA’s people which underpins the company’s success. Staff numbers have grown from fewer than 10 in 2009 to over 80 today. “I believe our people are second to none,” he says. “Their energy and creativity impress me on a daily basis. I am immensely proud of what they have achieved through their talents and their focus on the continual improvement on our products. Many of our staff are relatively young, having joined FORMIA either directly from university or early in their careers. They are keen, committed and always ready to take on new responsibilities and meet new challenges.” Recent developments within FORMIA reflect the team’s enthusiasm in building on carefully nurtured, long-term relationships with customers, brand partners and suppliers. According to Wendschuh, a good example of this is the announcement made last month at the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo of an extension to FORMIA’s long-established partnership with Turkish Airlines which will see the company supply new products for the airline’s Business and Economy classes. “With Turkish, we started with the

first-ever onboard offering by Versace, providing exclusive male and female amenity kits containing cosmetics from Versace designed to pamper passengers and keep them relaxed and rejuvenated during their flights,” Wendschuh shares. “For Economy Class travelers, we also supplied a range of fun pouches printed with motifs designed in collaboration with the Istanbul Modern Museum, Turkey’s leading museum of contemporary art. We now relish the opportunity to expand our contribution to Turkish Airline’s continuing success.” The relationship with Turkish Airlines typifies FORMIA’s approach with all its customers: to provide them with desirable, innovative, stylish amenity kits containing quality cosmetic and comfort items built of the most valuable materials and in a format which allows recipients to use them for multiple purposes following their flight. In the comfort sector, the company has recently entered into collaborations under the sleepwear category with the introduction of a new branded sleepwear range that includes Boggi, Gieves & Hawkes and Porsche Design. This range has led to successful collaborations with more than 10 customers including Singapore Airlines and SAUDIA. Enduring partnerships, whether with airlines or global brands, is a core theme in FORMIA’s story. And this extends not just to relationships in the air but also on the ground: for many years, FORMIA has co-hosted its presence at WCTE with Castello Monte Vibiano. This partnership is based on the companies’ longstanding friendship as well as common values and shared business philosophies. In the short term, FORMIA’s focus will be on building on the company’s market-leading position. Headquartered in Hong Kong and with subsidiary offices in Dubai, Shanghai and Bangkok as well as presences in New York and Milan, plus a new management team, the company is well-placed to continue its growth. The company says 2019 will be another big year in terms of launching new customer collaborations with airlines and brand partners. As Wendschuh notes, their team is ambitious and has the creativity and drive required to take the company to ever-greater heights. PAX-INTL.COM  


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PAX Amenities and Comfort Digital Issue 2019  

PAX Amenities and Comfort Digital Issue 2019