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  TECH FOR TOMORROW  RIMOWA Electronic Tag: The RIMOWA Electronic Tag is the first digital and fully integrated mobility solution. It makes flying with luggage faster, more comfortable, and more secure. With the RIMOWA Electronic Tag, Lufthansa passengers can check their luggage from home or on the road with the Lufthansa app. Using their digital boarding pass, they can submit data from their smartphone via Bluetooth to their luggage equipped with the tag. The luggage data will immediately appear on the data module integrated into the case. The checked luggage must then only be placed on the conveyor at the Lufthansa Baggage Drop-off desk. The luggage data displayed on the electronic display corresponds in size and appearance to current paper tags. Important information is protected from humidity, heat, cold, falls, and jarring, and cannot be torn off.

 TabCaddyClip™: Designed by Skycast Solutions, the

TabCaddyClip™ is a low-cost tablet holder solution for inflight use custom designed to attach securely to various airline meal trays, providing passengers with a convenient way to store and view their personal electronic device (PED). The removable ‘Clip’ is designed to accommodate all sizes of tablets and features an innovative hinge to adjust viewing angles. The Clip requires no certification or other tests required of permanently installed solutions. If purchased, the passenger can reuse the Clip on future flights. The Clip provides two surfaces for airline branding or advertising sales and can be further customized for each airline based on their tray and branding requirements.

 Germfalcon®: Primarily for use on commercial aircraft, Germfalcon® is a patented mobile UVC sanitization robot that kills germs on surfaces and surrounding air. The Germfalcon wing design is optimized to efficiently reach all commonly touched surfaces of an aircraft and is built on the body of a food/beverage cart. UVC kills all viruses and bacteria without sprays or chemicals. Wings are variably extensible to accommodate the assortment of seating configurations. 

 The Skylights Theater: Skylights, a French start-up

company, has developed The Skylights Theater — a new IFE system with immersive cinema glasses, offering an experience akin to sitting right in the middle of a movie theater for 2D and 3D movie viewing with HD image resolution, large depth of field, and visual and auditory isolation from the cabin. Skylights’ solution also includes a wide range of movies, provided by Twentieth Century Fox and DreamWorks. Already successfully tested on board of XL Airways, the Skylights Theater was presented to the public for the first time at the Aircraft Interior Expo in Hamburg this past April.


PAX International Seating IFE and Connectivity 2016  
PAX International Seating IFE and Connectivity 2016