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JAMES CALVETTI MEATS A seared and grillmarked fully-cooked sous-vide Calvetti beef fillet, ready for boarding


father, ‘Calvetti, they’ll never have any time to serve food.’ Of course, the economy was growing, the business grew rapidly and he rode that wave successfully,” says Calvetti. The next major hurdle involved the introduction of frozen pre-made meals served in Y Class. “Previously, everything was made on the ground,” explains Calvetti. “My father overcame that challenge by selling to the frozen meal manufacturers directly and providing the same high-quality steaks and roast as before for First Class.” When Calvetti’s father started the company in 1974, the main challenge at the time was simply being a small new company in a very competitive industry. But as with the other challenges, this too was overcome. “Business moved along though, and grew fairly swiftly until the late 1990s, which were difficult financial times for the major U.S. domestic airlines,” explains Calvetti. “Then of course 9/11 hit and within 18 months, our air catering business was cut in half.” The 2007-08 economic collapse was yet another hurdle. More recently, the cultural change within the company from the ready-to-cook business to the readyto-eat business has been nothing short of a challenge, but one Calvetti is confident the company will overcome. And to what does Calvetti attribute this hardiness? His answer is quite simple: his family’s history and the subsequent wisdom that has been passed down. “It is our experience that has gotten us to where we are today.”

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