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STG Aerospace’s new, patented liTeMood passenger reading light emits a square light that defines the passenger’s personal space


Mary Jane Pittilla profiles two cabin lighting suppliers seeking to provide maximum passenger impact at the lowest cost to airlines


he glowing, multi-hued cabins on the latest modern aircraft have created a new look for the cabin and a new experience for passengers who occupy its space. LED lighting has mostly led the way to these changes. With a few controls, day can be turned to twilight and passengers can be roused with a gentle suggestion that the flight is nearing an end. Behind the change is also the nuts and bolts of outfitting a cabin for the experience in as cost effective and efficient way as possible. Companies gathering for this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo will be touting the capabilities of their products, but also the ways the can be line-fit or retrofit to meet any cost requirements.

Aesthetic and engineering benefits “Simplicity and quality” is the design philosophy that STG Aerospace works

STG Aerospace’s award-winning saf-Tglo blu photoluminescent floor path marking system is designed to match airline branding and offers an aesthetic improvement in both light and dark conditions


by for its LED cabin lighting. Dr Sean O’Kell, Director of Innovation, tells PAX International that this simple plug-and-play approach removes the expense and complexity of installing a new system for the airlines. Unlike some other systems in the marketplace, the company’s products only use two or three colors, not millions, making its lighting solutions easy to operate, well controlled and cost effective. “Our system is easy to install,” says O’Kell. “For example, with ceiling lights, once they are installed, there’s no change in the operation for the crew. They can continue to operate the lights in exactly the same way. Our LED lighting is very reliable and robust, reducing maintenance checks and power consumption, so our system has both aesthetic and engineering benefits.” STG Aerospace, as a medium-sized

supplier, prides itself on spending a lot on research and development. Dr. O’Kell says this strategy is paying off, as the company has generated record sales every year since he joined 13 years ago, and customer feedback has been positive across the board, on the thousands of aircraft flying with its system. The company’s research focuses on human-centric aspects of lighting, such as stress reduction, and it works on projects with three universities. Retail is one area of research that Dr O’Kell said believes is critical to new product development. This includes retail store lighting, as lessons learned about good lighting from the ground can be applied in the air. Take STG Aerospace’s new, patented liTeMood passenger reading light. After its plug-and-play installation on-board, the product emits a square light that defines the passenger’s personal space. “The uniform, high quality light makes the passenger more relaxed and gives them more control over their environment, without annoying the person in the next seat,” Dr. O’Kell explains, adding that the rendering of images in an inflight magazine is also improved. Critically, according to research studies, relaxed passengers are more likely to become good impulse buyers, thereby boosting ancillary revenue. During the upcoming Aircraft Interiors Expo, STG Aerospace will be showcasing this reading light, along

PAX International AIX March/April 2017  
PAX International AIX March/April 2017