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 TROLLEYS company’s cabin products have been bringing Italian design and taste to the industry for decades. During those years, Maria Iacobucci worked alongside her father, Emilio, gaining experience and knowhow. The daughter left the company, Iacobucci SPA in 2009, after 25 years of passionate work, but not before working to place Iacobucci trolleys in the aisles of airlines around the world.   In 2016, working out of Switzerland, she set out to develop a trolley line with the help of companies like Factorydesign and SWS Certification Services. At this year’s WTCE she and

the partners will bring a product that they say meets operational needs of the industry with new technical features in a product design that meets European Airworthiness regulations and brings the aforementioned “style to the aisle.” Maria Iacobucci was not sharing images of the new HIGHLINER in the run-up to WTCE, but her company was sharing some strong opinions in a release in February of this year. The problem, she says is the appearance of trolleys throughout the industry.  “Currently, trolleys are built as unappealing back-of-house catering equipment, yet they are the main focus

for all customer facing activity on a plane,” said a release from HIGHLINER. “Airlines disguise their industrial look by fitting doors in the galley to give more of a ‘boutique hotel’ appearance by hiding old fashioned looking trolleys. “This merely adds precious weight, making them bulkier and more complex, while passengers often complain about noise levels during opening and closing.” The HIGHLINER will offer a solution, said the company.  Among the features that will be part of the line are digital intelligence and other smart features to help with stock and temperature control.

Bucher brings innovation for new aircraft Visitors to the Bucher stand at Hall 5 in Hamburg will be treated to a walk through and a glimpse into one of the company’s products, which has a future in the new Airbus aircraft set for introduction next year. The A330neo (New Engine Option) will be flying this year, with an expected delivery to launch operator TAP Portugal in 2018. Among the products on the newest neo will be an aft galley develHoneycomb design in the panels cut the weight in the Bucher galley for the A330neo


oped by Switzerland based Bucher. “What new about this monument is it has more stowing capacity than previous platforms on the A330 particularly in the trolley bays, so some the trolley bays are deeper,” Beat Burlet, CEO at Bucher tells PAX International. Among the features that Bucher has incorporated into the galley are lighterweight aluminum construction along with new honeycomb-constructed panels.

While the new galley system is designed for the rear cabin, Bucher is also developing a new drink serving system for First and Business Class with the help of a partner, Skytender Solutions. Skytender, a German company has been in business since 2009 when it began development on its wellknown trolley based beverage product of bag-in-a-box concentrate-based post-mix dispensers. The company has now developed a follow-on product called SkyDrinx designed for the galley and geared toward a service that does not involve a trolley. The SkyDrinx is a modular based component installed in the front galley. Burlet said the product was developed for a number of reasons. While trolley service may have dispensers like the SkyTender on trolleys, flight attendants in First and Business Class would still have to rely on bottle service. As many airlines are now opting to serve food and beverage without trolleys in the front cabin, flight attendants can dispense drinks with the SkyDrinx. With a galley installation, it can also be a self-service feature for passengers in any class. Such products fit well into the Bucher philosophy that moves away from customization so often seen in service. The company has been in business since 1953 with production facilities in Switzerland, Germany and near the Boeing plant in Everett, Washington.

PAX International AIX March/April 2017  
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