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 TROLLEYS Norduyn plans several new accessories for its FleX trolley line

Rolling IN THE AISLES An industry segment crowded with players will be descending on Hamburg in April with a selection of improved trolley products boasting weight reduction, choice and even the promise of elegance by RICK LUNDSTROM


ew could argue that the manufacturers of today’s airline trolleys have not been listening to requests by potential customers for products that lighten the load in the cabin and offer a departure from the standard designs that dominated the industry for decades. Over the last decade, kilograms have been trimmed, designs simplified to decrease the number of parts that require maintenance, and important steps have been taken to make the products not just a workhorse of the airline cabin, but a more technical piece of equipment designed for airlines that want it to work smart. Now, at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, a new manufacturer with a famous name is also holding out the promise – while keeping details under wraps – about a first generation line of trolleys that brings “style to the aisle.” The Aircraft Interiors Expo comes at an important time in an airline’s buying year. The early spring is the time when many airlines start making important decisions to have a new selection of cabin products ready for the busy summer travel season. To secure a spot on


a company’s assembly line schedule means that decisions need to be made. And when potential airline customers arrive at the Hamburg Messe, companies like Norduyn will be waiting with new choices and a new sales partner in the United States to represent the Canadian firm. Norduyn makes the Quantum FleX trolley in full and half sizes. Since the product’s introduction, more than 50,000 trolleys are now in service around the world in more than 20 configurations and working the aisles in every continent but Africa. The FleX, a lightweight combination of composite and aluminum and has a number of exclusive features that allow users to save up to 37% in repair costs compared to a full aluminum trolley. A number weight and security feature make up the FleX and some additions are in the works. Among the notable features is the capability of an airline customer to repair, rather than replace damaged side panels. The company makes the FleX with a special scratchresistant paint on the flexible and sturdy composite panels. Norduyn has also patented a four-point slam latch for the FleX. Thomas Köhler, Vice-President

The FleX in half size with the patented slam lock

Business Development at Norduyn, said the company’s manufacturing operations recently received the AS 9100 quality management system designation for the aerospace industry. He and his colleagues will be coming to Hamburg with a number of new acces-

PAX International AIX March/April 2017  
PAX International AIX March/April 2017