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A coating of hygiene A Hamburg-based paint and coatings company with decades in the industry has added an extra layer of cabin cleanliness with a coating approved for Boeing and Airbus aircraft

Testing at Mankiewicz’s facilities in Hamburg



isitors to a stand in Hall 7 of at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo may have a chance to learn a more about what dwells in the corners and spaces in aircraft lavatory on a long haul flight than they may want to know. The two major airframe manufacturers have, over the years developed aircraft that have pushed the envelope in passenger aviation capability. Just recently, Qatar Airways announced that it now had the distinction of the world’s longest flight – a 17 hours 30 minute, 14,535 kilometer trek between Doha and Auckland. While certainly an important milestone and a great achievement in civil aviation, there are some practical considerations for the aircraft cabin when so many passengers are in an enclosed space over long periods of time. A longtime supplier to the industry, Mankiewicz raised one of them in the run-up to this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo. “Have you ever considered how many germs accumulate on an aircraft toilet during a 12-hour flight with more than 200 fellow travelers onboard,” the company asked in its promotional material for an antimicrobial coating called ALEXIT® FST Antimicrobial Topcoat that lays

down a permanent layer germ protection along with giving an efficient, clean look to the modern aircraft lavatory. Combine the distance and times with the latest ultra-long haul flights with the modern developments taking place in cabin design and the task of keeping an aircraft cabin a safe and comfortable place for the passenger increases. With more seating and more equipment onboard, it naturally follows that there are many more places onboard for bacteria to hide. Like the problems that have plagued cruise ships, an outbreak aboard an aircraft is an occurrence that airlines, caterers and other suppliers want to avoid at all costs. At the company’s stand, Mankiewicz will explain how at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo there is a solution that means “Game Over For Germs.” With the help of petri dishes and technical explanations, the company will show visitors the advantages of laying down a permanent coating layer of ALEXIT® antimicrobial topcoat as opposed to a coating without the anti-microbial protection. One of the major challenges for companies like Mankiewicz is developing products that can pass the rigid burn-testing requirement. Not only will ALEXIT® provide the level of

Visitors to the Mankiewicz stand will see the affects of treating airline surfaces with the company’s ALEXIT® FST Antimicrobial Topcoat


PAX International AIX March/April 2017  
PAX International AIX March/April 2017