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Astronics AeroSat’s FliteStream connectivity products include the F-Series and T-Series

fills all needs alone, and with the advent of optimal routing (whether by cost or application), a business aviation customer with both systems can save nearly US$1M over 10 years, as compared to a customer with only a satellite system.” In the coming months, SmartSky Networks plans to focus on a few priorities, including: complete deployment and launch of the SmartSky 4G nationwide network; complete more STC projects to expand the number of aircraft models its system can be installed on; announce and launch its first airline customer; and lastly, launch an application technology framework to use APIs to facilitate the development of apps by consolidating multiple data sources and advanced algorithms for collaboration and interoperability.

Astronics AeroSat’s FliteStream connectivity products have continued to be certified and installed on airline and business aviation aircraft. The T-Series tail mount products were certified on a launch G-IVSP aircraft in 2016 and has received FAA PMA certifications. This new product for the business aviation market is transitioning into full production and is now available through Astronics AeroSat’s dealer network and VAR partner(s), such as Satcom Direct. This new FliteStream product represents the only business aviation connectivity product that can offer high speed data, live DBS-TV and live global TV in a single antenna package. The certification of the first FliteStream T-Series tail mount SATCOM product, called the T-210, on a launch G-IVSP aircraft, will facilitate sales and installations of the new product this year and beyond, by Astronics AeroSat’s dealer network of over 20 dealers on business aircraft for high-speed inflight connectivity and live TV. “The FliteStream F-Series fuselage mount connectivity product continues to be a reliable proven high-speed solution for airline aircraft and is in production; certified for most Airbus and Boeing aircraft today,” says Popek. Astronics AeroSat will continue to work with Ku band High Throughput Satellite (HTS) operators this year and onward, to offer higher speed bandwidth, which offers comparable or higher speeds than Ka satellites today with less weather issues. AeroSat’s FliteStream products are compatible with these next generation highspeed satellites that utilize spot beam technology.

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