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SEATING  A desk in the sky: The PF3000 fixed back seat is designed to provide passengers with personal space with the literature behind the tray table

PITCH aims to provide added leg room and comfort at tight pitch settings but with the look and feel of quality and personal space

The company will also be unveiling Vector Premium, the single-aisle Business Class iteration of the Vector family of products, at the AIX fair. It will use the opportunity to collect customer feedback to refine its product offerings. The seat pitch of each product is as follows: Vector Economy Class: 28-33 inches; Vector Premium (narrowbody Business Class): 38-44 inches; and Vector Premium Economy: Targeting 36-40 inches. HAECO Americas is able to deliver a catalogselected product in as little as four months from program award to product delivery. Standard lead times are 12-14 months for the Vector platform of products and can vary depending on the program and product mix. First delivery of Vector Premium is expected in Q2 2018. “The single-aisle market shows no signs of slowing down, plus, we are seeing product deliveries for twin-aisle aircraft doing well due to an uptick in retrofit programs,” says David Kelly, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, HAECO Americas. “We have recently expanded our Cabin Solutions business and have been actively adding to our workforce in anticipation of an increasing demand. HAECO Americas is expecting a busy 2017 and beyond.” The company says that Economy Class seating trends have remained fairly unchanged in recent years, with incremental improvements to living space and passenger amenities. HAECO Cabin Solutions aims to encourage innovations in product design while maintaining a sharp focus on providing a seat that is easy for airlines to operate and maintain while providing passengers a comfortable experience. Visitors to the Aircraft Interiors Expo can see examples of these innovations at the HAECO booth, where it will launch the Arc Headrest, a Crystal Cabin Award shortlisted candidate, as well as Vector Premium. PITCH Aircraft Seating Systems’ PF3000 Economy seat provides three inches of added legroom over other seats in the class – an important factor at the tighter pitch settings of 28 inch, notes Gary Doy, Director of New Product Development. The basic seat offers a high-specification configuration including: upper and lower literature pockets; synthetic leather covers; a high level of comfort due to the patented cushion and seatback design; internet service provider provisions – a USB connector located behind the tray table stops a passenger PED charging during take-off and landing; and an iPad and computer mounting position.

The fixed back seat is permanently reclined and set at the optimum passenger recline angle. Weight including synthetic leather covers is 9.6 kilograms per passenger place, and 28.8 kilograms per standard triple. Comfort tests by operators have received a high level of customer satisfaction, says Doy. The PF3000 fixed back seat is designed and certified for pitch settings from 28 to 32 inches, and is compliant with a pitch setting of 27 inches. The delivery time is 12 weeks standard lead-time for a certified LOPA configuration. The launch customer was Monarch Airlines, on its A321 fleet. The 214-passenger place configuration boasted an increased number of extra legroom seats available due to the PF3000 design, notes Doy. The PF3000 seat has completed all indicative certification testing including 16G HIC and is about to start formal certification testing with off tooled parts. The launch will take place in July 2017, with plans to deliver 15 shipsets in 2017 increasing to 90 shipsets in 2018. The company’s new manufacturing facility, located in Redditch, UK, will have a capacity of 20,000 passenger places in 2018. “PITCH was a driver of the fixed back seat into the economy market and for high-density operators the customer acceptance has been very high,” says Doy. Product design has played a part in its success. “PITCH drove the weight down from the legacy suppliers to under 29 kilograms per standard triple but removing any risk by using smart design and conventional materials,” he says. “Airlines are looking for high-density, high-utilization seats which provide a very positive cabin image with reduced parts count. By using automotive processes to manufacture the seat cushions and covers, PITCH is able ensure the seats look sharp always.” PITCH is part of the DesignQ family, which specializes in innovative high-end design, and it is through this relationship that Pitch is able to offer superior designs to the Economy market, he explains. “PITCH provides added leg room and comfort at tight pitch settings but with the look and feel of quality and personal space,” he says. PITCH will be launching the PR3000 recline seat range in 2018. This recline seat seeks to reset the industry understanding of recline and is targeted at the full-service singleaisle operators and the long range Economy market.  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  23

PAX International AIX March/April 2017  
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