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 SEATING 2017, both in the global aircraft seating market and within our business. Exciting times ahead!” enthuses McInnes. In 2016, Italian manufacturer Aviointeriors launched an Economy Plus seat called the Columbus C4, a derivative of its Columbus C3 widebody Economy seat with added recline (up to 10 inches) and a pitch of 38 inches to offer a midrange solution for airlines not looking to invest serious money in a Premium Economy seat for their passengers. The seat pitches of each product are as follows: C1, its LCC seat, runs from 28 inches; C2, its narrowbody seat, runs from 28 to 30 inches; C3, its widebody Economy seat, from 29 to 34 inches; and C4, its Economy Plus seat, from 38 to 40 inches. Aviointeriors’ Columbus C4 Economy Plus seat is a derivative of its Columbus C3 widebody Economy seat with added recline and a pitch of 38 inches to offer a mid-range Pricing starts at €3,500 per passolution for airlines not looking to invest serious money in a Premium Economy seat senger to €4,000 per passenger for in-arm video installation. All seats greater durability and is easily maintained, says the company. are fitted with a smart tray tablet holder as standard and For the Premium Economy cabin, the Series 7 seat there are several other costed options on request. can be offered as Business/First Class on narrow-body All Columbus programs, if not a follow-on, are currently 26 aircraft and as a Premium Economy Class seat on wideweeks delivery after the initial technical coordination meeting. body installations. Series 7 delivers unparalleled legroom, “Economy class has a huge growth potential, both in linefit class-leading width and full recline, the company says. and retrofit markets, and we see Premium Economy has a “Not only does our Series 7 embody all of Acro’s characgood potential for the future,” says Jeffrey Forsbrey, Senior teristics, comfort, robustness, maintainability and lighter Vice President Sales and Marketing, Aviointeriors S.p.A. weight, it can be pitched at 34 inches and still meet Air“Market forces are driving weight out of the product bus’s minimum egress requirements of 9 inches,” says Alan and we are seeing a shift in design, seat cushion techMcInnes, Head of Sales at Acro. “It also incorporates smart nology and overall parts count reduction, and possibly design features including personal storage consoles, and an the use of magnesium in the near future,” he adds. elegant single-leaf table that not only enhances the experiAdditionally, Aviointeriors has developed a new highence, but also increases the space available to passengers. density premium Business Class seat for the widebody It was designed to offer passengers a premium experience market with seat densities of eight abreast for the 777 and whilst ensuring that every component justified its presence.” 787 and seven abreast for the A330. The seat, named AdaThe Series 6 seats can be pitched from 28 to 34 inches gio, can also provide five abreast in an A321 and could and are designed to offer the passenger the maxialso grow to a First Class suite. “The seat will be on show mum comfort at the minimum pitch. The Series 7 frees in Dubai and we are already getting very good feedback up living space and even pitched at its minimum of from targeted customers right now,” says Forsbrey. 34 inches, it feels like 38 inches, says McInnes. In 2016, Expliseat unveiled its newest innovation: the Series 6 will be available for deliveries from October, while Series 7 will have first deliveries in December 17. In a major milestone, having supplied seats for linefit since 2015, the company signed a contract with Airbus during January 2017 for Acro products to be included in its BFE (Buyer Furnished Equipment) catalog. “This agreement with Airbus reflects how hard we’ve worked to grow Acro by investing in our staff, product innovation and supporting infrastructure. Appearing in the Airbus catalog extends our reach and accessibility to scheduled flag carriers, enabling our growth and pursuing our vision of perfect comfort for passengers,” he says. The Air Tahiti cabin showcases the Titanium Seat for “The market [for Economy Class seats] regional aircraft, weighing five kilograms per passenger is very buoyant and we see growth for 20  |  PAX INTERNATIONAL  |  MARCH/APRIL 2017

PAX International AIX March/April 2017  
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