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Leki Aviation’s Cobalt Spectrum Mood Light System

Solution-based service Leki Aviation will be placing a greater focus on the repair capabilities of its sister company, 25+ Repair Centre this year


ith 2017 now underway, Leki Aviation is gearing up for what the company anticipates will be an exciting year, one that will strengthen its service concept further to offer greater support to its customers for each of its services. “In particular, we will be branching out our repair station and establish a new facility,” says Peter Kjeldsen, Executive Vice President of Leki Aviation. “We are currently undergoing the certification, and are expecting to be ready by the middle of 2017, at which time we will make an announcement regarding the location and capabilities.” With headquarters in Copenhagen and seven offices worldwide, Leki Aviation specializes in the supply and distribution of aircraft parts, interiors, components and rotables to the global aviation industry. The scope of the company’s offering is wide and includes a new 25+ Repair Centre in the United Kingdom. Through its unique service concept called CoMMS (Consolidated Material Management Solution), Leki Aviation provides customers with access to spares for the support of their Airbus, Boeing and regional fleet of aircraft, throughout the entire life cycle. Since celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015, Leki Aviation has seen tremendous growth and a broader adaptation of its services among its customers. “We are seeing an immense appreciation and understanding of how our services combined can support our customers throughout the entire life cycle of their aircraft,” says Kjeldsen. “The increase in

For more than 25 years, Leki Aviation has been providing personalized services aimed at supporting its customers throughout the entire life cycle of their aircraft, and plans to further strengthen its service concept and repair support in 2017 by MELISSA SILVA demand is driven by the requirement of enhancing the vertical integration and consolidation for the operational support of the fleet operated by our customers in order for them to simplify their supply chain management to improve planning and reliable support. “Hence, we are very pleased with the performance and the value that we have been able to bring to our customers.” Last year saw each of Leki Aviation’s business segments perform above expectation. Kjeldsen attributes the performance to the greater adaptation and implementation of the company’s services with its global pool of customers. “We are very pleased with this development and, most importantly, our customers have expressed great appreciation and satisfaction with our services and the value each has provided.” Leki Aviation’s Cobalt Spectrum Mood Light System also performed well over the last year, surpassing the company’s expectations. “The operators who have chosen the system have really appreciated its flexibility and our ability to modify the system to individual customer requirements in the most efficient way possible,” says Kjeldsen. When PAX International last caught up with Leki Aviation, Kjeldsen mentioned observing an increase in the operation of older fleet of aircraft. Today, a year later, Kjeldsen sees this trend ongoing, and more specifically growing, because of the economic advantages it presents and the ability to quickly re-engineer aircraft interiors. “One of the main benefits of going


ahead with cabin upgrades is that the operator, within a relatively short time frame, will be able to offer passengers an experience similar to a new aircraft, but with limited capital investment,” he adds. Another trend that has, according to Kjeldsen, gained more and more focus over the last year, is the efforts operators are putting forth to increase the customer experience and differentiate themselves with unique and upgraded cabins. “In our case, we are positioning ourselves to support this requirement even further through 2017, by adding more innovative solutions to our product offerings,” he says. At this year’s Aircraft Interiors Middle East (AIME) exhibition and conference, which is co-located with MRO Middle East in Dubai, Kjeldsen says Leki Aviation will be focusing on all of its services, with a particular emphasis on its repair capabilities of sister company, 25+ Repair Centre. “We are looking forward to the exhibition and all the people we will meet.” Peter Kjeldsen, Executive Vice President of Leki Aviation

PAX International AIME/MRO Dubai 2017  
PAX International AIME/MRO Dubai 2017