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AIME panel to ponder in-seat power evolution


s part of one of the most wellknown suppliers of in-seat power, Phil Brace of Pascall Electronics has been taking a lot of interest shifting landscape and is fascinated by what he sees among the passengers as they make use of the high-bandwidth connectivity systems that are rolling out across the industry. Brace, who works in IFEC and Airborne Power Solutions at Pascall will be one of several panelists in a session at the called The Balance of Power that will be held in the IFEC pavilion at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Middle East event in Dubai. Representatives from Astronics, Kid-Systeme, digEcor and Jordan Aircraft Maintenance will join him.

“As the personal electronic device suppliers release the latest smartphones, tablets and laptops, we see changing USB standards, inductive charging possibilities and the ongoing discussions regarding the future of 110 Volt AC in the cabin.” Brace tells PAX International. Pascall supplies power solutions for many cabin systems, including inflight entertainment, connectivity, personal electronic device power and seat actuation systems. This will be first year that the company will be visiting Aircraft Interiors Middle East, where the company’s products are used in both line fit and retro-fit system. Pascall will be located adjacent many of the integrators that specify its products. Among the offering

in Dubai will be the company’s next generation power supply line replacement units with a high efficiency design in a vent-free housing, suited to support PED power and high power USB applications. Pascall is a subsidiary of the Data Device Corporation. Shortly after the aquisition construction began on and addition to the company’s operations on the Isle of Wight. In addition to the introduction of further lean manufacturing techniques to improve efficiencies, DDC has invested in the Pascall plant. Last year, a number of upgrades have increased Pascall’s production capacity and expanded the company’s vibration and temperature testing capabilities in a new purpose designed building.

Professional wash-up systems for Inflight Catering

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PAX International AIME/MRO Dubai 2017  
PAX International AIME/MRO Dubai 2017