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With accelerated curves and matching colors, the Tourist Class seating from LIFT by Encore is designed for the Boeing Sky Interior

LIFT by Encore’s Tourist Class seat is headed for certification and two new 737 MAX operators this year by RICK LUNDSTROM


t has been more than six years since Boeing delivered its first 737 outfitted with soft lines and subtle lighting that makes up its Sky Interior. Within five years, more than 1,000 of the Sky Interiors were in the air around the world. Even, now, as deliveries of the 737 MAX is set for the first have of this year, the cabin is still taking shape, and taking on new suppliers. One of those suppliers is south of the Boeing assembly facility in Seattle where up to 40 737s are produced each month. At the Huntington Beach plant of Encore, the four company group was preparing for certification of its LIFT seating designed specially for the airy cabin and the first of what the company plans to be a new seating launch each year to fill out a portfolio from economy to premium cabins LIFT by Encore was not under liberty to disclose the launch customers for its Tourist Class Seating. The Encore Group’s line will join the company’s other offerings, which include floor-to-floor interiors, galleys, monuments and composite aircraft

structures. Elijah Dobrusin, a former Zodiac Aerospace employee is LIFT’s Vice President of Strategy and Development. By the time the industry gathers in Hamburg for the Aircraft Interiors Expo, Dobrusin said the company will have a new product to show visitors and will be well on the way to completing certification of the Tourist Class Seat. “We are growing pretty quick, but we definitely want to do it in a way that makes sense,” said Dobrusin. “Because it is not all about growth for us, it is more about creating products that we want to build and our customers and our market needs.” For the LIFT the manufacturer came to Encore with the need for a product that complemented the aspects of its Sky Interior. Shapes and colors were important to Boeing, and LIFT needed to be a seat that could appear attractive and inviting the in a LED lighting environment where shades of gray, blue and white are applied in an endless array of combinations. Encore shaped the Tourist Class Seat with accelerated curves that


matched the lines in the Sky Interior. “In every color scenario it will look elegant,” said Dobrusin. Much of the design work on the seat took designers at LIFT into the world of office furniture where the company tried to recreate the combination of comfort and efficiency found in the slim profiles of desk seating. Shrouds have been removed and the company has added composite fiber to part of its construction. While being cost and weight competitive, Dobrusin said the simplified design makes the Tourist Class Seat competitive now and in the future, as airlines to maximize space and the perception of comfort for the passenger. “Because we know the reality is that pitches are tight and getting tighter,” he said. Airlines can selected the Tourist Class Seat with a variety of options. USB and standard power ports are available along with inflight entertainment from Panasonic, Thales or Zodiac Rave systems. There is also a premanufactured recline and five-inch recline feature. The Tourist Class Seat takes into account the space and weight requirements of airlines operating the 737. The company says at 17.9 inches it is the widest seat designed for the 3-3 cabin configuration of economy class on the 737. One of the companies Encore has selected as supplier is Tapis Corporation. Three products the Ultraleather®, Promsessa® and Ultrafabrics® have been selected as the synthetic leather for the Tourist Class Seating program.

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