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Geven has designed the Elemento seat for long haul travel of eight to 12 hours

future where airlines increase capacity by lowering seat pitch — a move that could happen by next year. When, and if it does, Geven has a new slim line seat called the Essenza designed for a 27-inch seat pitch. On the company’s website, the Essenza (in English “Essence”) is listed among Geven’s New Concepts, which includes its Bacio Business Class seat and the Piuma Sofa, a bed seat that can be integrated with the headrest in a row of Economy Class seating, that allows passengers to lie in comfort on long-haul flights. Rounding out the portfolio are several concepts in the Piuma line of Economy Class seating, the Comoda for Business Class and

Comoda AQ for Premium Economy and the Breeze Business Class seating. The Essenza comes in two variations. One is pre-reclined for highdensity configurations, while the other can be reclined up to six inches Geven has built the Essenza to weigh out at 7.9 kilograms for a fully dressed seat at a width of 18.3 inches. Shin and knee clearance were important elements to the product’s design and Geven has added a lightweight cushion and a slim backrest. In the non-recline option, Essenza eases back 13 degrees up to 23 degrees, while the recline option takes the seat back up to 30 degrees. Rodolfo Baldascino, Marketing and Sales Manager at Geven said the company made the Essenza for an aircraft environment where passengers bring their own entertainment for wireless Internet and streaming content. A combination of plastics and cushion material availability makes the Essenza customizable. Essenza is currently under qualification process for Airbus line-fit program and is suitable for all single aisle of Boeing and Airbus aircrafts. The Elemento weighs in at 10.9 kilograms and is built with an adaptable backrest solution, four- to sixway adjustable headrest and comfort in cushions along with options for passenger amenities and recline for flights of eight to 12 hours.

Aviointeriors will have a new version of its Adagio seat at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo. The seat can be configured for several aircraft cabins


‘Game changer’ for Business Class

While the company planned a floor layout of its Adagio and Columbus for this year’s Aircraft Interiors Middle East, Aviointeriors was looking to show visitors a fully working version of its Adagio PE seat at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. “Aviointeriors needed a new Business Class product and we also needed a game changer in terms of seat density and in the flexibility of design for a single product that could cover multiple customers needs,” said Jeffrey Forsbrey, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Italy-based Aviointeriors. The Adagio PE is a fully lie-flat seat that can be installed in eight abreast on the 777 and 787 and seven abreast on the A330. On the 737 and the A320 the seat can be installed in a 3-2 configuration, giving passengers 100% aisle access. To develop the Adagio, Aviointeriors worked with a London based design company called Tangerine. With the current product offering, Forsbrey said Aviointeriors has positioned itself to grow its market share in the year to come. “The Middle East is an exciting marketplace and we would like to retake our place at the table of seat suppliers to these wonderful innovative airlines as they grow and improve their customer platforms,” he said.

PAX International AIME/MRO Dubai 2017  
PAX International AIME/MRO Dubai 2017