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MAY 2017 · TFWA AP · VOL 27 · NO 1

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change F

ans of Greek philosophy may agree that the only constant in life is change. The sentiment rings especially true for those of us in the Middle East and Africa – a region that is growing its duty free business at lightening speed. In the spirit of embracing change, we would like to extend our congratulations to Haitham Al Majali, CEO of Jordanian Duty Free Shop, who was appointed President of the Middle East & Africa Duty Free Association (MEADFA) at the Annual General Meeting held on 21 March at Jumeirah Creekside Hotel in Dubai. “I am excited and honored to take on this role,” commented Al Majali on his appointment. “Being a founding member of MEADFA, I witnessed the growth and strategic development of the association over the past 16 years. I look forward to partnering with my fellow board members to deliver on our vision and help accelerate the strategic actions to strengthen the association’s growth”. While we anticipate a strong line-up for the MEADFA Conference 2017, which is taking place from 20 to 21 November in Beirut, all our efforts are focused on finding and sharing the best news stories from our contacts in the region. In this issue, we deliver the latest from Bhatia Traders, which is currently in discussions for joint ventures and acquisitions with a view to expanding into territories outside the UAE. In other news, Le Clos is cementing its major focus on Japanese whisky with the launch of the Karuizawa Geisha Series Collection. Containing all 27 bottles, it is believed to be the only full set in the world to ever be retailed and, as such, comes with a stellar price tag of US$300,000. According to Iain Delaney, Chief Operating Officer, MMI, Japanese whisky is currently one of the most coveted products in the luxury drinks market and the Geisha Series is sure to impress even the most discerning shoppers. Before Ramadan begins, we are fitting in a quick trip to Singapore for the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference in May. As well as catching up with key exhibitors from the region such as Sweet Garden Travel Retail, which will be showcasing its new Harison Goldline premium chocolate collection, Beauty Contact, BMB Group, Kajal Perfumes and Merlin Digital among others, we are anticipating some inspirational conference sessions. Be sure to catch Andrea Belardini, CEO Asia, Middle East and Africa of Dufry, who will address recent developments in the regional duty free market and outline how his company is adapting its approach to cater to Asian customers’ changing needs and expectations. As the conference theme suggests, we are ready to see the industry re-ignite. See you in Singapore! Kindest regards,




What’s inside



New Karuizawa Geisha Series Collection – the only full set on the planet to ever be retailed – builds the impressive assortment of fine wine and luxury spirit retailer Le Clos


Researcher i2i Group reveals the most important mega trends among Chinese global travelers that will shape the shopping environment this year


Having built a solid network across the UAE, Bhatia Traders is catering to demand by adding hi-tech gadgets to its offering while eyeing opportunities to grow its duty free business within the wider GCC

14 MEADFA HAITHAM AL MAJALI ELECTED PRESIDENT OF MEADFA MEADFA elects new board members and officers for 2017-2019


12 FEATURES Liquor News


Tobacco News



World first Japanese whisky set unveiled by Le Clos FAYE BARTLE by

New Karuizawa Geisha Series Collection – the only full set on the planet to ever be retailed – builds the impressive assortment of fine wine and luxury spirit retailer Le Clos

The retailer’s boutique gin range continues to expand with the newly added popular Gin Mare from Spain to complement favourites such as Sipsmith, Portobello Road and Tarquins.

H Iain Delaney, Chief Operating Officer, MMI

aving carved a niche for itself as the go-to store for rare and unique items, Le Clos is now making history with the latest addition to its range. In line with the major focus on Japanese whisky, the retailer has just launched the Karuizawa Geisha Series Collection, containing all 27 bottles, which is believed to be the only full set in the world to ever be retailed. The set is retailing for US$300,000. “We are proud of our proven track record and expertise in sourcing rare and unique products and bringing these to market. Japanese whisky is currently one of the most coveted product in the luxury drinks market and the Geisha Series is the pinnacle of Japanese whiskies. We are truly delighted to bring this collection to our customers,” explained Iain Delaney, Chief Operating Officer, MMI. It’s the jewel in the crown of the Le Clos’ latest round of conquests, which also includes the popular Gin Mare from Spain and a new range of award winning English sparkling wine. Leveraging long-standing relationships with its brand partners plays a key role in expanding the range. “We will introduce some special, limited edition spirits that deliver great value,” said Delaney. “For example, we will be the first retailer in the Middle East to take part in the Patron Barrel Select programme, which enables us to have our own

The Karuizawa Geisha Series Collection, containing all 27 bottles, is retailing for US$300,000



Le Clos has recently introduced the Coravin wine system into its shops, which enables the retailer to offer a wider range of wines to taste across most of its outlets.

The Le Close store at Dubai International’s Concourse D is performing well thanks to a tailored range that is relevant to the passenger mix that’s travelling through.

single barrel bottled and labelled. The quality is exceptional and it delivers excellent value at only US$70. There are only 348 bottles and each bottle is individually numbered.” More new introductions include The Macallan Edition 2, a limited edition born from a collaboration between Master Whisky maker Bob Delgarno and the Roca brothers famed for their restaurant El Cellar De Can Roca. There’s also The Macallan Masters of Photography Steven Klein Halo Pack, for which MMI is the only retailer in the Middle East. Le Clos, which opened its latest store at Dubai International’s Concourse D in March 2016, has also secured two units of the very rare Dalmore 50 YO. “We have some exciting wine collections in the pipeline that we will be announcing later in the year. This will include work-

ing with some of the most famed chateaux in Bordeaux through to New World icons,” revealed Delaney. “In addition, we have received a much larger allocation of Masseto – one of Italy’s most iconic wines. To celebrate this we will also be having the winemaker visit us to create memorable customer experiences in April this year.” It’s not just about exclusive finds, however, as Le Clos strives to deliver value through experiences such as complimentary engraving and in-store tasting aided by the newly introduced Coravin wine system, which enables customers to enjoy a taste of wine from the collection without having to open the bottle, thus preserving the contents for longer. The delivery on arrival service is also winning fans. “All our staff are highly knowledgeable and WSET qualified. Combined, they speak more than 20 languages enabling them to caterer to our international clientele,” said Delaney. “Our e-Commerce site has become our seventh shop with customers being able to browse our range before they travel given that people are often time poor in the airport. It is key that we offer customers a seamless online and offline experience.”

Premium South African Wine, award-winning Scotch Whisky and traditional Japanese Sake


Taste and discover award-winning wines from South Africa, Scots Gold blended Scotch whisky by Charles Edge London, and Sake from Sakuramasamune−one of Japan’s oldest makers.

Stand D34 May 7-11, 2017, TFWA Exhibition, Singapore To schedule a meeting, contact Anthony Budd: +27 71 255 7344 GULF-AFRICA DUTY FREE & TRAVEL RETAILING



Tracking the

Alipay, the financial payment system of online sales giant Alibaba, and WeChat Wallet, part of Tencent (China’s largest company by market capitalization), own this world of mobile payments

ubershoppers Researcher i2i Group reveals the most important mega trends among Chinese global travelers that will shape the shopping environment this year by



hina-based research specialist i2i Group has made a number of predictions for the coming year about the world of luxury shopping and spending by Chinese global travelers. The company has drawn on its pool of nearly 20 million people. More than nine million Chinese global travelers and shoppers read its Galerié magazines, in addition to five million focused on just shopping and another five million WeChat readers. Here, the firm unveils the mega trends and most important considerations for luxury brands and retailers in the coming year who are focused on Chinese global travelers and shoppers.

The rise of frequent independent travelers (FITs) For years, luxury brands and retailers have been focused on the busloads of Chinese tour groups traveling the globe and trying to get them to spend a few minutes in their stores or boutiques. After all, groups made up the vast majority of Chinese travelers and shoppers. In 2016 this trend shifted substantially, with premier shopping destinations such as New York, Paris, Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul seeing the majority of their arrivals as independent travelers, in some cases as much as 60%. Based on i2i group’s reader and WeChat fan research, the independent traveler and shopper stays longer, shops more and spends more by as much as 100% compared to the typical group traveler. FIT shoppers buy higher end products and spend over US$6,800 per person per trip and travel as much as three to four times each year around the world. This translates into approximately US$40 billion of luxury buying. Brands and retailers who focus on this segment will find that their average sale increases in value while extending brand loyalty to a frequent global shopper as compared to the once-in-a-



lifetime group traveler. “There is little doubt that this will be your primary Chinese shopper for years to come. While global group travel was stagnant in 2016, FIT travelers increased by as much as 30% to some destinations,” says Alexander Glos, CEO, i2i Group.

Uber-global Chinese travelers and shoppers Much has been written in the past year about the slowdown in the Chinese economy and how it will impact global Chinese shopping. The country’s 7% growth rate is, by Chinese standards, slower than before. But Glos believes these Chinese macro numbers do not do justice to the micro influences that are thrusting the high-end Chinese global luxury shopper to be the world’s number one international customer. Long haul global Chinese travel shoppers in 2016 reached 30 million travelers, out of the 140 million total international Chinese travelers. Long haul means from China to Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Of this group, approximately 20% are uber-shoppers, which i2i defines as spending more than US$25,000 or equivalent per person per trip exclusively on shopping. These shoppers take only 6 million annual trips and count about 4.5 million travelers – just a quarter of 1% of the population. In its research, i2i focuses on how these travel shoppers act, behave and how their income affects their travel shopping tastes and spend. These uber travel shoppers earn their income largely through independent businesses; they own their businesses. Glos gives an example: “I once met a man on a flight in China who told me his company, which he founded about 15 years ago, manufactures over 100 million glasses, mugs and cups each year for sale throughout China and the world. His average profit

Premier shopping destinations for Chinese include New York, Paris, Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul

margin per item is approximately 20 cents, which translates into US$20 million a year. He told me he loves to hear the sound of glasses being dropped and breaking in restaurants or bars.” No matter how the Chinese economy grows or slows in 2017, these businesspeople, these uber travel shoppers, will manage their businesses to their bottom line. If sales drop because of Chinese or global economic woes, they will simply cut costs, dismiss staff, etc. Their bottom line, their take home income each month, will not be affected. Hence their disposable income will remain strong no matter and they will continue to travel and shop.

Alipay and WeChat Wallet “I live in China and I am really glad I don’t work in the credit card business,” says Glos. “To paraphrase a recent Nobel Prize winner, The payments they are a-changing!” Alipay, the financial payment system of online sales giant Alibaba, and WeChat Wallet, part of Tencent (China’s largest company by market capitalization), own this world of mobile payments. Over 800 million people in China are using one or both mobile payment systems for virtually all of their non-cash payment transitions. According to Worldpay’s 2016 Global Payments Report, Alipay accounts for 44% of global mobile wallet spending and is on pace to reach 60% by 2020. “No matter if you are topping up your metro card, paying for a taxi, at a convenience store, checking into a hotel, buying an airline ticket or now shopping in Asia, Europe or North America – Alipay and Wallet are the way the Chinese consumer wants to go and so you need to follow,” says Glos. The reason for this upsurge in mobile payments? Glos says they are easy to use, cheap, and offer discounts and benefits. Unlike banks with capped interest and expensive transaction



Alexander Glos, CEO, i2i Group

fees, Alipay and WeChat Wallet are not banks and unregulated. Hence they pay higher rates of interest to the customer, take no fees, and offer cash discounts and loyalty incentives. It’s an easy choice for the Chinese global shopper. In 2016, China will generate over US$1,700 in mobile payment volume per capita, compared with US$475 in the US. In real terms, this is over US$2 trillion. “If you are opening a WeChat store, or want to offer China home delivery, pre-arrival shopping to independent travelers, or just looking to be very China friendly, you need to take Alipay and Wallet,” says Glos.

The Trump effect Chinese global travel shoppers can be fickle. As seen over a year ago, European terrorism impacted travel choices for all tourists and particularly the Chinese, who are especially risk adverse and safety conscious. If hot words between the US and China under President Donald Trump translate into hotter deeds by either country, it’s logical to assume that Chinese travel shoppers will shift their travel plans to locations perceived or propagandized to be more appealing and welcoming to Chinese travel shoppers. Two years ago, exchange rates propelled the Chinese to Japan and South Korea because global luxury brands were underpriced by shifts in exchange rates. Suddenly stores in Tokyo’s upscale Ginza district were awash with Chinese shoppers. No matter what happens politically, the Chinese will still travel and shop. The only question to be determined is where. Smart brands will watch these trends and monitor travel and spending behavior as the political temperature swings, concludes Glos.


Bhatia Traders’

expanding horizons Having built a solid network across the UAE, Bhatia Traders is catering to demand by adding hi-tech gadgets to its offering while eyeing opportunities to grow its duty free business within the wider GCC by


Typically, Bhatia Traders’ seamen’s’ clubs offer multicuisine dining, live entertainment, complimentary Wi-Fi, pool tables, table football and outdoor space

Rajeev Bhatia, Managing Director, Bhatia Traders


ith eight seamen’s clubs, 10 duty free shops and multiple bonded warehouses at seaports across the UAE, Sharjah-headquartered Bhatia Traders is taking a strategic approach to building its business. Since its inception in 1969, the company has grown to become present in almost all the major seaports of the UAE, with the exception of Dubai, yet it is currently focusing on strengthening its internal operations with a view to future expansion.



“We are in discussions with players in the industry for joint ventures and acquisitions,” revealed Managing Director Rajeev Bhatia. “We are also in conversation with the port authorities to provide additional services, such as cafés and restaurants, to port employees and visiting seamen.” Further to this, the company is seeking to grow outside the emirates in the near future. “We see ourselves expanding into territories outside the UAE,” said Bhatia. “Our seaport facilities are firmly in place with a continuous improvement process, which gives us time to expand into seaport opportunities within the wider GCC and seize any other duty free retail opportunities.”

Prime position A significant development for the company was the opening of a 500-squaremeter duty free shop and seamen’s club at Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi’s oldest commercial port, just before Ramadan in 2016. Just like the company’s existing locations, it offers multi-cuisine dining, entertainment in the form of a live band, complimentary Wi-Fi, two pool tables, table football and an outdoor patio set-up for live barbecue stations during the winter.

The associated duty free shop also follows the existing format, offering more than 5,000 products from various categories. “This has been our most strategic step so far,” said Bhatia. “Mina Zayed is a busy port and it has added good revenue to our existing business. There are plans from the port authorities to further enhance the port, which will bring an added advantage to our services.” The developing shipping industry in the UAE, which is attracting liners from across the globe, has prompted Bhatia Traders to refine the offer to appeal to a broad range of nationalities. Today, the company caters to US Navy, French Navy, Indian and Sri Lankan and Turkish ships as well as customers from China, the Philippines, Korea and Vietnam. “We cater to large demographics, as all ports serve multiple vessels,” explained Bhatia. “Although all our locations follow similar planograms, we do offer some specialities depending on the mix of nationalities. For example, at our Abu Dhabi and Fujairah ports we cater to members of the US Navy, for whom we have introduced special cigars from Dominican Republic. In Ras Al Khaimah, we cater to a large Chinese crew, for whom we have introduced Chinese cigarettes and wine.”

Special cigars have been introduced for members of the US Navy

Gifts packs of fragrances continue to be popular

Go gadget, go So far this year, the company has witnessed significant growth in all its major categories of liquor, tobacco, fragrances, electronics and confectionery. “We are continuously improving all these departments and are in talks with various suppliers to enhance the product line,” said Bhatia. “We expect to experience a promising Q2 due to the earlier dates projected for Ramadan, as well as the start of summer holidays.” Bolstering its electronics category is helping to keep the offer current. “In addition to our top product lines in liquor, tobacco, confectionery and fragrances, we are focusing on ‘big boy toys’ such as drones, Fitbit and other radio controlled devices, which are a big hit among seamen,” said Bhatia. “Shoppers have become more tech savvy and are inclined towards the latest gadgets. That said, they do continue to shop for gifts packs of fragrances and confectionery.” With an e-commerce portal and a new corporate video in the making, we can expect Bhatia Traders to continue to make waves in the region. Bhatia Traders’ duty free outlets, bonded warehouses and seamen’s clubs are located in Sharjah, Jebel Ali, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Khorfakkan, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and Hamriyah Free Zone. To find out more, visit

Shoppers are increasingly tech savvy, prompting Bhatia Traders to introduce a number of ‘big boy toys’ such as drones, Fitbit and other radio controlled devices to the mix

Bhatia Traders is present in almost all the major seaports of the UAE GULF-AFRICA DUTY FREE & TRAVEL RETAILING



The new MEADFA board members gather at the annual meeting on March 21 in Dubai

Haitham Al Majali elected President of MEADFA MEADFA elects new board members and officers for 2017-2019


he Middle East & Africa Duty Free Association (MEADFA) has announced its new board members and officers for the March 2017-2019 term. The association held its annual meeting on March 21, 2017 in Dubai at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel. The meeting was led by Sean Staunton, MEADFA President and Vice President Operations at Dubai Duty Free, and focused on reviewing its activities over the last year. The MEADFA financials were also reviewed and the budget approved for the coming year. Haitham Al Majali, Jordan Duty Free Shops was elected President of MEADFA for the March 2017-2019 term Haitham Al Majali, Jordan Duty Free Shops was elected President of MEADFA for the March 2017-2019 term The election for the new term starting from March 2017 to February 2019 was conducted. Members selected the following board, while the new board selected the committee officers as follows: Mr Haitham Al Majali, Jordan Duty Free Shops – President; Mr Nuno Amaral,



AerRianta International Middle East – Vice President; Mr Tarek Hamila, Hamila Duty Free – Treasurer; Mr Sherif Toulan, International Duty Free and Trading Agencies Ltd – Secretary General; Mr Sean Staunton, Dubai Duty Free; Mr Luis Gasset, Qatar Duty Free Company; Mr

John Reynolds, Chalhoub Group; Mr Erik Juul-Mortensen, Tax Free World Association; Mr Taleb Izmigna, Dufry Jordan/Jordan Airport Duty Free; Mr Karl Raphael, Aphrodite Duty Free Shops; Mr Nicolas Van Brandt, IDF Africa & Middle East DWC – LLC.

Haitham Al Majali, Jordan Duty Free Shops was elected President of MEADFA for the March 2017-2019 term


Diverse Flavours adds sake and whisky to its stellar wine lineup Diverse Flavours is well known as distributors of fine wines from South Africa including the award-winning Groot Constantia wines, South Africa’s oldest winery, dating back to 1685; Ernie Els wines, from an iconic Stellenbosch winery; Avondale, which pioneered the BioLOGIC® methodology that incorporates certified organic, biodynamic and scientific farming principles in order to create living systems naturally; and Cederberg, South Africa’s highest winery from one of the most remote wine producing areas in the world. This year at Diverse Flavours’ alwaysbusy stand at TFWA Asia Pacific, owner Antony Budd will be introducing the company’s new Japanese Sake range from Sakuramasamune, one of Japan’s oldest sake makers. In 1840 the sixth head of the family, Tazaemon Yamamura, discovered the “Miyamizu” groundwater that continues to influence the sake industry today. He was also responsible for finding out the relation between the sake quality and the rice polishing ratio. He is credited as the originator of the “ginjo-shu,” a premium sake. Diverse Flavours is also launching a Scotch whiskies from the innovative new company Charles Edge London. Scots Gold, a range of high quality Scotch Blends

at attractive price points, has been awarded Silver and Gold Medals at the Asian Spirits Masters, the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) and the Global Travel Retail Spirits Masters. Scots Gold is the perfect all-rounder and can be enjoyed neat or in signature cocktails created by Masahiko Endo, Head Bartender at the iconic whisky bar Mizunara: The Library in Hong Kong. Charles Edge London will also offer an exclusive sneak preview to their new lifestyle Whisky Trilogy at the Diverse Flavours stand, D34.

Diverse Flavours is proud to introduce Scots Gold, a range of high-quality yet well-priced Scotch blends

Illva Saronno to focus efforts on Asia

The new, elegant Tia Maria bottle has been created using an innovative method called “neuromarketing,” which scientifically measures consumers’ reaction to design


Asia is still a new region for Illva Saronno. The company is planning on greatly building its business in the region over the next five years, and affirms that the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference is a vital resource. While the company will be presenting its full range of wines and liquors at TFWA AP, the main focus will be the famous Italian liqueur, Disaronno. The Disaronno wears Etro bottle draws inspiration from the fashion designer’s Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. Each year, Illva Saronno introduces a new collaboration with an Italian fashion designer to produce a one-of-a-kind bottle that makes a perfect collector’s item or gift, and this release becomes more anticipated and popular with each coming year. The 2017 collaboration remains under wraps until later this year. Deemed perfect for Asian buyers due to its stunning packaging and unique premium positioning is the company’s next offering in duty free, Disaronno Riserva. A blend of Disaronno Originale and a select Scotch whisky, married in Oak barrels that for more than 12 years contained Marsala reserves, this exclusive release is presented in a thick wooden frame, the bottle screams elegance and sophistication, making it the perfect gift for a liquor lover. Also on display in Singapore will be the new packaging for the world-renowned coffee liqueur, Tia Maria. The new elegant Tia Maria bottle has been tested with consumers through the use of an innovative research method based on neuromarketing – a discipline that blends traditional marketing with neuroscience and psychology. Illva Saronno’s famous bitter Rabarbaro Zucca is made from an infusion of Rhubarb Rootstocks and a secret selection of herbs, capturing an appealingly delicate flavour. Zucca is made using the root of the true Chinese Rhubarb, which grows only in the mountainous regions of the Gansu Province. Visitors to the show are invited to enjoy Disaronno’s famously refreshing cocktail, the Disaronno Sour, at the TFWA Asia Pacific bar from Monday to Wednesday.




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Jim Beam Black gets global packaging upgrade Launched in early April 2017 was a redesign for Jim Beam Black. The global unification and premium look of the new packaging brings a contemporary look to the Jim Beam brand while celebrating the company’s renowned heritage. The Jim Beam Black bottle now has a bolder structure with more cleanly designed labels featuring premium finishes and a refined “rosette” logo. The bolder, more rectangular bottle structure features premium label enhancements including extra-fine detailing, crafted borders, foil finishes, refined embossing and a paper matte stock. The premium bottles also include matte finished shrink sleeves along the closure. Packaging upgrades include new premium bottle structures; refreshed labels with higher quality paper, real gold foil and matte finishes; unique bottle closures for the premium line; and label harmonization across the product range. The release follows a larger global upgrade of the entire Jim Beam® Bourbon portfolio, which has been visible on-shelf since 2016. The packaging redesign of Jim Beam Black marks the unification of the global range and reflects the unchanged, celebrated liquid inside the bottle through a stylish new exterior.

Paying homage to the rich heritage of Jim Beam, dating back to 1795, the bottle design showcases the quality and craftsmanship that goes into the renowned character of Jim Beam Black

Diageo relaunches Johnnie Walker 18

Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years is a blend of up to 18 different whiskies, each chosen for its remarkable depth of flavor and distillery character



Diageo Global Travel has just announced a relaunch across all duty free stores of its multi-award winning Johnnie Walker Platinum Label as Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years, with a new look to go along with its new name. Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years is the creation of Master Blender Dr. Jim Beveridge, who said, “I find older whiskies fascinating to work with. The great whiskies I’ve selected for this blend have undergone a slow, easy maturation through at least 18 cold winters and warm summers. It’s a long time to wait but these whiskies have a wonderful balance.” Anna MacDonald, Global Marketing Director of Diageo Global Travel, said: “With Johnnie Walker constantly performing as the top selling spirit brand in travel retail, we’re extremely excited to reveal the new look of this luxury award-winning blend, and to continue driving Johnnie Walker across our duty free stores globally. We know whisky fans and travellers are increasingly interested in 18-year-old Scotch and we believe we have the finest 18-year-old blend in the world.” Best savored neat or on the rocks, Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years has rich sweet fruit aromas along with toffee caramel, vanilla and a hint of smoke. It is warming and sweet on the palate with dark fruits, malty cereal, smooth creamy vanilla, fragrant almonds and tangerines, and a gentle smoke developing. A lingering finish brings notes of dark chocolate, caramelised citrus peel and very light smoke. The launch of Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years is supported by a short film that follows Jim Beveridge in his pursuit of the ultimate 18-year-old blended Scotch whisky.

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