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focuses on the good Finnish confectionery specialist Fazer is betting on a packaging redesign for its best-selling product that emphasizes its gifting potential

The Geisha chocolate continues to be a popular purchase in the Middle East region as the quality chocolate is offered in luxury packaging



ordic food company Fazer has been busy updating its travel retail portfolio. New to the channel is a larger offering of gifting items with an improved look and feel. These newly designed products launched in April. Fazer’s big focus for 2019 will be on the Nordics, Europe, Middle East and Asia. The company has been successful in the Middle East market. Kirsi Nordberg, Senior Marketing Manager at Fazer, notes that Middle Eastern customers are partial to gifting, so Fazer fits into this category. One particular product stands out. “Geisha is a big product for us and resonates very well as the box is beautiful and the chocolate contains hazelnuts. The packaging is nice, and you can spot it far away as it is unique on a shelf.” Susanna Selin-Taha, Senior Commercial Manager, confirms that Geisha is the number one seller in the Middle East region because of the attractive packaging and high product quality. Dubai Duty Free and Qatar Duty Free are major customers. As well as implementing a packaging redesign, Fazer has updated Geisha’s com-

munication concept, “Focus on the good”, to combine mindfulness and chocolate indulgence.

Use of responsible cocoa

Business generally has developed well for Fazer in the last 12 months, Nordberg says. Although the new portfolio has only been selling for the last three months, she is hopeful of good results. Nordberg is keen to point out that Geisha sells strongly in airports because of its focus on gifting. “Millennials love it as it’s a great looking product. Personally, I think it appeals to everyone as it looks great. Men like it because it makes a great gift.” Fazer’s key message with the Geisha product is its use of responsible cocoa, which is 100%responsible. Fazer has partners and also runs direct programs in cocoa growing communities where it can for example help children to attend school and train people how to take care of the farms in sustainable manner. “That way everyone can enjoy the cocoa . 100% responsible cocoa has cocoa has been our


main goal since 2017 and we reached it, so we are proud and happy.” Fazer wants responsible cocoa to be a key message going forward, so it is included on packaging and on its website. All the products will carry the responsible cocoa sign. Fazer’s strongest region is the Nordics, as it is based in Finland. The company has amassed many airport listings and is present on the region’s ferries. “We are number one in ferries and on the top 3 in chocolate in most of the Nordic location in travel retail. Chinese people come on the ferries and we are really keen on reaching them with our product,” enthuses Nordberg. Fazer’s confectionery brands are sold in thousands of outlets in more than 50 countries through a network of travel retail partners. The most international brands include Karl Fazer, Geisha, Dumle, Fazermint and Liqueur Fills. Long-term growth and success in the travel retail market will be based on the company’s continuing emphasis on product quality and a tempting offering of gifting products, Nordberg concludes.

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Gulf-Africa MEADFA 2018  

Gulf-Africa MEADFA 2018