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NOVEMBER 2018 · MEADFA · VOL 28 · NO 3 Gulf-Africa Duty Free & Travel Retailing (ISSN 0954-0592) is published four times a year (Spring, Fall and Winter) by Global Marketing Company Ltd., 26 Pearl Street, Mississuaga, Ontario L5M 1X2 Canada. It is distributed to duty free operators and distributors in the following countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Benin, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Iran, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Namibia, Pakistan, Reunion, Senegal, Seychelles, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Zaire, as well as to duty free suppliers worldwide. Subscriptions: $200 for one year, $300 for two years and $400 for three years. Art and photographs will not be returned unless accompanied by return postage. The views expressed in this magazine do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the publisher or editor. November 2018, Vol. 28, No.3. Printed in Canada. All rights reserved. Nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher. © 2018 Global Marketing Company Ltd.

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he importance of the Middle East as a region in duty free can hardly be overstated. Its strategic location straddling Europe, Asia and Africa make it especially attractive for airlines and passengers, while its residents are also known as healthy duty free consumers. Indelibly connected to passenger travel, the duty free industry is strongly affected by sociopolitical realities. In recent years, however, passenger traffic continues to rise globally across all regions, whether or not these tensions exist. In the Middle East, despite the Qatari diplomatic crisis and other pockets of instability, passenger traffic still rose 4.7% year on year in 2017, with monthly YOY growth in 2018 sometimes reaching into the double digits. This sub-regional instability hit the MEADFA Conference itself last year, causing the event to be moved in both date and location. Instead of being held in Beirut, Lebanon in November 2017 as planned, the event was postponed and held in Dubai in January. This year, however, the MEADFA board has once again decided on Beirut, because of its position as a strong destination in its own right and also as a regional hub – a representation of the industry’s optimism. In response to the region’s growth and this optimism, operators in the Middle East have been investing in their stores. In this issue, we discuss the major expansion and renovations at Beirut Duty Free. North Africa has shown especially strong growth of late, and this is reflected in the new terminal in Casablanca, Morocco, where International Duty Free Shops prepares to open two new stores. We hope you enjoy reading about these expansions and more in this issue of GulfAfrica Duty Free magazine, and we wish you great success at MEADFA and throughout the region in the coming year. Kindest Regards,




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Gulf-Africa MEADFA 2018  

Gulf-Africa MEADFA 2018