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 International Duty Free Shops

Artistic renderings of different spaces on Level 1 of IDFS’ stores at new Casablanca Terminal 1

time to catch people’s attention as they head towards their next flight, the store maximizes its 380 square metre retail space via a walk-through market concept that engages the consumer as they pass by. New Grab & Go promotion areas feature a simplified assortment and easy-to-navigate display for the fast-paced shopper with only a few moments to pick up gifts or personal items as they walk through on their way to the next destination. Meanwhile, four zones compartmentalize the broader product offering, with sections for fashion, perfumes and cosmetics; tobacco, wines and spirits; confectionery; and the company’s signature Travel Morocco corner. Attention-grabbing digital devices ensure the most attractive offers and latest product lines draw the attention of passengers, with lifestyle towers that display vertical screens and moving video featuring cross-merchandised presentations. One level up, the second shop spans a larger area of 540 square metres that gives customers ample space to enjoy the full scope of IDFS’ carefully curated product range. Situated in the boarding area, passengers here have more time to browse and

IDFS’ Travel Morocco Concept was recently completed in Casablanca T2 which was extended to the new T1


buy, which is reflected in a design that encourages people to engage with the displays and explore the collections at their leisure. For shoppers who prefer to try before they buy, there’s every opportunity to get a feel for the different brands in the Fragrances and Cosmetics Consultation Zone, the Chocolate Bar Tasting Station and the Cigar Cave, which doubles as a Men’s Lounge for customers to experience the selection on display. According to Tantoco, it’s about “creating a sense of place that the customer can see, feel and taste.” While the retail opportunities on offer cater to the international tastes of consumers passing through, the environment in both stores retains a strong Moroccan flavor with swooping canopied ceilings, ornate Moorish arches and elegant curved doorways that capture the essence of the country’s distinctive architecture. This detailed design was not without challenges. Construction began in February 2017 and was only completed in September 2018, due partly to the difficulty in sourcing materials that would create the right look and feel. Local Moroccan artisans were

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Gulf-Africa MEADFA 2018  

Gulf-Africa MEADFA 2018