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offer a wide range of chocolate, Arabic sweets and healthy Lebanese delicacies. After launch, Lulu quickly grew to rank third in the confectionery mix and is expected to move up to second position by the end of this year, having acquired a very strong market share in the confectionery business. It is available in the company’s Lebanese food shop at Departures in addition to the last-minute shops.

Expansion of Arrivals

Beirut Duty Free has two Arrivals shops at each end of the terminal after passport control and facing the belts. West Arrivals has been expanded by 60 square meters and East Arrivals by 15 square meters. “This has significantly helped sales as it allowed us to expand in retail space for some categories such as confectionery, tobacco and liquor and to introduce more promotional space for brands at the shop entrance,” says Bradshaw. The promotional spaces were expanded from one in each shop to three, and two new till points were added in each shop. This expansion project was undertaken late last year and finalized in around two months.


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Gulf-Africa MEADFA 2018  

Gulf-Africa MEADFA 2018