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aromatically roasted hazelnuts or almonds, surrounded by finest Swiss milk, dark or white chocolate full of nuts. Zehnder feels they have “hit a nerve” as per its successful reception. The iconic LINDOR chocolates are also available in a smaller format to cover all price points. These new products are not substituting any existing business, but rather offering something between €5 to €10 (US$5.50-$11).

Creating the magic

Lindt & Sprüngli develops smaller size packaging at lower price points to offer a product portfolio for all shopping missions

The firm, synonymous with images of the Maître Chocolatier making chocolate creations, comes with almost 175 years of gifting heritage to back it. Although the snacking segment has evolved, gifting remains an important shopping mission and continues to be what Lindt excels at. “We have always been a brand known for gifting. Also, we have some research numbers that support that we are stronger than the average when it comes to gifting. Gifting remains important for the confectionery category as it does increase the average spend of passengers,” explains Zehnder. Lindt & Sprüngli is a very enchanting brand and in being so, it wanted to convey this message to its consumers through magical moments. “If you look at our television advertising, I think that really comes through for us. And also, if you look at our Maître Chocolatier, you see people passing by being totally enchanted by our presentation and the knowledge and the passion that goes into the chocolate making. It’s an art. We wanted to bring this magic to life for the category,” explains Zehnder.

Stopping power

To upgrade its snacking offer, Lindt launched the its Maxi Plaisir 150g indulgent chocolate

Optimizing the offer

Global travel has increased in recent years due to low-cost carriers. One out of three travelers now uses a low-cost carrier and spends less than the average standard carrier passenger would spend. This is not only to do with monetary expenditure, but also to do with luggage restrictions. Lindt has used this information to evolve its brand to offer different size products at different price points to ensure it is capitalizing on converting every browser into a shopper. “We have learned that Lindt & Sprüngli as a brand is really loved, not only for special occasions. Therefore, we needed to work on having smaller size packages available at lower price points and to offer a product portfolio for all shopping missions, including snacking,” says Zehnder. To upgrade its snacking offer, the firm launched the Lindt Fruit Sensation range and the Lindt Maxi Plaisir 150g indulgent chocolate with each tablet comprising minimum 32% of whole

The brand has been working on ways to translate these magic moments to travel retail to increase ‘stopping power’ – the ability to stop a shopper in their tracks. This is crucial to retailers, as increased stopping power usually turns a browser to a shopper. Digital touch points like the Magic Selfie Mirror that creates printable or digital customized passports and traditional personal encounters, like the Maître Chocolatier, all work in unison to bring these magical moments to life. Alongside premium partnerships, Lindt & Sprüngli underscores the importance of seasonal gifting. From its iconic hero products like the velvety smooth red Lindor chocolate balls and milk chocolate bunny produced every Easter, to the, all contribute to increase this stopping power. “We are the number one premium brand in travel retail and worldwide. We are kind of a love brand for many consumers due to our strong commitment to quality. High quality is appreciated a lot, especially by the Asian and Indian passengers. Also, we are one of the few companies that produce from bean to bar,” shares Zehnder. Via the Lindt Farming Program, the firm follows its goal to source 100% of its cocoa beans through the Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program (traceable & externally verified). Over 60,000 cocoa farmers already participate in the program today. The program enables Lindt to trace cocoa beans, its most important ingredient, back to their origins and support farmers and their communities based on their specific needs. This commitment goes without saying for a premium brand such as Lindt. CONFECTIONERY AND FINE FOODS


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Duty Free Magazine's Confectionery & Fine Food Special Issue 2019  

Duty Free Magazine's Confectionery & Fine Food Special Issue 2019