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CALGARY’S NEW TERMINAL should increase retail sales

West Coast DF targets Korean customers p. 10  Blue Water Bridge DF offers fresh promos p. 18  CITIZEN reports steady growth p. 24



NOVEMBER 2016 · FDFA· VOL 26 · NO 4

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border T

ravel retail around the globe has had its challenges through 2015 and 2016, but the same cannot be said of duty free at most stops on the CanadaUS border. A strong US dollar has been good news for Canadian Duty Free stores. As FDFA Executive Director Laurie Karson says, increased traffic from the US has certainly benefited FDFA members’ stores. Be this as it may, the industry is changing, and anyone within the industry must be prepared for change before it occurs. From new regulations to new expectations on behalf of travelers to the Internet, challenges are faced by all in duty free and travel retail, and that is the reason organizations such as the FDFA exist. At this year’s event, these issues will be discussed, in addition to a new strategic outlook brought about by the new government. Canada border stores are on top of the game when it comes to offering what travelers want. In this Canada-focused issue, we at Americas Duty Free will see what retailers are doing to make the most of their respective travelers, whether that means offering fresh promotions, like Blue Water Bridge Duty Free, or targeting Korean travelers, as with West Coast Duty Free. Canada’s duty free industry is not only about borders. Just as in the rest of the world, airports are also important. Calgary just opened its brand new international terminal, and we speak with Don Kolsun, Director, Commercial & Retail Development for the Airport Authority, to learn about the very exciting new system they have – one that will be sure to increase non-aeronautical revenue. Of course, just as important as the retailers are the suppliers, and plenty of them have made the Canada-US border a prime target for their upcoming plans. In all, we offer a uniquely focused issue for an event with a unique focus. We wish you a highly successful show. Please enjoy the issue, and feel free to share. Kindest Regards,




What’s inside LEAD STORIES 6 Frontier Duty Free Association BRAVE NEW WORLD

While Canada’s border stores are doing well, the duty free industry is undergoing changes along with the government. What does the future hold?

8 Calgary Airport NEW LANDSCAPE


When Calgary Airport built its new terminal, it did so with an entirely new concept in mind: no waiting areas at the gates


West Coast Duty Free is seeing the fruitful results of a well-executed action plan to target Korean tour bus customers with attractive duty free goods and prices


14 Ambassador Bridge Duty Free Store AN UPSELLING OPPORTUNITY

A successful, year-long liquor promotion at Ambassador Bridge Duty Free located on the Windsor-Detroit border crossing is attracting interest from repeat US customers

16 Sault Ste. Marie Duty Free Store MAKING A SUCCESS OF SOCIAL MEDIA


Sault Ste. Marie Duty Free Store has discovered some innovative and clever ways to promote itself and duty free shopping via social media, with huge success

18 Blue Water Bridge Duty Free Shop Inc. ALL CHANGE IN-STORE

In an initiative introduced this year, Sarnia Duty Free creates a fresh seasonal promotional program each quarter inside and outside its store with themed elements

FEATURES Retailer news KROMA enters travel retail A global CITIZEN Spotlight on FDFA exhibitors

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Haleybrooke rocks with new launches ALFA reports strong sales Liquor news Questionnaire: Alexandria DeBellis

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Brave new world

While Canada’s border stores are doing well, the country’s duty free industry is undergoing changes along with the government. What does the future hold? by


This year’s FDFA convention is back in Toronto after a year in Vancouver. The theme this year is Canada – a celebration

T Laurie Karson, Executive Director FDFA, says 2016 has been a strong year in Canada’s duty free industry Photo credit: By Valerie Keeler, Valberg Imaging

he story in duty free in Canada has been a positive one lately. Overall land border sales were up 5.95% from January to September over those in 2015, while airport sales were up 8% over the same period. This can be attributed at least in part to increased traffic from the US, according to FDFA Executive Director Laurie Karson, who adds that much of the increased traffic has come about because of the strong US dollar. Those positive figures are no reason for the industry to rest, however. Karson says duty free and travel retail is changing, and that will be a focus at this year’s event. “We need to strategically review how we can evolve our industry, given the changing business landscape. Many supplier companies have had mergers or simply operate differently than in previous years.”

New government After many years of dealing with the Conservative Harper government, the organization must establish a relationship with the new Liberal Trudeau government. “Having a new government changes how we want to evolve our strategies, by establishing new political relationships, as a start,” Karson says. Earlier this year, she mentioned that the new Liberal government had created “a positive buzz in Ottawa in terms of establishing meetings and a fresh perspective on all key issues.” While the new government took awhile to get up to speed, the FDFA has met with at least a dozen new Liberal MPs to reiterate who the FDFA members are as an industry. “We hope to meet with many more in late 2016 and certainly throughout 2017,” she said. “It is critical that our government officials


Lunch, 2015, presented by Diageo GTME and including a whisky tasting of some of the company’s new single malts

A few of the fun people at 2015’s FDFA Convention & Trade Show

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Zina Arista (Niagara Duty Free) won 2015’s Outstanding Land Border Duty Free Employee

and decision makers understand the economic importance of our duty free shops and the industry’s supplier network to the overall economy.”

The Road TRIP initiative One of the association’s major focuses over the past years has been Road TRIP, and to that end much lobbying and had been taking place on the part of the FDFA. Currently this initiative is on hold. “We have decided to take a break on Road TRIP this year due to other priorities,” says Karson. “We will focus on establishing more political relationships by reminding key government decision makers of our industry’s importance to local border community economies and the national economy via tourism.”

The convention While government relationships are in the works, the focus right now is on the FDFA Convention and Trade Show, this year being held back in Toronto at they Hyatt Regency on King St, right in the heart of the entertainment district. “Toronto is such a great location for our show since over 60% of our suppliers reside near the greater Toronto area (GTA),” says Karson. “This allows for more suppliers and a great central location to meet. Additionally, Toronto is a world-class city, with so much to offer in terms of networking events, restaurants, and other options.” Delegates will also have lots of options presented as part of the event. “The theme this year is ‘all things Canada,’” says Karson. “It is truly a celebration of the greatest country on earth. We will kick off the show with the Welcome Reception, this year with a

Canadian theme. On Monday, the first night of the show, we have an amazing event hosted by JTI, for which we have rented out Toronto’s famous Horseshoe Tavern. Our very own Jeff Orson from PMA will perform alongside one of Canada’s funniest comics, Jennifer Grant. It’s a private and free event for our delegates. The second night, Tuesday, Proximo Spirits is hosting an incredible Rolling Stones Fun Night at Pacific Junction Hotel, where delegates will enjoy José Cuervo Cocktails with the theme of the Rolling Stones Flight 72 experience. It’s going to be an amazing show, with the pinnacle being the Wednesday night gala and post gala events.”

Business is business The convention may offer plenty of fun and exciting activities, but business is the real reason delegates will be there. “This year we will focus on how the FDFA is strategically going to examine our future conventions. Do we re-align our convention to offer more business-oriented sessions? Will we discuss more specific topics of duty free issues via working groups or panels? Will we change how the meetings are conducted? Other topics we will discuss will be current and future national marketing. We will also hear from the Director General of CBSA on our program and their respective initiatives.” While it was announced earlier this year that the FDFA, ASUTIL and IAADFS would be creating a show together in the future, Karson confirms that in 2017 the 32nd annual FDFA Convention and Trade Show will take place in Montreal, as previously stated. AMERICAS DUTY FREE & TRAVEL RETAILING


CALGARY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Nuance/Dufry operates both new walkthrough duty free stores, located on the US and International departures levels

Whereas airports used to be little more than passenger warehouses, beautiful design is now part of the travel experience

New landscape by

When Calgary Airport built its new terminal, it did so with an entirely new concept in mind: no waiting areas at the gates


s Calgary is one of Canada’s most vibrant and busiest communities, it was decided 15 years ago that the city’s main airport was in need of a new terminal. And now, after months of testing, the $2 billion terminal opened to the public on Monday, October 31st. The airport is Canada’s fourth busiest, and as of 2014 it has the longest runway, as part of the new expansion. Until the opening of the new international terminal, which services 30% of the airport’s passengers, domestic and international flights all shared the same terminal. “The terminal facility in use prior to October 31 handled domestic, U.S. and International flights. With the opening of the new International Terminal, the older terminal now handles only domestic flights to and from other destinations in Canada,” says Don Kolsun, Director, Commercial & Retail Development, Calgary Airport Authority.

Many destinations on offer Calgary is a destination in itself but also a busy connection hub for air travel across this large country. “YYC offers some of the best passenger connectivity in the country,” says Kolsun. “Overall, passenger traffic is weighted toward domestic travel, with 70 per cent of passengers travelling to and from destinations within Canada, and the balance connecting to the US and other international destinations.” There are already more than 80 non-stop flights from YYC to destinations across Canada and around the world, but the airport also recently added new non-stop service connecting Calgary to Beijing. “This is just an example of how we are continuously looking for opportunities to provide business and leisure travellers with connectivity to the places they want to go,” says Kolsun. Unsurprisingly, the additional terminal will increase passenger capacity for the airport. “YYC Calgary International Airport handled almost 15.5 million passengers in 2015 in the existing terminal,” says Kolsun.“The opening of the new International Terminal gives the capacity to handle passenger growth for many years to come.”




Design and function Globally, the recent trend has certainly been to create a beautiful environment for passengers in airport terminals. Since security has become more of an issue in the past 15 years and at the same time retail revenue has become ever more important, the focus is also on creating an environment that passengers can navigate quickly and easily, so they have both the time and inclination to shop. “The new International Terminal is the most advanced terminal facility in Canada, and is also an iconic and beautiful structure,” says Kolsun. “The opening of the new facility further supports The Calgary Airport Authority’s mandate to promote and encourage improved airline and transportation service, and will see YYC continue to be an economic driver for the regional economy, building on its $8.28 billion GDP contribution.”

Call-to-gate system The airport’s design features a call-to-gate system, unique to North America, where passengers all wait in a central area surrounded by shops and restaurants until their plane is ready to board. While passengers were not altogether pleasantly surprised at this new system, Kolsun says the Calgary Airport Authority is very much focused on passenger experience, and assures us the new system provides everything necessary to make travel an enjoyable experience. “While it might take travelers a little time to get used to the new system, it’s effective and works well in other major international airports where it’s in use,” he says. “There are a number of new processes being applied in the International Terminal, and passengers will become more familiar and comfortable with them over time. This includes systems that streamline and speed up the check-in, security screening, customs clearance and baggage handling processes. We have also integrated the YYC LINK passenger shuttle, a custom-designed and Canadian-built shuttle system that connects the international terminal to the existing, now-domestic terminal. Additionally, we have created a Customer Care Ambassador program that supplements our world-famous White Hat Volunteer program – members of both groups providing friendly and informed help and guidance to people travelling through YYC.”

Passenger convenience and comfort is of utmost importance to the Calgary Airport Authority, and the YYC LINK Passenger Shuttle helps ensure this outcome

Part Frozen. All Luxury. No. 1 Selling Icewine in Global Travel Retail.

Expected increase in travel retail For those in the duty free and travel retail industry, the new layout will immediately bring to mind the thought of increased sales over a more traditional gate layout. If passengers are waiting in a common area surrounded by retail stores and food and beverage selections as opposed to being held separately in a room filled with chairs, one would think increased sales would result. In addition, the new international terminal building offers 50 new concessions to the airport. “In 2015, commercial revenues at YYC Calgary International Airport were $121 million, representing 32 percent of overall revenues for last year,” says Kolsun. “Targeted yield improvements from our additional concession activities are expected to increase this proportion over time. We anticipate that the new international terminal configuration will provide a significant uptick to our overall program, particularly with our duty free and food and beverage programs and configuration.”

Multiple benefits Kolsun feels the call-to-gate system provides a number of benefits to the traveler, who can sit in proximity to a critical mass of retailers in a central area. “Similarly, the centrally located retailers are easily found by the passengers waiting centrally in the Departures Hall before being called to the gate to board their aircraft,” he says. Approximately 90% of the commercial space is located post-security, with most of it concentrated within the departures halls for international and US destinations. There is a walk-through duty free shop located at the entrance to each of the two departure halls; the two new duty free stores collectively comprise approximately 1,208 square meters. Nuance/Dufry is the operator of both new duty free spaces at YYC Calgary International Airport. “Nuance has a 719-square-meter facility on the International departures level and a 486-square-meter store on the US Departures level,” says Kolsun. “These new shops carry additional product category selections, greater depth and range of assortments than has previously been available at YYC.” Please enjoy responsibly. AMERICAS DUTY FREE & TRAVEL RETAILING



Building meaningful

relationships West Coast Duty Free is seeing the fruitful results of a well-executed action plan to target Korean tour bus customers with attractive duty free goods and prices by



est Coast Duty Free has a very clear mission in its sights, as it seeks to grow the business from its Korean tour bus customers. Phil Case, Operations Manager, West Coast Duty Free, explained that in past seasons Korean bus tours have randomly stopped at its store on their way to the US. These tour groups are accompanied by a local guide based in Vancouver, but there was a problem: “The problem being that they did not run on a regular schedule and would often arrive during our graveyard window service, losing us the opportunity to have language translation

and service specialists available. Although the size of the tours and the amount spent did vary, we saw an opportunity to grow this business.” Now, the retailer wants to turn these Korean tourists and the local Korean community into a meaningful and lasting relationship, contributing to West Coast Duty Free store’s overall revenue, he said. Korean tourists usually spend about a week in Canada while on tour and stop at West Coast Duty Free (based on time restrictions) before crossing the border on their way to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. They often spend 25 to 45 minutes in its store, but used to limit their pur-

chases to selected branded products known by the local tour guide as good buys. “We found it critical to find a way to introduce more brand options within that short period of time and present the value of duty free products in our store to maximize sales,” said Case, who has initiated a number of strategies.

Designing a translated catalogue The company researched Korean cosmetic websites and beauty blogs to gain more insight into its new customers. Korean tourists have strong brand loyalty and are very specific about their selection, so this process was essential, Case noted. In order to maximize the opportunity to increase sales for its Korean tour bus groups, the firm designed a Korean language catalogue including popular duty free cosmetic and liquor items sold in Korea. It also enlisted its beauty advisors’ expertise to include appropriate products to be introduced to these customers. The catalogue includes duty free store

West Coast Duty Free has designed a Korean language catalogue including popular cosmetic and liquor items sold in Korea. It features duty free store prices on all listed products, making it easier for customers to compare prices at home




prices on all listed products, making it easier for customers to compare prices at home (converted to Canadian dollars). Copies of the translated catalogue are kept on the shop floor for sales representatives to utilize with Korean customers when the language specialist is not available.

Networking with Korean tour guides After developing its catalogue, the company’s research then focused on networking with tour guides to get information on how to better assist these customers. There were challenges, as Case explained. “The first problem identified was that the local tour guides did not pick up the group until the day before they crossed the border. They often were given little notice on when they would travel the next morning and often had to leave extremely early to catch flights. We addressed this issue by having the tour guides contact us directly as soon as their schedule was known so we could make arrangements to


open the store earlier to match their travel schedule.” He continued: “The second problem identified was that the tour guides did not know very much about the value of duty free. They would often only recommend one cosmetic item and one liquor product that they knew had significant savings and suggested their customers stick only to those items. We were able to convince the local guides about the great savings our products offered with our Korean catalogue, creating greater customer satisfaction. We also distributed the catalogues directly to the guides to present to their customers during the bus ride to our store.” The retailer was also able to provide better customer service by knowing their schedules and having its Korean language translation and service specialists available to assist them, making their shopping experience more convenient and pleasant, added Case. As an added value to this new busi-


ness, West Coast was able to maximize the usage of its translated catalogue by posting the catalogue on Vancouver-based Korean community websites and social media pages. This is helping raise awareness of the store and duty free prices to the local Korean-Canadian market. The results of this marketing plan have been very positive with increases in traffic and purchases, enthused Case. “We no longer have buses stopping during our graveyard shift and have seen a significant increase in the number of Korean tour bus visits. Although the size and spend of these buses continue to vary based on tour group factors, our sales consistently appear to be rising with these groups. We have been able to build close and meaningful relationships with our local Korean tour bus guides, which will lead to more business opportunities in the future.” And, importantly, West Coast is also starting to see more potential customers enquire about its store and what duty free is, from its local Korean community.

séxu¯al® © 2015 Michel Germain Parfums Ltée.





A large A-frame sign at the entrance to the parking lot, together with a threetiered sign, advertise the promotion when customers come in the front door

An upselling opportunity A successful, year-long liquor promotion at Ambassador Bridge Duty Free located on the WindsorDetroit border crossing is attracting interest from repeat US customers


mbassador Bridge Duty Free is located on the Canadian plaza at the base of the Ambassador Bridge, which links Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan. The Ambassador Bridge is North America’s number one international border crossing. In 2016, Ambassador Bridge Duty Free has been holding a successful “We Pay Your Duty” promotion. If a customer purchases two or more bottles, declares the purchase at US Customs, and is charged duty at US Customs, the company reimburses them for the duty. To take advantage of the offer, the customer simply receives a form from the cashier when cashing out, and mails the form, along with their US Customs duty receipt to its accounting office, and the company mails them a cheque for the duty. The offer excludes beer. The retailer started this program during the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend 2015. Some 140 customers have mailed in US Customs duty receipts.

Liquor sales climb 9% The promotion is garnering interest from 14

returning customers, mostly from the US, as the company explains: “With the current exchange rate, plus running this program, a US customer has nothing to lose, purchasing more than one bottle per person. This program is very advantageous to our US customers, and 130 out of the 140 customers are from the US.” In addition, the retailer’s liquor sales (in bottles) have increased 9% since the start of the program. To market the program, Ambassador Bridge Duty Free has sent out emails to 80 banquet halls in Michigan, where people are allowed to bring in their own alcohol for weddings, etc. In-store flyers advertise the program, and it appears on the retailer’s regular monthly flyers. Additionally, a large A-frame sign at the entrance to the parking lot, together with a three-tiered sign, advertise the promotion when customers come in the front door. “This promotion is a very easy way for our staff to upsell from one bottle, to multi-packs, of course explaining the allowance regulations to them,” the company concluded.


Ambassador Bridge Duty Free has been running a successful “We Pay Your Duty” promotion during 2016. If a customer purchases two or more bottles, declares the purchase at US Customs, and is charged duty at US Customs, the company reimburses them for the duty

Making Friends Since 1834 FINEST SCOTCH WHISKY Lauder’s Scotch Whisky first appeared in 1834. The original blend was developed by the Glasgow merchant Archibald Lauder soon after the distilling of whisky was made legal in 1815 and Lauder’s has changed little since it was first produced over 175 years ago in Glasgow, Scotland.


Making a success of

social media

Sault Ste. Marie Duty Free Store has discovered some innovative and clever ways to promote itself and duty free shopping via social media, with huge success


n the fall of 2015, Sault Ste. Marie Duty Free Store set up its new Facebook page to manage and promote its services. So how did the Ontario-based retailer make the most of its page? First, the company chose an image of its new store as the profile picture, so it was easy for customers to recognize in the search engine. The retailer aimed to make the cover photo very attractive, using the Labatt’s promotional wall and beer as the image. This has increased its beer sales by at least 70% in the last year, according to Willie Deplonty, Sales Supervisor/Buyer, Sault Ste. Marie Duty Free Store. Practical information includes a link from the Duty Free Canada page to explain exemptions; opening hours; a call button; a description of the store’s products and services; and direct messages for any customer inquiries. To excite people and get more likes on its page, the store promotes contests. It is currently at 3,000+ likes. Importantly, the page also promotes the brand “Do Better at the Border”.

Sault Ste. Marie Duty Free Store goes all out to promote Canada and duty free inside its bricks-and-mortar store in Ontario and online



Alot of effort has gone into promoting the brand “Do Better at the Border” through social networking and marketing it throughout the store

The page also advertises products and events, while posting videos to personalize the page and make the company more recognizable. In addition, humorous jokes are used to “switch it up to keep customers interested in our page”, said Deplonty. Social media has had an “astounding” effect on sales, especially in beer products for a one-day trip, she noted. “The exposure has been wonderful, especially when local residents spread the word. We gained many new customers who viewed the page and were interested in our products. Facebook has given us the platform to get the word out that ‘Yes you can shop duty free’.” In the near future the retailer hopes to expand and transition more into the social networking world. The company aims to make “Do Better at the Border” a household name, and Facebook has become a good way to achieve this. “Brand awareness is an important way of promoting and ensuring our customers recognize the dynamics of duty free. We have taken great pride in committing to the brand development of the slogan ‘Do Better at the Border’ both in-store and online. Our Facebook page has given us a great tool to channel the brand.” Since last year, Sault Ste. Marie Duty Free Store has attracted

3,000+ friends to its page. This summer the store ran a contest during its Customer and Employee Appreciation Days on its page to promote the brand. Each day it gave away a C$25 gift certificate to the store. In order to be eligible, participants had to like the store’s Facebook page, comment “Do Better at the Border”, and share the post. The original post reached 25,845 people in just four days and was shared 443 times, and more than 245 people cited the brand “Do Better at the Border”. The post reached one-third of Sault Ste. Marie’s population of 75,000; most comments were from local residents. The contest excited customers and educated them, said Deplonty, adding: “The Facebook page has attracted many local residents who are commuting on the bridge, to take advantage and be aware of the savings. The contest was a great opportunity to channel the brand online.” Earlier this year, the store took advantage of its new building and its surroundings to attract customers from the bridge view to promote the brand. In order to attract customers, it installed two highly visible flags at the store’s entrance. One flag showcases the brand “Do Better at the Border” and the other says “We Appreciate You”. Flags are a great way to make the brand stand out to bridge traffic, said Deplonty. The retailer also utilized the parking lot to promote specials and the brand “Do Better at the Border”. Any existing traffic signs were doubled up as advertising space. As well as promoting specials, the brand was incorporated into the signs. To further support the brand as customers exited the store, the last message states “Thank you for shopping Duty Free :) You did do Better at the Border”. Another effective method of communication was to make use of its advertising wall, which is visible to bridge traffic in each direction. Regular commuters see the banners on the wall, and the brand was incorporated into the advertisement. The regular commuter sees the banner for approximately three to five seconds, so the brand “Do Better at the Border” was highlighted in bold script. A lot of effort has gone into promoting the brand through social networking and marketing it throughout the store, said Deplonty. “Our mass strategy of promoting the brand informs our customer base to always remember that you can do better at the border. Our mission and goal is to have the brand become a household name. Hopefully when someone hears ‘Duty Free’, they automatically remember that you can ‘Do Better at the Border’.”

The store hosted a barbecue all week for staff and customers to enjoy. Food and refreshments were served at no charge

Bringing the team together Sault Ste. Marie Duty Free Store has had an “exciting and transitional” couple of years, according to Deplonty. “We have had to say goodbye to many loyal employees and hello to many new hires. Our store really wanted to show employees appreciation and to create a warm and inviting environment which in turn would increase individual performance and productivity.” She continued: “When your employees are happy then you have happy customers. Management then decided to enhance relationships between staff and customers by showing our appreciation to both.” The company therefore decided to throw a party for everyone, and held a week-long event called Customer and Employee Appreciation Week. Among the activities, the store hosted a barbecue all week for staff and customers to enjoy. Food and refreshments were served at no charge. Complimentary hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken burgers, coffee, and water were also available. Liquor and beer sampling each day included some new and familiar products. “We feel that the more educated staff and customers become, the more valuable each become to the store,” said Deplonty. The retailer offered a red velvet photo booth featuring a Canada theme printed out postcard images. Graphics on postcard included the name of the store, and the brand “Do Better at the Border”. Customers received their photos instantly to take home with them. In addition, the store’s famous “Do Better at the Border” T-shirts were handed out to lucky customers. Also during the week, dress-down days rewarded employees for their hard work this summer. Staff were given a “Do Better at the Border” T-shirt to wear with jeans. “It fostered a sense of community among staff and the atmosphere around the store was light-hearted and fun. This small act in turn engaged the employees to interact with customers,” said Deplonty. In-store specials, giveaways and draws were also part of the week’s entertainment. “Thank you all the companies who generously donated,” she added. Deplonty concluded: “The week encouraged interaction between staff members and customers, and most importantly it was fun for everyone. It let our customer service team really shine through and take ownership of their job and their interaction with customers. It was a successful week to enhance store relationships between staff and the customers. A little thanks goes a long way in building great relationships.”

During Customer and Employee Appreciation Week, liquor and beer sampling included some new and familiar products, helping to educate employees and customers AMERICAS DUTY FREE & TRAVEL RETAILING





In an initiative introduced this year, Sarnia Duty Free creates a fresh seasonal promotional program each quarter inside and outside its store with themed elements

As part of Sarnia Duty Free’s seasonal promotional program, the company completely reworked and re-launched its consumer website, featuring the Canadian maple leaf style-mark


lue Water Bridge Duty Free Shop Inc. (aka Sarnia Duty Free) knows that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That’s why it has successfully adapted a seasonal promotional program originally developed by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, which involves a complete change-out of store merchandising materials on a quarterly basis. This program is designed to add newness and excitement to the retail environment and customer experience four times per year. Recognizing this concept’s inherent possibilities, Sarnia Duty Free has created a similar – though uniquely duty free – seasonal program in its store. Each quarter its local marketing agency creates a complete store promotion in which changeable in-store elements and signs are all replaced with a new theme and promotional program. Signs and promotions in all departments throughout the store are a part of this program. For Fall, the quarterly program entitled “Crisp Picks” featured elements that related to the Fall and Halloween. Later


on in the season, a winter/Christmasthemed promotion replaced this program.

Keeping repeat customers interested in shopping Sarnia Duty Free, located in Sarnia, Ontario en route to Michigan, has a recurring customer traffic base from within 60 miles of the store – particularly from the largest regional center in London, Ontario. “Because these customers

will travel over our border two to five times per year, it is important to constantly change the look, feel and excitement of our store to keep them interested in shopping duty free,” explained Tania Lee, Vice President, Blue Water Bridge Duty Free Shop Inc. In 2016, Sarnia Duty Free embarked on a complete refreshing of its in-store and online marketing assets. As part of this program – wherever possible – the company attempted to utilize the national duty free Canadian maple leaf style-mark. The goal was to present a progressive and modern professional image, that supported the brand-building goal of the national marketing program by using consistent high quality materials, and adopting the elements of the logo and branding on most ads. As part of this program, Sarnia Duty Free completely reworked and relaunched its corporate consumer website, and invested heavily both inside and outside its store to make its marketing assets clean, bold and impactful. The target market is the general public on its website, and potential in-store customers. The company logo now uses the national maple leaf style-mark, and for instore signs the style-mark seeks to “burn the brand logo into the mind of visiting consumers”, said Lee. “Sarnia Duty Free will remain open to building more compatible brand elements into its overall marketing plan in future,” she added.

For Fall 2016, a quarterly program entitled “Crisp Picks” featured elements that related to the Fall and Halloween



IGL Duty Free celebrates sale of US$38,000 Balvenie 50yo whisky Quebec-based border shop operator IGL Duty Free recently sold a bottle of Balvenie 50yo whisky for US$38,000 and is expecting to sell a bottle of Glenfiddich 50yo very soon. This bottle will retail at C$49,800.00 (US$37,140) in-store. “To the best of our knowledge we are the only shop with a Glenfiddich 50yo for sale in the greater global travel retail channel in North America,” said Justin Guay, Vice President, Importations Guay Ltée. The bottle of Glenfiddich 50yo (2013 edition) single malt whisky is adorned with sterling silver and crafted by sixth-generation silversmiths, Thomas Fattorini. Each of the 50 bottles is designed and packaged to reflect the exclusivity of the liquid inside. The bottle design takes its cues from the archives that record the distillery’s 125-year history. The individually numbered hand-blown bottles are set in hand-stitched, leather-bound cases, inspired by the personal ledgers of Glenfiddich’s pioneering forefather, William Grant. Nestled inside the case is a leather-bound book which details the whisky’s history, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed by the Late William Grant & Sons Life President, Charles Gordon, Life President of William Grant & Sons and the four craftsmen whose stories feature in the book. Matured in oak casks, the whisky is described as remarkably light and elegant on the palate with a nose that is harmonious with an uplifting, vibrant and complex aroma. The taste is initially sweet with a zesty orange marmalade and vanilla toffee, which then cascades through a series of layers: aromatic herbs, floral and soft fruits, silky oak tannin and hints of gentle smoke. The finish is long with a touch of dry oak and a trace of peat. The Glenfiddich 50yo single malt whisky bottle is adorned with sterling silver and crafted by sixth-generation silversmiths, Thomas Fattorini

Emerson Duty Free gets a new Canadian maple leaf logo

Emerson Duty Free’s new logo is featured on the company’s website



DFS Ventures Inc has developed a new brand logo for Emerson Duty Free. Featuring a stylized version of the iconic Canadian maple leaf, it is combined with a bold E to represent Emerson. With design features reflective of the master brand “Do Better at the Border”, the Emerson Duty Free logo was created to complement and draw on the recognition of the duty free industry logo. Currently featured in Emerson Duty Free’s online content, the ongoing brand integration has seen its website in particular experience “excellent” online growth, the Manitoba-based retailer said. The logo was created in conjunction with the Mars Agency.


The perfect way to enjoy Patrón is responsibly. ©2016 Handcrafted and imported exclusively from Mexico by Patrón Spirits International AG, Schaffhausen, Switzerland, 40% abv.


Being an exclusive, niche brand, the company is in a position to respond to consumer needs, and most of the products are either refillable or in sleek, refillable, compact magnetic cases

A natural choice KROMA® Makeup is an exclusive, luxury professional beauty brand that really wants to go places in the travel retail channel amplifying the sales experience, from its Professional Studio model into the duty free setting


lorida-based professional makeup line KROMA® Makeup is still a new brand on the travel retail block, but since its debut at the IAADFS convention two years ago, it has picked up positive leads from operators wanting to carry a luxury natural brand. Lee Cristou, Founder of KROMA® Makeup, is a Greek-born entrepreneur (KROMA means color in Greek) who is determined to grow her contacts in the duty free channel. Cristou runs a brick-and-mortar retail location/headquarters in Orlando and oversees the manufacturing and creation of new formulas on a regular basis. As for her brand’s progress in travel retail, she explained: “We are currently evaluating multiple retail locations in

both domestic and travel retail in Canada, as well as broadening our already existing spa locations and online retail channels.” The high-grade brand already has a thriving B-to-C business nationwide where consumers purchase product directly. “They would love to see KROMA® Makeup in their stores locally. The name KROMA® alone, we find, resonates well with overseas clients.” Aside from its best-selling Botanical Foundations and Foundation Primer, the brand’s luxury travel makeup case and refillable mineral pressed powder compacts are in demand, she reported. Being an exclusive, niche brand, the company is in a position to respond to consumer needs, and most of the products in its collection are either refillable or in sleek, refillable, compact magnetic cases.

Aside from the best-selling Botanical Foundations and Foundation Primer, the brand’s luxury travel makeup case and refillable mineral pressed powder compacts are in demand



Importantly for a natural cosmetics brand, KROMA® considers itself to be a makeup line with a cause, being the national sponsor for a Foundation raising awareness for pregnancy complications and using real women as models, marked for their bravery

Recently, the company’s lead team has been busy revamping its boxed packaging. “We feel if the product is sophisticated on the inside, the outside has to be a good match,” declared Cristou, who has been in the retail industry for some 20 years. A number of upcoming select KROMA® locations will soon begin trading, with local representation being a key factor, she added. The brand is known for its personalization, education and customer client/account attentiveness. Importantly for a natural cosmetics brand, KROMA® considers itself to be a makeup line with a cause, being the national sponsor for a Foundation raising awareness for pregnancy complications. The Preeclampsia Foundation announced in March 2016 that KROMA® would be launching a new “Promise Me” botanical collection to benefit the Foundation’s mission and raise awareness of preeclampsia, a potentially life-threatening disorder of pregnancy that affects approximately 5-8% of all pregnancies in the US.






March 26–29, 2017 | Orlando World Center Marriott | Orlando, Florida, USA

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A global CITIZEN International watch brand CITIZEN is reporting steady growth in the Canadian duty free market, thanks to an inclusive approach when it comes to world travelers

CITIZEN’s new Satellite Wave - World Time GPS watch design draws inspiration from the brand’s first Eco-Drive timepiece, the Crystron Solar Cell, developed in 1976


hile CITIZEN’s relationship with duty free and travel retail may still be young, it is one that has grown steadily. The Canadian headquarters of CITIZEN did not open until 1992, and so, early on, the brand did not have a presence in this niche market. However, IGL Duty Free in Québec investigated the benefits of supplying its duty free shops with CITIZEN products. A positive response allowed for the brand to delve further by reaching out to operators in South Western Ontario and the Niagara regions, and this area has become the beach-head region for CITIZEN’s growth in duty free shops. In 2006, Peace Bridge Duty Free became the first duty free store to carry the CITIZEN line, and based on this success, the brand was able to qualify for membership of the FDFA and has been an active member since. CITIZEN is well represented in major land borders across the country, and these relations have proven to be fruitful. Airport travel retail is the current growth opportunity, according to Doug Irwin, 24

Vice President of Sales, Citizen Watch Company of Canada, Ltd. For example, ARI North America’s duty free shop in Dorval, Québec, performs strongly with the product. In the coming months, the brand will continue to strengthen its dominant presence in Southern Ontario markets, and others across the Canada-US border by providing operators with the assets needed to give consumers the full CITIZEN experience when browsing its products. Irwin notes that CITIZEN is a recognized, global brand with head offices in every major continent. As people from different markets travel through the duty free shops in Canada, they are exposed to various styles that reflect the Canadian market, and such localized styles may attract consumers in purchasing a CITIZEN timepiece that is not available within their own market. “People like to

buy things that are familiar but different,” says Irwin. CITIZEN’s duty free showcases are replenished with 100 new styles yearly. The company has adapted to succeed in duty free stores with an inclusive mindset. The heavily trafficked borders and airports include many foreign travelers, and for this, the brand has developed a “How it Works” counter card explaining its Eco-Drive technology in seven languages: English, French, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Spanish, and Portuguese. In terms of promotions, ARI North America’s The Loop store profiled the Chrono Time A-T and its “How it Works” graphic. CITIZEN believes it is important to engage with the frontline staff of duty free stores to expand on their product knowledge. In addition, CITIZEN can provide

Thousand Islands Duty Free, in Lansdowne, Ontario, is among the brand’s stockists, showcasing 100 new styles yearly



tools to maximize this knowledge such as an “Everything You Need to Know” book, published in both French and English. The book details the brand’s technologies, campaigns, and marketing efforts. Duty free stores are encouraged to place CITIZEN’s “How It Works” graphic in stores. Most recently, CITIZEN launched a training app titled “enLIGHTenByCITIZEN”, which serves as a training tool for staff members to further product knowledge (it is also available in several languages). Additionally, CITIZEN strives in creating a brand experience for consumers. “Keeping our duty free dealers current and in step with our programs is very important. CITIZEN strives to maintain a consistent look through display presentation, branded showcases, and shop-inshops. Again, familiarity from the global consumer traveling through duty free shops is important,” observes Irwin. CITIZEN also provides the option of a microsite, giving consumers the full CITIZEN website experience while still remaining within the website of the duty free shop. Windsor-Detroit Tunnel Duty Free Shop has taken advantage of this tool. CITIZEN’s Eco-Drive story began 40 years ago with a simple concept: a watch that never needs a battery. Eco-Drive technology harnesses the power of light from any source and converts it into energy which is stored in a permanently rechargeable lithium-ion cell. It recharges continuously in any kind of light to run forever. It keeps most watches working, for at least six months, even in the dark.

The first Eco-Drive timepiece was the Crystron Solar Cell, developed in 1976. CITIZEN’s new Satellite Wave – World Time GPS’s design draws inspiration from Crystron’s design. Some 40 years ago, CITIZEN had one light-powered watch; today, 95% of the timepieces sold by CITIZEN in Canada incorporate EcoDrive technology. The new Proximity smartwatch has also hit the store shelves. The second generation of the Proximity is a smarter watch that builds on the successes of its predecessor. This unique product is powered by Eco-Drive technology, making it a light-powered smartwatch. The Proximity eliminates the use of wires and plugs, allowing its users to connect to its own app to compatible iOS or Android devices through Bluetooth. As the timepiece is powered by light, wearers don’t need to plug in the watch to recharge its lithium-ion cell. While the timepiece provides many conventional watch-specific features such as a chronograph, a perpetual calendar, dual time (second time zone), 12/24 hour-time, a daily alarm, a power reserve indicator, and a light-level power indicator, it also provides lots of smart features delivered through its Bluetooth connectivity. A time and date synchronization to a compatible iOS or Android device ensures precise time, while users can manage alerts from selected contacts through notification and call filtering. There are visual and vibration notifications for telephone call, email, SMS, FaceTime, calendar events, social media,

CITIZEN’s showcase and backwall display at Emerson Duty Free Shop, in Manitoba, highlight the brand and how its Eco-Drive technology works



and even a notification alert to let wearers know they have stepped out of range from their compatible iOS or Android device. Turning to marketing initiatives, CITIZEN has a strong relationship with Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd, the professional sports company based in Toronto, and CITIZEN is the official watch of the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs. The brand has announced that, in conjunction with Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors, it has designed a Limited Edition Kyle Lowry Nighthawk which should be released in December 2016. CITIZEN takes pride in providing its wearers with the most accurate timepieces. The brand’s radio-controlled timepieces are set to the atomic clock and maintain their accuracy by receiving signals generated by towers located in North America, the UK, Europe, Japan, and China. Most recently, the brand has expanded its technologies to include satellite reception, ensuring that wearers can receive precise time in 40 time zones, anywhere on Earth. The new satellite timepieces are GPS enabled. CITIZEN’s ad campaigns and marketing prowess ensures that consumers who find themselves in a duty free environment are presold on the CITIZEN brand and therefore inclined to take advantage of the pricing afforded by or travel retail partners,” says Irwin. So what does the next year look like? “2018 will mark the centennial of CITIZEN, and, globally, consumers can expect great things,” enthuses Irwin.

In 2006, Peace Bridge Duty Free became the first duty free store to carry the Citizen line, and based on this success, the brand was able to qualify for membership of the FDFA



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A provocative new pairing from Michel Germain Parfums Michel Germain Parfums is launching two new fragrances at the FDFA Convention in November – Séxūal Paris Tendre and Séxūal Paris Tendre Pour Homme. Described as an alluring, romantic fragrance with French sophistication, the Séxūal Paris Tendre women’s eau de parfum is a heady, softly intoxicating scent, Paris style. The fresh, woody aromatic fragrance features tender florals and Paris’s sumptuous Champagne fruits. Top notes are ginger, French redcurrant, and French Champagne mandarin, while the middle notes feature French rose, freesia, and blue violet orris. The modern amber, sophisticated heart is of musk and sandalwood. Séxūal Paris Tendre Pour Homme, is described as alluring, charismatic, and exuding French sophistication. Parisian style is blended with masculine accords of leather, gently intoxicating Champagne bergamot, and fresh scents of star anise and juniper berries. The fresh, woody aromatic fragrance has top notes of Champagne bergamot, star anise, and French white pepper, with mid notes of juniper berries, patchouli, cedarwood, and French wild thyme. At its heart are musk, leather accord, and vetiver. In other news, Michel Germain was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Canadian Fragrance Awards in April 2016 in recognition of his accomplishments in the fragrance world.

Séxūal Paris Tendre and Séxūal Paris Tendre Pour Homme

Ottawa-based entrepreneur Michel Germain has built a popular, family-owned fragrance brand from the ground up. His first product, Séxūal, was launched in 1994. Today, he has a range of top-selling scents, for both women and men, carried at Hudson’s Bay, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. In every aspect of his operation (design, manufacturing, production and sales), Germain is proud to have a 100% Canadian company.

ACI invites all Canadians to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary ACI has created product with the Canada 150 logo is composed of a series of diamonds, or “celebratory gems”, arranged in the shape of the iconic maple leaf

The four diamonds at the base represent the four original provinces that formed Confederation in 1867 in addition to the diamonds that extend out from the base to create nine more points – in total, representing the 13 provinces and territories.

The Government of Canada, in collaboration with an array of partners, has started counting down the last 150 days of 2016 by generating surprises that have been appearing spontaneously throughout the country. 28


During those 150 days, activities are being held across the country that aim to delight and surprise people. Toronto-based ACI Brands Inc, a multi-divisional supplier of consumer products focused on all channels of Canadian retail, is among the partners who are inviting all Canadians to take part in the countdown to 2017 in person and via social media. “This is going to be a massive event to drive tourism to our beautiful country,” said ACI Brands Inc Account Manager Michael Rozenwald. People can get involved in Canada 150 activities as a volunteer, organizer or participant, in communities across Canada. The 150th anniversary of the Confederation is being celebrated at special events and activities across the country. Activities are taking place in Canada’s national parks and heritage spaces, enabling people to explore their country’s history in 2017. The Canada 150 logo is composed of a series of diamonds, or “celebratory gems”, arranged in the shape of the iconic maple leaf. The four diamonds at the base represent the four original provinces that formed Confederation in 1867: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Additional diamonds extend out from the base to create nine more points – in total, representing the 13 provinces and territories. A range of souvenir merchandise has been produced to mark the Canada 150 campaign.



Whitley Neill Gin is an award-winning premium Dry Gin, independently owned and created by Johnny Neill, a fourthgeneration distiller and will also be represented by Haleybrooke International

new launches

Haleybrooke International is set to launch two exciting products at the FDFA convention – an Irish whiskey with a rock-star pedigree and a handcrafted gin made by an award-winning fourth-generation distiller


aleybrooke International has reached an agreement with Halewood Wines and Spirits to represent The Pogues Irish Whiskey and Whitley Neill Gin in duty free and travel retail in the Americas. This upcoming FDFA 2016 convention will be the launchpad for both products into the Canadian duty free sector. Named after the legendary Celtic punk rock band, The Pogues Irish Whiskey is a distinctive blend of 50% 10-year single malt Irish whiskey aged in sherry oak casks and 7yo single malt Irish whiskey aged in bourbon oak casks and 50% 4yo Irish grain whiskey aged in bourbon oak casks. The liquid has an aroma of malts and cracked nuts with a sweet taste and a smooth, intense flavor. It is made by West Cork Distillers, one of Ireland’s last independent distilleries. The Pogues Irish Whiskey will retail in duty free at C$45 for a one-liter bottle. Whitley Neill Gin is an award-winning premium Dry Gin, independently owned and created by Johnny Neill, a fourthgeneration distiller. The handcrafted gin is made from a 100% grain spirit which is steeped with the botanicals prior to distillation in antique copper pot stills. Nine botanicals, including the traditional juniper and coriander, make up the botanical recipe. But the producers of Whitley Neill are taking gin to a new level with the inclusion of two carefully selected signa-

ture botanicals from Africa – the Cape gooseberry and the fruit of the baobab tree, the tree of life. These ingredients give it a distinctively bold taste. Whitley Neill Gin will retail in duty free at C$50 for a one-liter bottle. Roger Thompson, Vice President of Haleybrooke International, said The Pogues Irish Whiskey already had a following because of its connection to the famous Celtic band, which he described as “really a lot of fun and very exciting”. He added that Whitley Neill was a previous gold winner at the International Spirits Challenge. “Both products are premium and are top of the line. I’m proud to represent them,” he enthused. Simon Roffe, Managing Director of Global Travel Retail at Halewood International, added: “I am looking forward to working with Haleybrooke International and introducing The Pogues and Whitley Neill to duty free. This alliance will be beneficial to all consumers who shop duty free and have been looking to purchase the finest whiskey and gin.” Both products can be sampled during the FDFA show at the Haleybrooke International suites, 1604 and 1605. For information contact: Patrick Nilson, +1 (845) 981-7240; Roger Thompson , +1 (203) 322 9691 or Simon Roffe simon.roffe@, +44 7940 303497.

Named after the legendary Celtic punk rock band, The Pogues Irish Whiskey will be represented by Haleybrooke International as it enters the duty free and travel retail market in America AMERICAS DUTY FREE & TRAVEL RETAILING



ALFA continues momentum

with strong sales ALFA Brands, which represents manufacturers and distributors in the North American travel retail market, muses on a buoyant year so far, thanks to a number of enticing product innovations exclusively for duty free


cewine sales are strong in duty free, according to ALFA Brands. The North Carolina-based duty free sales agent has more than doubled its icewine sales this year primarily as a result of the Carretto Series from Pillitteri Estates Winery, designed exclusively for duty free. The attractive price is coupled with clean packaging, making it an affordable gift and a souvenir. The Carretto Series is available in several formats: single bottle, 3-pack, 4-pack and 6-pack. In addition, ALFA launched Canadian Flower Icewine 375ml at the 2016 IAADFS show. This vibrant expression of art and wine was painted by 16-year-old Canadian artist Jessie Shoe, who was inspired by the flower gardens in her British Columbia home. This icewine is grown in the Niagara region of Ontario and crafted by winemaker Alex Kolundzic of Pillitteri Estates Winery.

The new Jelly Belly 50 Flavor Gift Box (21oz) contains a huge collection of jelly bean favorites

“DFASS was very impressed with the presentation of the Canadian Flower at the IAADFS show and asked Pillitteri to develop a box exclusive to Air Canada for their Fall/Winter Inflight Program. Pillitteri developed a 200ml bottle exclusively for them,” says Amy Hildreth, Operations Manager, ALFA Brands Inc. In addition to the Canadian Flower, DFASS has listed two Jelly Belly items for Colombian airline Avianca’s Fall/Winter Program: Jelly Belly Star Wars Ultra Gift Box 8.5oz and 10-Flavor Jelly Belly Gift Box With Flag Sleeve (4.25oz). The Star Wars-themed gift box features the iconic image of Darth Vader, accented in silver foil and a Jelly Belly branded band, while the 10-Flavor Jelly Belly Gift Box is a collection of 10 favorite Jelly Belly flavors. Natural ingredients are used whenever possible, such as coconut, real fruit juices and purees.

New Jelly Belly superhero gift boxes

Earlier at IAADFS, ALFA launched Canadian Flower Icewine 375ml


All Jelly Belly jelly beans are OU Kosher; gluten-, peanut-, dairyand fat free; and vegetarian friendly

New items from Jelly Belly include the 5-Flavor Justice League Gift Box (4.25oz), available in September 2016; Jelly Belly Disney Finding Dory Gift Box (4.25oz), available September; 10-Flavor Organic Jelly Belly Gift Box (4.25oz); 20-Flavor Jelly Belly Batman Gift Box, available September; and 20-Flavor Jelly Belly Wonder Woman Gift Box, available September. Also new are Finding Dory Jelly Beans


(2.8oz bag) with Dory and Nemo, filled with a mix of jelly beans that mimic the brilliance of the coral reef; and the Finding Dory Jelly Beans (4.25oz) Gift Box, filled with a mix of sparkling jelly beans. The Gorgeous Jelly Belly gift bag features Dory and Nemo on the 7.5 oz foillike spark bag on the outside and contains a mix of coral reef-inspired jelly beans. Meanwhile, DC Comics’ legendary characters Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Aquaman appear together on the Justice League 5-Flavor Gift Box, shipping in 12-count cases. Batman and Women Woman have their own dedicated 20-Flavor Gift Boxes, and each box ships in 10-count cases. Jelly Belly also debuts the Super Hero Collection featuring three DC Comics characters – Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman – in 2.8-oz Grab & Go bags, developed for snacking or to give as a gift. The bags contain a colorful mix of jelly beans, including shimmering and shiny versions of popular flavors. A new Bean Machine sends jelly beans tumbling down the enclosed front of the machine, dropping into a small tray below. The product includes two 1.9oz Grab & Go bags, and ships in 6-count cases. Finally, the New Spinner Gift Tin is filled with 3.36oz of BeanBoozled mix in pyramid bags, and ships in 8count cases.

Importing and Transportation Management Specialists PROVIDING COMPLETE AND INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS

We have over 30 years experience in the Canadian duty free market and a commitment to excellence. BILSI staff are experts in Canada Customs regulations, transportation management and 3rd party logistics. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest level of customer service covering their shipments to and within Canada and the USA.

F O R M O R E I N F O R M AT I O N C O N TAC T U S AT 9 0 5 . 6 0 6 . 2 2 2 2 | I N F O @ B I L S I .C O M W W W. B I L S I . C O M


Patrón offers striking new option to North American travel retail Once again, Patrón proves travel retail is an important channel for the ultrapremium tequila company, with another travel retail exclusive. This stunningly beautiful limited edition large-size 1 liter Patrón Silver tequila bottle was inspired by Mexico’s rich heritage of art deco design. The bottle features a black and silver handcrafted pewter label, intricately adorned with detailed geometric lines and the iconic Patrón bee. The bottle is topped with a traditional cork closure, but in an untraditional black and silver, mirroring the art deco aesthetic of the label. The eye-catching, stylized and stylish black gift bag completes the striking ensemble. Like the Patrón that has shaken up the tequila world since its inception, the ultra-premium Patrón Silver tequila inside is handcrafted in small batches from the highest quality 100% Weber Blue Agave, and distilled and bottled at the Hacienda Patrón distillery in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

Long a staple in bars around the world, Marie Brizard is entering the spotlight with a new logo, new bottle shape and new campaign

The easily recognizable bottle adorned with an unusual, dazzling pewter label, black and silver closure and eye-catching black bag, the Patrón Bottle in Bag is sure to be a hit for the holidays and beyond

Marie Brizard brings the French feminine to cocktails Marie Brizard brand has been a staple in bars since its inception in 1763, and the past year has been exciting for the over-250-year-old company. 2016 has brought strong renewed focus to the duty free channel for the company, which has also undergone a massive redesign of its multiple-award-winning Gautier Cognac, its overall marketing and now its iconic Marie Brizard brand. The liqueur brand’s new look is sleek, sensual and synonymous with freedom of mind, non-conformism and refinement, asserting Marie Brizard’s strong personality through a new visual identity that cleverly brings some set traditions into play while breaking others. The historical slender feminine lines of the bottle are enhanced with multiple facets, for a defined contemporary look. The logo has been brought up to date. All arms of Marie Brizard liqueurs have now been brought in line, with a similar bottle, look and feel. “This year’s relaunch sees the unveiling of an exciting new design and activation plans to engage with travellers. The Cannes exhibition provided the opportunity to share those plans with Global Travel Retail customers,” says Kevin Baker, Global Travel Retail Director for the company. Along with the bottle and logo redesign has come a new marketing campaign, which playfully highlights the power of the French feminine. While Marie Brizard liqueurs have often been part of world famous cocktails, the new campaign brings them into the spotlight. “Cocktails have been growing dramatically around the world and Marie Brizard is perfectly positioned to reflect that trend in Travel Retail,” says Baker. “The Marie Brizard brand is widely recognized amongst the world’s best mixologists for its quality and versatility and they enter the Marie Brizard Masters global cocktail competition in great numbers, culminating in the final in Bordeaux in November.”




Freixenet announces new Prosecco Freixenet is well known the world over for its Cava sparkling wine from Spain. As the popularity of Prosecco has grown around the world, so has Freixenet, which offers a far greater selection of wines than just its iconic black frosted Cordon Negro bottle. And now, the Spanish company offers its first Italian sparkling wine. The company’s newest offering, presented at TFWA WE in Cannes, is produced with some of the finest grapes of Italy’s DOCG region, and packaged in a spectacular cut-glass bottle. Freixenet is one of the most widely recognized brands of sparkling wine, and Freixenet Prosecco is described as a high-quality Prosecco, created for special occasions.

Freixenet’s new sparkling wines on offer are not limited to Prosecco. Targeted to a Millennial demographic who is looking to diversify their “sparkling wine” occasions and drinking rituals, Freixenet ICE was launched last summer

Robert Mondavi changed the face of quality wine throughout the world. This year, the Napa Valley company celebrates 50 years of winemaking history

Napa Valley’s Robert Mondavi Winery 50th Anniversary Year 50 years ago, the California wine industry wasn’t remotely what it is today. In 1966 Robert Mondavi built the first major post-prohibition winery in the Napa Valley and in doing so, created the foundation upon which sits the extraordinary California wine industry today. Robert Mondavi the man believed strongly in the concept of terroir, and that a wine should express the region of its naissance. The winery that bears his name continues to pursue this concept, representing Napa Valley with wines that are also varietally authentic. In celebration of the winemaker and his legacy, a commemorative 50th Anniversary label will adorn the new release of some of the most enduring bottlings from Robert Mondavi Winery: the 2015 Fume Blanc, Napa Valley, the 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley and the winery’s hallmark 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, To Kalon Vineyard. The To Kalon Vineyard, a 440-acre parcel of exceptional provenance, lies at the heart and soul of Robert Mondavi winery, and contributes to the its To Kalon vineyard-designated and Reserve wine programs. So meticulous is the production of this iconic Cabernet Sauvignon that to ensure only the highest quality fruit is used, the To Kalon grapes are sorted three times. The wine is aged in 100% new French oak barrels for 21 months, and each year reflects the “First Growth” quality of the To Kalon Vineyard. AMERICAS DUTY FREE & TRAVEL RETAILING




Alexandria DeBellis, VP of Marketing & Sales, Beler Holdings Inc. Where were you born and raised? Scotland

If you attended post-secondary school, what did you study? Business

Are you married? Do you have children? Not married - one child

What is your favorite movie? Walk to Remember

What is the last book you read? How to See YOURSELF As you Really Are What would you choose as your last meal? Seafood linguine

Your favourite drink? Red wine


Do you have a passion in your life (or more than one)? What? Being there for family and friends and shopping for shoes

Which historical figure do you most admire? Dalai Lama

Do you have a pet (or more than one)? If so, what animal and name? Shih Tzu Dog - Gigi

Where and when were you happiest in your life? Married and living life

Do you prefer country or city? Country

What in the world would you most like to change? Evil/anger

What is your favourite place to vacation? Italy

What about yourself would you most like to change? Acceptance

What’s the first thing you do in a new place? Go to a restaurant

What is the most important piece of advice anyone ever gave you? To be happy and live in the moment

If you could choose any place in the world to live, where would it be? Tuscany

What is something about you that most people would find surprising? That I am a recluse

Which living person do you most admire? My son


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