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Understanding How A Company Can Benefit From A SAAS Application With successful SaaS applications becoming increasingly popular, many companies are experiencing lower front-end costs and no longer have to struggle with the time associated with implementing and managing licensed software. New technologies especially those that work with “cloud� computing are continuously providing companies with new ways to solve business problems. Software as a Service application, also known on-demand software," does bring significant never-beforeoffered advantages for organizations looking for new financial, delivery and staffing alternatives related to business systems operations. The owner of the system provides the IT support and all the hardware to host the enterprise wide application. As a user, your business only needs to have a web browser and an internet connection to use the portion of the application relevant to your business. By implementing a SaaS application development a can enjoy a lot of benefits that include Decrease in Costs There is an overall reduction in the operational costs as choosing a SaaS model for your business removes the system licensing fees. Application or usage fees can be calculated on a periodic basis or by the actual amount of processing used. There is a decrease in the costs associated with maintenance charges and licensing fees. Instant Deployment This software is available wherever there is access to the internet. With the implementation not requiring any software installation, it can be used instantly with minimal involvement from IT. Automated Upgrades SaaS vendors are responsible for administering new releases as they also manage the entire upgrade process. With automatic upgrades happening, users are ensured of the latest versions of the software product development. Built-In Support The network comes with support services and disaster recovery, and therefore the time spent on managing the system is significantly reduced. Consequently there is a reduction in the time as well as a decrease in the fees associated with support. Scalability Made Simple With a SaaS model there is tremendous flexibility to change the number of users on demand as it is also very scalable. In a company that is developing there is the liberty of enhancing the number of users at any time as the software is being

delivered as a service. While SaaS information systems exist among all types of business applications, they have improved overall efficiencies associated with traditional software installation and maintenance. The SaaS model is becoming a very valuable component for today’s businesses, both large and small. Choose an efficient and trusted service provider who has the industry expertise to help your company design, architect and implement enterprise, consumer and carrier-scale cloud products. Read more on - Advisory services, Application lifecycle management

Understanding How A Company Can Benefit From A SAAS Application