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Product Engineering Services: Meeting technological challenges The technological era, the technically sound customers, and their demands are a challenge to today’s organizations irrespective of their size. To withstand the aggressive competition organizations tend to develop quality products, bring out new releases and look towards expansion into newer markets. However, this also poses a challenge of catering to the requirements of the new customers, customizing products for the local markets, languages and technologies. These challenges brings forth the need for a world class product engineering services, one that would facilitate an easy innovative product engineering process while delivering the value based services to the end users. The product engineering services ideally covers all stages of a products lifecycle from conceptualization & development to product extensions. Basically, the product engineering team work out a system to improve a product while reducing its cost. It manages to balance between the cost and reliability so that the end users receive the product and the services at the desired level. The software market being largely competitive, with the introduction of new technologies, the software development companies struggle to deliver utility based software either as Software-as-a-service or web based. However, the entire software product developed pass through a number of stages before the actual product is delivered. The top-notch companies, which offer product engineering services, have highly qualified teams who focus on the core areas of the software development lifecycle. The areas that these companies focus are:

Product Conceptualization & Development – involving product research and conceptualization, identifying key features, selection of a platform to run the software, software architecture & providing user interface prototypes and development strategies. Product Localization involving extraction and localization of strings, rebuilding resource files, enabling runtime language switching and testing data display and compatibility Product Customization & Implementation Product Migration & Porting involving operating system migration, application server migration, database migration and programming language migration. Product Extensions for cross platform integration and for web based functioning and smart devices.

Product Engineering services offers its customers the benefit of low cost, flexibility and reliability. However, faced with a number of challenges from the technological front and globalization, most

organizations opt for Outsourced Product development. Though OPD has its share of concerns, the top of ladder companies in the IT service sector, has a highly professional environment with a good knowledge of market requirements. Besides being professionals in the field, these are the best IT companies to work. Also read on - Advisory services, Logistics and supply chain management

Product Engineering Services: Meeting technological challenges