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Features of Embedded Software Development Solutions The technology landscape is an ever changing and a developing one with new technologies being developed every day. Embedded software development is the technology vertical that needs the specialized skills, domain expertise and knowledge and focus. Hardware now is gradually becoming faster and smaller owing to rapid advancements and therefore, there is a requirement for a robust, innovative, secure and consistent software solutions to adhere to the same. Embedded Software Development Challenges The embedded vertical witnessed multiple challenges, for instance restricted skilled resources, time and expense constraints as well as new hardware. Eminent solution providers specializing in embedded software development solutions with their expertise offers excellence in every phase and function. They successfully carry on testing, developing and migration of high quality solutions utilizing legacy and innovative hardware platforms and software technology. Services that an embedded software developer needs to be experienced or trained in includes the following: Real Time Operating System (RTOS), BSPs, and Device Driver Development Firmware Development Embedded Application Development Migration and Porting (legacy to advanced platforms or vice versa) Protocol Stacks and Algorithms SCADA, Telemetry and HMI Consulting Testing and QA Support and Maintenance This apart some of the selected the domains and projects that embedded software developers serve include the following: SoC (System on Chip) Consumer Electronics Automotive Video Communication, IPTV, Set Top Boxes, Digital Surveillance Digital Signage and Multimedia Applications Point of Sale Systems (PoS) Industrial Automation Wireless Communication Networking Biometrics, Smart Cards, RFID, HID (Human Input Devices) Device Drivers Today top notch service providers in agile software development has introduced a wide range of embedded software development solutions. This range spans across storage, networks to mobile solutions. In this regard, the real-time operating systems that they deal in includes: Android VxWorks Embedded Linux RTLinux

Windows CE Symbian eCos Nucleus ThreadX Today technological innovation has brought about rapid changes in the domain of embedded agile software development landscape. Here innovative and sophisticated features have been increasingly used to build small hardware and intricate software designs. Leading service providers with their team of embedded software developers help in set up embedded applications that reside on software layers and are completely hardware dependant, i.e. middleware and device software for instance firmware and drivers. Related Links: Agile software development, Android software development, Android development

Features of Embedded Software Development Solutions