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Larry Lazin


“...melding fashion and lighting in order to help the world understand how we relate these twin subjects on the most authentic level.”

Saxon Henry Rod Ruiz senior editor Patty Otis Abel Contributing Editor Emily Stacia Hooper Fashion

Fashion Director Photographer Fashion Stylist Model Model Agency Makeup artist hair stylist Set Producer

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Global Lighting

President Creative Director

Larry Lazin Mary Lazin Vice President Pete Crisci Vice president of sales Ron Rago Art Director Rod Ruiz Senior Materials Coordinator Ingrid Ross Retail & E-commerce Manager Denise Bovell Commercial sales Manager Adrienne DiPietro Systems Data Specialist Jinnie Moon Sr Customer Service specialist Catherine Cook Customer Service specialist Rosa Lulgjuraj Customer Service specialist Patricia Stiglianese Warehouse/Shop Supervisor Osbaldo Gutierrez Shop Technician Erick Monge Warehouse Associate Francisco Perez Warehouse Associate Santiago Ore


Larry Lazin

This hybrid design/fashion, magazine/lookbook has been a long time coming. As founder and CEO of Global Lighting and its complementary companies, I realized early on that what we in the decorative lighting business are doing is, quite simply, dressing light bulbs. As manufacturers and distributors of “fashion for light bulbs,” I’ve dreamed of sharing with the world the fact that, just as a fashion designer puts his or her most creative foot forward when assembling collections for runway debuts, we in the lighting field can (and in my opinion must) hold ourselves to the same style standards. Our team at Global Lighting takes this very seriously and we are fortunate to have formed relationships with manufacturers who believe in the same premise. With a blend of production and artisanal skills, they create highly refined couture-level fixtures that appeal to our sophisticated coterie of clients—some of the top designers and architects in the North American marketplace. For those of you unfamiliar with the lay of the land, we’re located in southern Westchester County, just north of New York City near the coastal waters of the Long Island Sound. The Internet Movie Database ( lists fifty-seven “popular people” born in Mount Vernon, including Denzel Washington, Dick Clark and Art Carney. We at Global Lighting are proud to be a part of this community, which has served as our base of operations for four years. I’d like to thank our reps and the showrooms for solidly joining us on this ride, and express gratitude to our collaborators B.lux, Jacco Maris, LZF and Secto for your enthusiasm and trust as we work to represent your products in North America. I’d also like to heartily welcome our newest collaborator Zero, who I expect has the same unflinching belief in quality and service as our other manufactures and will be an excellent fit as we move into exciting times in the world of lighting. I look forward to the adventures to come with all of you! This publication heightens our branding, further melding fashion and lighting in order to help the world understand how we relate these twin subjects on the most authentic level. Let’s all continue to turn everyone “ON” by celebrating the world of exemplary products we have come to truly admire.

Editor-in-Chief Design Director

Table it! Jens Praet, a Belgian-born/Italy-based designer conceived “Shredded Ware,” a collection of furniture he creates from magazines and documents mixed with resin. Several of the 12-piece limited edition pieces are made of shredded Elle Décor magazines; EIC Michael Boodro is delighted that back issues inspired Praet. What a sturdy salute to one of design’s treasured titles!

strategic Collaborators

Communications Director Web Intelligence

Saxon Henry Joaquin Belda (Ximo) Accounting Julie Majchrzyk “ON” published by: New York Lights, Inc. 545 Franklin Avenue, Mount Vernon, NY 10550 Printing by: REX3

On 2013


Publisher’s Letter

Dressing light bulbs? Tables made from shredded issues of Elle Décor? Kicking off the inaugural issue of ON is, um, on!



On Our Radar: We’ll whet your App-etite with hot tools for your tablet and smartphone, and introduce you to a play on the ubiquitous incandescent.


ON THE RECORD: We’re consummate collaborators and the makers of the brands we sell are some of the savviest inventors on earth.


On View: Starchitects make art, a lauded museum riffs on light, and some classic chairs get bad-boy treatment in our survey of four iconic exhibitions.


On Demand Metal: Whether you like your finish shiny, matt, or painted to perfection, we’ve mined the world of design to find some weighty wonders.


On Demand Wood: We’ve spotted a design obsession with deep roots; let us take you over the moon through a carefully curated copse of woods!


ON trend BLACK & WHITE: Where there is light, there must be shadow, and where these contrasts meet we’ve found one of the year’s most fashionable trends.


ON trend TEXTURE: Being smooth can be a flat proposition; not with one of 2013’s sexiest trends—take on texture and declare your rugged individualism!

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on impulse

We’re beaming (and proving lights, camera, action means a high-wattage pairing of fashion and fixtures that will rival any runway debut)!


On the horizon

We aim to leave you flying high with lofty design finds by a few of our Blogger’s Choice alum, a triad of smart new books and a Berlin hotel that will have you racing for a plane!

Cover Photographs by Rod Ruiz Styled by Anna Katsanis Fashion Director: Mary Lazin Makeup Artist: Lara DiPietro Hair Stylist: Danielle Callahan Set Producer: Osbaldo Gutierrez

Andreia Contreiras

at Q Model Management. Lighting fixture: LZF’s Spiro SG pendant designed by Remedios Simón. Fashion: dress by Diane Von Furstenberg, earrings and ring by Jhadley, ring by CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane, and headband by Colette Malouf.

On Our Radar

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App-etite Hungry for some bright new apps?

ABCs of LEDs: The Columbia Lighting LED product app has 360° rotatable product images, 360° panoramic views of application settings, product specification data, image galleries, training videos, and downloadable collateral. Find it in the iTunes store under the developer SPINE3D. Draw the Line: We have it on authority (straight from the architect’s mouth) that SketchBook Pro for iPad is an amazing vector/photo art sketchbook program. It’s better with a stylus but not bad without (either way, it’s WAY better than a napkin)! Type SketchBook Pro in iTunes to find it.

Light the Way: i3dOP is an app designed so anyone interested in lighting can quickly view the output of a light fixture in a fast, efficient, and visually realistic way. Given the coolness of graphs and charts it creates, it’s one of those rare moments we can say, “do try this at home”! Come on, be a CAD: cadTouch for iPhone R4 is touted as the most productive CAD solution on a touch device ever. Architects, engineers, designers and carpenters can draw floor plans with great precision, calculate areas and perimeters, and build complicated diagrams, then send drawings through email.

8 |

Down to the wire! We are certifiably tech-savvy at Global Lighting, and in our own defense our secret weapon is our ability to take European light fixtures and retrofit them for the North American market. Our know-how results in the all-important UL (Underwriters Laboratories) stamp of approval on the lighting we distribute, a mark assuring it is safely certified. Our tools of the trade include the nuts and bolts (and aircraft cable) used by our savvy staff to make the switch!

Squeeze Play Though this buxom bulb may look as rigid as its solid sisters, it’s far from it, as the Bulblight has a squishy constitution. The squeezable luminary was designed by Nacho Carbonell and brought to market by Holland-based Booo Studio in Eindhoven. We salute the collaborative group of design visionaries for their determination to bring avant-garde ideas to fruition Carbonell, a Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) alumnus, is one of the designers at which Booo lobbed the challenge to come up with a funky take on the lowly incandescent bulb, the exercise resulting in a mix of products meant for mass production and more experimental pieces being released in a limited edition.

Cable Still life: Rod Ruiz

Horn of Plenty: With iRhino 3D, you can pan, zoom and rotate with a tap or drag of your finger, and see your ideas in 3-D: how’s that for a dimensional segue? The app allows you to view native Rhino 3DM files on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Find it in iTunes by typing iRhino 3D into the search bar.

the surprisingly unexpected the unique

On The Record

See full collaborator profiles on






10 |

1. Sandro Tothill and Marivi Calvo have grown a thriving enterprise in Valencia, Spain, producing fixtures made of sustainable poplar veneer they tint with vegetable dyes and fashion into organically beautiful shapes. Their products range from the classically restrained styles of the Spiro to the alluring labyrinthine shapes of the Agatha Ball. The remarkable fluidity of fixtures like the Link Chain make their products perfect for building walls of light or vignettes in commercial settings. As new products are unveiled, LZF treats the releases the way clothing designers debut their collections, every tiny detail considered. “When we are working with designs for our products, I am not just thinking about the product itself but how it will be presented,” Marivi explains. This makes their motto, Wood touched by Light, highly apropo!

4. The Netherlands-based Jacco Maris produces handmade fixtures spanning stylistic notes from industrial chic to stunningly beautiful. To know Jacco is to understand the passion behind his brand and to recognize a visionary dedicated to the height of artistry. Jacco attended the Design Academy Eindhoven, a school that nurtures the talents of many of The Netherlands’ biggest design stars. Jacco’s first collection sprang from a client request to create a light fixture for a project he had designed. He gathered raw materials from forays to the scrapyard, creating what would become one of his early signatures: curvy steel. Jacco has never looked back, continually pushing the stylistic envelope. “I’m not trying to make a collection that fits together,” he says. “I am attempting to create a series of icons.”

2. Architectural sophistication rules in the finely crafted machine-made lighting produced by Grupo B.lux, a manufacturer based in the Basque Country of Spain. Proof is in the number of starchitects snapping up their fixtures or having them fabricate bespoke lighting for prominent projects around the globe; we will unabashedly name-drop a few—Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry ring a bell, right? David Abad has just joined the ranks of the company’s astute designers; and Harriet Ibarretxe, the second generation of the company’s leadership, currently heading up global sales, expects the Abad fixtures to be popular in North America, as he’s a genius at designing innovative fixtures for the T5 bulb. We salute B.lux for adding him to their list of visionary designers, including Miguel Ángel Ciganda, Mario Ruiz, Jorge Pensi and Miguel Herranz.

5. We welcome Sweden’s Zero to our collections. The family-owned company headed up by CEO Per Gill has tapped a long list of designers including superstars like Front Design and Karim Rashid. As much as 80% of Zero’s subcontractors are local, an environmentally sound practice the manufacturer takes great pride in. Professionals who spec fluorescent light sources for public spaces will be particularly interested in Zero’s fixtures. The aesthetic aspects of Zero’s products grow directly from the landscape— from the darkness of winter in the North Country, impenetrable when clouds obscure the moonlight and lessening as the shadows pass and the snow glistens from the hills and valleys, to the soft sheen of the Nordic summer light. Both provide ample inspiration for their designers.

3. Helsinki-based Secto Design brings storied Finnish traditions to light in their handcrafted products. The fixtures, designed by architect Seppo Koho, show his affinity for architectonic clarity. True to his credo that “light should softly invite people to come closer,” the illumination radiating through the clean lines of the birch slats composing each fixture delightfully beckons. Their products are cut and formed by hand, carrying on a legendary tradition set by iconic designers like Alvar Aalto. We also salute Secto for making their fixtures from Finnish PEFC Certified birch and for only choosing materials transported for short distances. These measures count when architects and designers specify fixtures for LEED projects.

global forces


On View

Let There Be Light!

Guggenheim rendering created by Andreas Tjeldflaat courtesy of the Guggenheim Museum, New York.

If it’s a groundbreaking exploration involving light, you can bet James Turrell’s name comes up. His site-specific creations have kept him on the cutting edge for decades. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum will stage the first exhibition of his work in a New York museum since 1980 from June through September 2013—one of the most dramatic transformations the museum has ever conceived, especially as the light interacts with Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic architecture.

Gallery Libby Sellers studio image Laurence Passera; Joshua Tree photo: Clarke & Reilly. Le Corbusier images courtesy Cassina, Miami. Calatrava images: Santiago Calatrava courtesy Marlborough Gallery, New York.

Sitting Not So Pretty! Bridging Architecture and Art

New York City’s Marlborough Gallery brings Spanish architect/ artist Santiago Calatrava to its roster with a debut exhibition in May 2014. Too long to wait? His work can also be seen at the Dallas Art Fair in April 2013 and Art Basel in Switzerland in June 2013. Known for his bridges, there is a graceful arcing quality to his footpaths reflected in some of his sculptures while other pieces are more classically architectonic than undulant. Look for 2014 exhibitions dates at

“Unabashedly romantic and tirelessly imaginative” is hardly the description one might expect for recycled furniture, but “8 Chairs” at London’s Gallery Libby Sellers, on view during March and April 2013, evokes just such a reaction. Brilliantly realized by London-based creative duo Clarke & Reilly, each iconic chair represents a specific character in the artists’ minds reimagined with period and ancient fabrics. Collaborating since 2005, they are currently based between London and Los Angeles, and have exhibited worldwide, most recently premiering in Hong Kong.

FROM A WELL-LIT GUGGENHEIM ANd an edgy expose in london TO CORB AT MoMA AND A STARCHITECT’S SCULPTURE AT MARLBOROUGH GALLERY, BE AN EXHIBITIONIST THIS YEAR BY TAKING IN ONE OR MORE OF THESE GREAT SHOWS The first comprehensive exhibition of Le Corbusier’s work to be staged by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York opens on June 5, 2013, and will remain on view through late September. “Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes” will include his work as an architect, interior designer, artist, city planner, writer and photographer. Major paintings and five reconstructed interiors will be included in the exhibition celebrating one of the founders of European Modernism, the largest ever produced in New York of his work.

Modernism Squared at MoMA

Talent SHow

Four Iconic exhibitions not to miss | 11

On Demand 1

Metal Telepathy Fluid moves like never before…




1. Wrap Star The Montone Oval becomes a beautiful bauble in any space; think of it as jewelry for a room. (Jacco Maris,, 914-591-0495)

6. Skirting the Issue

2. Play List Ingrid Donat’s “Table de Chevet Disque, 2007” has music in its bronze bones. (Barry Friedman, Ltd.;, 212-239-8600)

The Archiduchaise chair made of aluminum, in a limited edition of 18, has a flair for the dramatic. (Designed by Xavier Lust,



7. Color Codes

3. Panning for Gold

The PXL, designed by Fredrik Mattson, is primary perfection in painted aluminum. (Zero,, 914-591-0495)

The Cole stool glimmers indoors and out, a hot prospect for any loggia or living room. (Made Goods,

4. Blame It on Rio Texture is metal’s sculptural friend in the Rio Collection, made of recycled aluminum. (DuVerre,

8. Belt It Out!


5. Claim to Flame The brushed stainless steel sleekness of the Cubico DT fireplace croons,“Come on baby, light my fire!” (Safretti,

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12 |

The gracefulness of the Belt, made of Corten Steel, belies its strength and weather-worthiness. (B.lux,, 914-591-0495)


Art of the Steel Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu of architectural firm Oyler Wu Collaborative fabricated “Screenplay,” an installation on view at Industry Gallery in Los Angeles from March 19 through May 3, 2013. Their aim: to give the design process the opportunity to respond to the fabrication process. Here it must have exclaimed, “Morphed and magnificent!”

Image Aswoon’s New Wave Screens: Ken Cox/Kronus

On Demand 1 2

INTO THE WOODS DESIGN’S GROWING OBSESSION! 1. Bark with Bite Palomino Barkshin™ is an organic hand-pounded bark wallcovering you’ll dig for its roots. (Cava Company,

2. It’s a Fine Line


The 4201 pendant, designed by Seppo Koho, proves thin really is in! (Secto Design; globallighting. com, 914-591-0495)


3. Curves Ahead! Divide and conquer the boring straight edge with New Wave Line screens designed by Susan Woods. (Aswoon, 5

4. Don’t Sit This One Out! The Muirfield Bench in the Downtown Classics Collection won’t sideline your style. (Downtown,

5. Year of the lantern



6. A Pattern Language

The Chou, designed by Yonoh, was created in the spirit of the quintessential Chinese lantern. (LZF Lamps;, 914-591-0495)

The Sogni curtain tieback in straw marquetry is a classically beautiful way to show off an iconic Parisian artform. (Passementerie d’Art,

7. Box It Up! Studio Nendo designed the Nendo Collection, made of larch wood, to bring the peace of the great outdoors to your bath. (Bisazza Bagno,


8. Too Hip to Be Square The Piet table, designed by Hugo Passos, was inspired by Piet Mondrian’s paintings; it’s one in a colorful puzzle of tables you mix and match. (MOST, | 13


Jason Wu: Jayme Thornton

O’Hare & D’Jafer Baroque Leaf leather wall screen,

Jason Wu’s ivory polka-dot silk jacquard halter top and black peplum pants from his Fall 2013 collection,

Vico Magistretti’s Nuvola Rossa shelf for Cassina in white lacquer,

The “Untilted” chair by Hudson Furniture, a prototype;

Zero Lighting’s W-In fixture by Wingårdhs Architects,

The Cone Clock by George Nelson for Vitra,

Jean Paul Gaultier Maschio et Femina fabric floor lamps for Roche Bobois,

Iris ceramic tile by Marcel Wanders for Ceramica Bardelli,

Makayla nesting coffee tables in black and white resin at Made Goods,

Places plates by Sanserif Creatius, finalists for Spain’s National Crafts Awards,

Opposites attract

“New York”; image hand lithographed on Thassos marble in Peggy Wong’s pw.travelogue urban series for Clé (limited edition),

In this year’s black & white craze, there are no shades of grey... 14 |

On trend The Ode 1647 Wall fixture is made of braided copper with textured velveteen shades;, 914-591-0495 The Fufu stool with a hand-carved wood base and pouf of Mongolian sheepskin in six colors; NOA Living,

The Maracatu hanging cabinet covered in leather tassels was designed by the Campana Brothers for Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection,

Artist Benoit Peleran’s crystallized animal skull sculpture available at Nest,

Kelly Wearstler’s Serpent rug is made in Katmandu of the highest quality hand-knotted Tibetan wool, The Rug Company,

The cleverly patterned wall in the Marquee nightclub in New York City, designed by Josh Held Design and fabricated by R.N.D. Studio, is fashioned from recycled belts;

This cropped metallic leather bomber jacket hit the runway in February as one of fall’s big trends; Burberry Prorsum,

Textural sophistication in a faux shagreen console table with an anthracite finish and silver base; Jonathan Charles,

Cufflink cabinet pulls inset with shagreen come in 14K gold or polished nickel and in three sizes; Niba Home,

Covered in a crocodile-stamped leather, the Dane wing chair from Hancock & Moore,

Rough it up


Illuminating Zero’s Loom pendant designed by Benjamin Hubert, dress by AKRIS, and earrings, necklace, rings and bracelet by CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane.

On Impulse We’ve paired our favorite fixtures with fashion finds for an enlightening look at style… Photographs by Rod Ruiz Styled by Anna Katsanis

Arresting The Secto DESIGN Octo 4240, Puncto 4203 and 4201 pendants designed by Seppo Koho; skirt and jacket by Marc Jacobs, tee shirt by Topshop, and vintage Chanel CC dangling earrings available exclusively at

Daring LZF’s Spiro SG pendant designed by Remedios Simón; dress by Diane Von Furstenberg, earrings and ring by Jhadley, ring by CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane, and headband by Colette Malouf.

Touching The Ode 1647 designed by Jacco Maris, dress by David Meister, and earrings by Laruicci.

Musing The B.lux Tree pendant designed by Werner Aisslinger; vintage Gianni Versace medusa earrings available exclusively at, cuffs and ring by Laruicci, and dress by Karen Millen.

Fashion Director: Mary Lazin Photographer: Rod Ruiz Fashion Stylist: Anna Katsanis Model: Andreia Contreiras/Q Model Management Makeup Artist: Lara DiPietro Hair Stylist: Danielle Callahan Set Producer: Osbaldo Gutierrez

On The horizon

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Dutch Treat

Hotel am Steinplatz in Berlin reopens after an extensive renovation; the historic icon, in Marriott’s Autograph Collection, celebrates its 100th year. We spied the festive Ruban Plié Oval by Jacco Maris styling overhead!

Our Blogger’s Choice Alums Are Gallivanting to Bring Design to Light...

Book It! Trendsetting Ideas

Richard Rabel tapped Spain for this stacked geometric “Trenza” silver centerpiece by Juan and Paloma Garrido, inspired by Cubism, in an edition of eight. While silver’s luster may have begun to tarnish with recent generations these siblings are on track to resuscitate the art form. The Garridos have been exhibited at Asprey in London, Herve van de Straeten in Paris, Madrid’s National Museum of Decorative Arts, and New York’s Museum of Arts and Design.

22 |

A playful and practical quartet of Puppet Pillows from Gus* Modern caught the eye of Kathy Sandler. Silk-screened on cotton, the shadow puppet images offer a touch of childlike humor without being the least childish. Sold as a set in either 20” x 20” or 20” x 10,” they are perfect for layering, and the black and white graphic suits any design scheme. They can also pull double duty as a guide to showing off your shadow skills!

Great design can be found in unexpected places. Covering Messe Frankfurt’s Ambiente fair, Carmen Natchske discovered a bathroom vignette in an exhibition honoring Ambiente’s partner, France, and curated by Olivia Putman, daughter of design’s grande dame, the late Andree Putman. She was especially mesmerized by Studio Putman’s bathtub, its whimsical bubble legs sitting gracefully upon a shimmering silver Bisazza mosaic rug. This was a design still life but meant to be lived in and enjoyed on all levels – aesthetic, functional and visceral.

Her day job at The Antiques Diva® & Co has Toma Haines leading buying tours across Europe. But a girl cannot live on antiques alone. Enter Roche Bobois’ modernista Astrolab dining table. Set on sleek aluminum legs, the glass top reveals Swiss watchmaker-inspired mechanisms. Pick up the battery-operated remote control and watch the gears churn, extending the table. Now juxtapose this futuristic piece with vintage chairs and a fabulous chandelier from Global Lighting and who cares what you serve at your dinner party?

Stripes: Design Between the Lines by Linda O’Keeffe, published by The Monacelli Press, explores the lineage of lines as they shape culture, art and style.

Make Mine Modern Long Island Modernism 1930-1980 by Caroline Rob Zaleski, published by W.W. Norton & Company, stunningly illustrates how modernism is alive and well on Long Island.

Classic Style Magni Modernism, published by Abrams in 2013, is a lush journey of James Magni’s storied 25year design career.


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A fashion-for-lighting themed magazine, and lookbook showcasing luxury lighting fixtures by top international manufacturers represented excl...

ON Magazine  

A fashion-for-lighting themed magazine, and lookbook showcasing luxury lighting fixtures by top international manufacturers represented excl...