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IT Training: Bridging the Skill Gap in 2019 While a few decades back, it was assumed that higher the qualification, higher is the chance of tech professionals to reach the peak of success, today the scenario has completely transformed. In the 21st Century, the employability rate is been measured by the number of Technical Skills a candidate or working professionals possess. In this regard, apart from the range of Governments’ initiatives under its Skill India Campaigns, numerous IT Training services offered by private establishments are playing a pivotal role in bridging the skill gap existing in the working professionals as well as fresh graduates. This write-up will give you an overview of different aspects related with the necessity and importance of IT Training.

Evolving Industry Demands All set to emerge as the third-largest economy of the world by 2030, India is marching towards many development plans in near future, making it obvious for all the industries to adapt with the developments and operate accordingly. And as Information Technology is an industry that is been highly impacted by industrial globalization and development, the higher authorities of the IT sector put substantial stress on giving preference to those professionals more, who have attained one or other IT Courses and are equipped with ample IT Technical Skills as per industry standard. The below points would better justify the statement. 1. The Global Competitiveness Report 2017–2018 published by the World Economic Forum highlights that with India becoming the center for innovation, there is a great scope for attaining potential economic and societal benefits by intensifying the preparedness of the people and first in adopting and comprehending new technology. 2. It is proven that professionals, who opt for IT Training and keep on updating themselves, get access to better career prospects. In a recent interview given by Zairus Master, the CEO of a leading job portal, he pinpointed,“ The rules for future workforce are changing like never before and it will be a smart decision, for the professionals and job seekers to learn fast and unlearn even faster.” 3. On the flipside, the staggering fact that 90% college students in India are not job-ready, makes it clear that it is the high time for the graduates to face the reality and brace themselves to be able to work from day one at their respective workplaces demonstrating how much technologically skilled they are and focus on bridging the skill gap.

Necessity of Training Employees & Students With tremendous automation and technological advancements taking over traditional jobs, the fact that no robot or technology can replace a human being is equally true. But human beings also to hold a grip of their careers are needed to update themselves and attain enough knowledge about technologies, instead of staying stagnant with outdated skills. 

As per Deloitte Insights survey recently 84% organizations said that they were increasing their investment in reskilling programs, with 53% stating they would increase this budget by 6 percent or more. In respect to students as well, the job market is quite competitive. Rapid developments in IT sector shall stimulate companies to hire up to 2.5 to 3 million more workers by 2025, with the condition that they can earn the skills requisite to meet the changing needs, as per the report published by Wheebox. In this situation, is even a college degree enough for them? The answer is of course no! If a graduate aspires to stand out in the placement drives and interviews, they should add essential skills and certifications in their resume.

The Global Scenario 

On the Global context, it has been found that 70% of IT decision-makers asserted, their teams face a scarcity of required skills. However, the good news is IT professionals are taking action regarding it, enabling the training rate of IT professionals to rise to 88% (highest number in the last 11 years). According to the study conducted by Global Knowledge, 70% IT professionals who didn’t train in 2017 were more likely to dissatisfy in their job and 69% of them were found to be looking out for employment elsewhere, owing to their dissatisfaction. The findings also suggested that in terms of company benefits, more than 50% IT-decision makers said that certified personnel were able to render an annual economic benefit that exceeds $10,000 and 27% opined its $20,000 or more.

The Significant Role of IT Training in India Since a long time now, IT and ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) sector of India has been performing exponentially as a consistent growth driver of the country’s economy. 

Reports claim, that India’s IT and ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) have grown to US$ 181 billion in 2018-19 and the IT industry is expected to grow to US$ 350 billion by 2025. For this, Nasscom has launched an online platform which is aimed at up-skilling over 2 million technology professionals and skilling 2 million potential employees and students.

Further, considering the Governments’ effort is not enough to meet the expectation for skilled IT professionals, few of the IT Training organizations are demonstrating exemplary excellence through offering a range of new-age technology- related programs that too providing the feasibility of obtaining training anywhere and anytime.

Companies are also acting proactively by keeping aside an amount from their annual budget targeting to skilling and re-skilling their employees which in turn will help in improving the employee’s performance and productivity. Apparently, Wipro took initiative and launched Newton’s Cradle- aiming to identify skill gaps in middle management and help them upgrade. On the other hand, TCS has trained over 210,000 trainees through internal programs.

The Way Forward The future is extremely bright and promising for tech enthusiasts who understand the potentialities and value an IT course carries. Emerging technology is going to dominate the world and to thrive or survive in this dynamic environment, the professionals are required to synchronize with the change and developments, which IT Training is making possible to a great extent. A comprehensive and quality training is capable of rendering essential transferrable skills to the individuals, giving them the edge they wish in their respective careers.

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IT Training: Bridging the Skill Gap in 2019  

With more professionals taking IT Training sincerely, the Skill Gap in the current and future workforce is considerably decreasing.

IT Training: Bridging the Skill Gap in 2019  

With more professionals taking IT Training sincerely, the Skill Gap in the current and future workforce is considerably decreasing.