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Desert Casino ’09: A “Prom’onition” of Greatness Have a great summer — The ASD Journalism Team!

Ladies and gentlemen, many “wagered” that this year’s prom was going to be the highlight of ASD’s event calendar which, indeed, it was. Our dazzling “Desert Palms Casino” night took place on Friday, May 15, at the luxurious Intercontinental hotel. Dozens of beautiful Grecian goddesses and handsome young men were heralded into the expansive Wajba Ballroom at 7:30 pm, where they dined like royalty. The food was comprised of a variety of mouthwatering buffet courses, followed by heavenly desserts and an assortment of refreshing cold beverages. After this tantalizing meal, our “royal guests” enjoyed a night of dancing to 2009’s hot-

test beats, played by the eve- Hummers! Highschoolers, did you miss your chance to travel in ning’s DJ. style? Well, make sure you don’t During a lull in the musical en- miss it again! If you’re interested tertainment, Mr. Sage took the in travelling like royalty you can opportunity to announce the contact one of the following eclectic 2009 Prom “Royal fam- agencies: Doha Limousine, Al ily.” The casted votes coupled Watan Limousine, Mustafawi Abdullah el Julaifi and Brooke Limousine, Qatar Limousine, Bullock as Prom prince and prin- Elite Limousine or merely concess and David Isaacs and Aseel tract Qatar’s national informaAbu-Dayya as Prom king and tion number 180. queen. With a nice twist, “Her Royal Highness” Aseel relin- Thanks to the hard work of the quished her dance with David to Senior Committee and the PTA, his girlfriend, who gladly danced ASD’s guests and their dates with her “king.” were given a night of lavish surroundings and wonderful pictoMany Prom guests arrived in rial “winnings.” impressive limousines that ranged from deluxe Lincoln -Soukaina Rachidi Town Cars to 22-seater H2



School The IB Program at ASD  According  to  the  ASD  website,  one  of  our  school’s  goals  is  to  “diversify  and  expand  the  cur‐ riculum.”  Amongst  the  action  steps  to  reach  this  goal,  is  the  new  incorporation  of  the  IB  Diploma program into the ASD  high school.   Furthermore, this  new addition to the curriculum  was  recently  confirmed  when  the  freshmen  and  sophomores  were  given  the  option  to  in‐ clude  IB  classes  into  their  schedules for 2009‐10.    This  inclusion  of  the  IB  Pro‐ gram  into  the  American  Di‐ ploma came as quite a shock to  some  students.  Many  did  not  understand  the  difference  be‐ tween  the  two  systems,  and  which    system  would  benefit  them.     The  IB  Diploma  –  The  Interna‐ tional  Baccalaureate  –  system  is  extremely  well  regarded  in‐

ternationally. Students  follow‐ ing this intensive two year cur‐ riculum  can  be  taught  in  Eng‐ lish,  French,  or  Spanish,  de‐ pending  on  the  school  they  plan  to  attend.  This  means  the  courses  are  extremely  diverse  as  they  were  established  to  be  taught  in  multiple  countries  internationally.  Altogether,  the  I.B  is  taught  in  134  countries  around the world.     In  the  IB  curriculum,  it  is  re‐ quired  for  students  to  take  six  subjects which are chosen from  six  categories:  Language,  Sec‐ ond  Language,  Individuals  and  Societies,  Experimental  Sci‐ ences,  Mathematics,  Arts  and  Electives. These categories may  seem a bit more extensive than  those  that  the  American  Di‐ ploma  provides,  and  students  will  gain  a  deeper  knowledge  from each course covering two  years. 

In addition to new courses and  structure,  the  IB  Diploma  also  requires  that  students  take  a  Theory  of  Knowledge  course  (TOK),  complete  a  4000‐word  extended  essay  (EE),  and  do  150 hours in Creativity, Action,  and Service (CAS) areas. These  requirements  will,  hopefully,  be  successful  in  pushing  ASD  students  to  their  limits  and  to  try  dabble  in  new  situations.  Through  CAS,  ASD  will  be  able  to  continue  to  promote  its  ideas of service to the world.     Another  option  that  ASD  has  willingly  taken  on  is  the  incor‐ poration of I.B subjects into the  American Diploma system. Stu‐ dents can take the IB courses ‐  while  also  taking  the  US  cur‐ riculum  if  that  they  wish  and  receive certified credit from IB.  This is highly regarded on their  transcript  by  many  colleges  around  the  world.    With  this 



School The IB Program at ASD cont’d option,  students  can  experi‐ ment  with  different  subjects  earlier  on  to  later  define  what  they would like to focus on and  pursue  at  higher  levels  in  the  future.     As a result of the intro‐ duction  of  the  IB,  many  of  ASD’s  returning  students  and  parents  are  left  wondering  which  system  is  better  for  the  student,.  There  is  no  definite  answer. It is known that the IB  courses  are  at  a  higher  level,  and  are  more  intense  than  the  average class in the US system.  They  are,  in  fact,  equivalent  to  the  AP  courses  our  school  cur‐ rently  provides.  Colleges  usu‐ ally  regard  AP  and  IB  courses  at the same level. Both courses  provide  proof  that  a  student  is  searching  for  a  higher  level  of  education  and  want  to  chal‐ lenge and extend their ability.    The  main  difference  between the IB and AP courses  is  that  the  APs  are  focused  solely  on  one  exam  at  the  end  of  the  course,  and  that  is  defi‐

nite outcome,  whereas  the  IB  that  it  has  provided  them  with  courses are graded throughout  that  extra  something  when  being  considered  for  colleges.  They  also  help  with  students’  performance  while  attending  these colleges.     On the whole, ASD has  succeeded,  once  again,  in  changing  and  improving  the  school for the better. It is quite  clear  that  the  option  of  the  IB  curriculum,  combined  with  the  current  American  Diploma,  is  going to benefit the students in  the  course  combined  with  the  more  ways  than  one.  Students  grades  of  the  students’  exami‐ of  ASD  2010,  get  ready  for  an  nations.  AP  courses  only  take  opportunity  to  extend  your  one year to complete, whilst IB  knowledge  in  ways  that  you  courses    take  two.  IB  courses  can’t yet imagine.    provide  a  two  year  learning  ‐ Antonia Webb  experience  of  the  one  subject.  Students  therefore  can  focus  and  learn  at  more  thorough  level  by  infusing  these  courses  into their transcripts.     Students  who  have  previously  completed  the  IB  diploma,  or  have  received  IB  certificates  for  individual  courses,  are  not  shy  to  state 

Total Schools Providing the IB Curriculum Africa/ Europe/ Middle East




Latin America


North America & the Caribbean




Feature Swine Flu: Detrimental or Delusional? Swine flu could potentially result in the death of millions worldwide. At a time where overpopulation, diseases, and poor health care are a threat, the problem is clear. Swine flu, or the H1N1 virus, is currently plaguing newscasts everywhere as the cases infected and the seriousness gradually increases. How does this affect us here in Doha? With virtually no pigs in sight and a considerably warm climate, many of us believe to be miles from the problem. However, we cannot feel safe just yet. The summer approaches and many of us will return to our homes where we must take precautions to stay safe from this potentially deadly virus. Swine flu has been rumored to have originated in Mexico through a series of sick pigs. Nevertheless, many rumors are yet to be justified as officials from The World Health Organization (WHO) have stated that it is difficult to specifically detect how the original infected strain developed. Margaret Chan, senior health official of WHO has stated in a current press conference that cases were first detected in Mexico followed by an infected strain in America and another in Europe. Dr.Chan went on to state that there is yet to be confirmation about just what causes cases in Mexico to be particularly harsher than those found in the more developed nations. It is thought that, due to the lack of

health care in Mexico and the extensive use of home treatments and self-prescribed antibiotics, the cases would evidently be more serious. If this thought turns out to be correct, then we will be much more at ease here in Doha. We cannot rest just yet, however. The Swine flu is currently at a level five on the pandemic scale—just one level from a full-blown pandemic. Level five is defined by WHO as a virus with a large number of people infected by the virus, but the virus is still localized. However, although we are hearing of the influenza dying down, officials are still on the edge of their seats. A particularly similar flu pandemic that occurred in 1928 had detrimental effects on society. At first, this flu began to spread out in the spring and died down during the summer season. Then, when fall came, the effects were unbelievable. The cold climate gave the influenza the perfect weather to spread. Up to 20,000,000 people were infected and many died! Yet, looking back at this pandemic, doctors and health officials realize that the greater number of people actually died from pneumonia triggered by the virus and from not the flu itself. This has also backed up the thought that the prime issue will be tackling the flu in underdeveloped areas, such as Africa. Further, swine flu poses a

large threat to society due to its similarity to the common flu. The symptoms are much the same, except that the symptoms caused by swine flu are much more severe. Additionally, there is no vaccination to prevent this flu. Without a vaccination, this flu could possibly spread worldwide! There is, however, “Tamiflu.� Tamiflu is the current medicine prescribed to those infected with H1N1, and it seems to work quite well. However, people in distress are stocking up efficiently on these tablets without realizing that those most susceptible are more in need of it. Development of a vaccination is currently under way, but it probably will not be ready for use before fall. Can we dodge the flu until then? It is true that pork is an illegal commodity here in Doha and that we are far from witnessing any contamination from pigs. however, that does not prevent us from the threat. Officials have stated that cooked pork does not pose any threat whatsoever as the heat kills the influenza. Therefore, staying away from pork does not do us any good in this situation. The real problem facing us in Doha is travel. Living in an era of globalization, millions travel each day from nation to nation. In other words, if



Feature someone travelling to Doha has the swine flu, we could all be in danger. Obviously, officials have realized that this threat exists and therefore have installed “thermo graphic” machines all over airports. Upon entering a country, you will walk through a machine which tests your body temperature. If you have a fever you will immediately be tested. With this in mind, we can see why summer travelers are not at risk just yet. However, nothing can be certain as the issue keeps evolving. Nevertheless, you are advised to stay away from extremely densely populated areas—and from Mexico, where the flu is the most prevalent and severe. With all these facts and observations, we can see why the flu affects us as students here in Doha. However, is this a global crisis or just a widespread overreaction? The

SATs were cancelled May 2nd at Qatar Foundation, leaving many of us frustrated and confused. Being in a crowded space for three and a half hours is not the best idea at such a time. On the other hand, if most teens in the states were permitted to take the exam, wasn’t it a bit of an overreaction by the Qatar foundation to cancel our SATs here when no reported cases have been found in Doha? When dealing with this issue we should not panic. Only a few people outside Mexico have died and they have been

triggering other diseases such as pneumonia. Also, up to half a million people per year die from the common flu compared to the smaller number of people currently infected. With swine flu furthermore, haven’t we heard this before? Bird flu, SARS, and even AIDS! Simple hygiene can go a long way. Sneeze into the inside of your elbow, not your hands because it reduces germs. We cannot stress and put our lives on hold once again. We must wait to see what happens next.

http:// files/2009/04/ swine_flu_pig.jpg

-Natasha Turk

http:// www.markt blog/wpcontent/ uploads/2009/ 05/ swine_flu_i _5_sign.jpg

http:// shaila11.files.wordpress.c om/2009/04/swine-flusymptoms.jpg

UPDATE: swine flu cases have recently been reported to have sprung up in Kuwait, Bahrain, and the UAE! Keep your ears open for more news on this issue!




A New Virtual Generation

Social networking websites have become one of the most popular ways to communicate with one’s childhood friends, classmates, and family members. Today, one of the most popular networking websites is Facebook. This phenomenon of the twenty first century allows one to search for their classmates, colleagues, and family members through various categories in the program, such as educational institutes and countries. At the start, it was only adult’s who were active on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerburg, a student at Harvard University, established Facebook, project for his computer science class. After that he opened it up to Harvard College students and then to the whole world, making it a worldwide phenomenon.

affects. Some Facebook users have crossed the line… these people are known as “Facebook addicts”. To some people, Facebook is a helpful way to communicate with longtime friends and family. To others it is a way of life; Facebook has become their addiction. Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) is not an actual diagnosis, however many people all over the world suffer from it. Some of the symptoms include being late to important events, work, and school. Another symptom is when one is constantly thinking about Facebook, and access it from their mobile phone, no matter where they might be.

Today all over the world these are two hundred million users, and five hundred and six students on the American School of Doha network. A network is a hub that groups together everyone who attended the same school, college, or any other educational institution. In addition, it con- Countless problems have ocnects people who may be living curred due to the fact that people are using Facebook. An incident in the same country or city. that happened this year in AmerDue to its immense size, Face- ica was that a mother was nebook has headquarters in Massa- glecting her nine-year-old daughchusetts, California, and Ireland. ter since she was too busy on Each main hub or headquarter Facebook. Not only are parents being the operator of the regions neglecting their children, but also children are neglecting their surrounding them. studies. Facebook has become a However, now people of all ages way to pass time; this when stuare using this website. Despite all dents do not wish to study they of the positive features, Face- log on to their Facebook account. book can have many negative

When young adults and children are using Facebook to pass their free time, this means that they are not being psychically active. Children are not getting the essentials of life such as spending time with their friends socializing and playing with them in person. Instead they are communicating online through Facebook. Psychologists have come up with steps for those Facebook addicts in order to stop them from accessing Facebook as much. First, the Facebook addicts must admit that he or she is, indeed, a Facebook addict. Second, they should keep a diary about how much time they spend on Facebook each day. Third, they should set a time everyday to access Facebook, and each day spend less time. Finally, the Facebook addicts must change their train of thought when thinking of Facebook, and instead think of their real social life. Facebook has brought some people distress and often has ruined their real social lives. It has also brought others pleasure and a sense of connection with their friends and family. In life there will always be those people who use things with moderation and others who abuse it and cross the line. Facebook will remain the easier way to communicate until another social networking website steals its thunder. - Reem Al-Sulati



Feature A Brand New Tweet! First there was Myspace, then there was Facebook. It appears that the next big social networking site is going to be Twitter. Rather than providing more features than the past networking giants, Twitter sticks with the time-tested formula of less-is-more. While Myspace and Facebook scramble to provide new applications and gimmicks to draw in new users and keep old users coming back, Twitter keeps it simple. All someone needs to become a member on Twitter is a name, an email address, a user-created screen name (to identify between different individuals registered on the site), and a password to access their own account. Like Myspace and Facebook, Twitter provides the option of adding friends and allowing users to upload and share photos, through the Twit-Pic utility. However, a feature of Twitter that the others do not have is the option to become a “follower” of another user. If you become a follower of another user you will be notified any time he or she updates her status on the site. The main focus of Twitter, however, is the tweet function. A tweet is a short (140 character) message by someone about anything. You could post about plans for the night or about any event that has just happened. It is up to the poster to decide who gets to see their tweets -- anywhere from one or two people on a

friend list, to everyone in the world! Not surprisingly, Twitter, being the next “in” thing, is very popular among teens and college students. What is truly surprising, though, is that 42% of users are between the ages of 35 and 49. Twitter’s success may lie in the fact that it is permeating a generally untapped market share for networking sites. Though still only the third largest networking site (behind Facebook and Myspace, ranked first and second, respectively) Twitter is, by far, the fastest growing. According to Nielsen Wire, from February 2008 to February 2009 Facebook grew by 228%, while Twitter grew by 1382% -- thats 5 times more growth than Facebook. The Nielsen site also has estimated that Twitter gets approximately 55 million visits a month. Created in 2006, Twitter has quickly become a tool that many rely on. The site has a very broad range of users, from teenagers to celebrities and even politicians. Younger users mostly use Twitter to make plans or to gossip, and celebrities have capitalized on this. Like anything that is new and trendy, by joining the site and posting to their followers every few hours about what they’re doing and what other celebrities they are with. However, we really start to see the versatility of Twitter when we think about who else uses it.

During his campaign, President Barack Obama famously posted updates about every detail of his side of the presidential race. Even now, post-inauguration, he still updates his followers on the events happening in the white house and important dates for his upcoming speeches or public appearances. The Red Cross has also began using Twitter. They post tweets about natural disasters and any crises occurring around the world. Similarly, during the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, people unfortunate enough to be stuck inside the building during the incident updated the world via Twitter. No one can be sure, yet, whether Twitter is just another passing, fleeting, fad, or if it is something - a tool perhaps that is here to stay as a new form of connectivity and communication. As long as people continue joining the network at the same rate and continue to rely on Twitter to keep themselves updated, it is doubtful that we will see the end of the ubiquitous tweets any time soon. -Reece Laudick




Feature The Twilight Epidemic Twilight Statistics The popular entertainment website Fandago has conducted a survey of more than 5,000 Twilight fans and released statistics concerning the movie. Here are a few of the results from their poll. • 83% plan on seeing “Twilight” more than once • 56% plan on seeing the movie with a group of friends •

42% are 25 or older

• 58% are younger than 25 • 25% claim they will see “Twilight” with their moms or daughters • 67% say they are attracted to “Twilight” because of the love story between Edward and Bella

Twilight, a passionate love story with an edge, is the latest New York Times International Best Seller, written by a Stephenie Meyer. The Twilight phenomenon has taken over the world; the book has been translated into over 20 different languages and is sold in dozens of countries all around the world. In her novels, Stephenie Meyer has taken a sentient creature, the vampire, from old, dark folklore and added a new shine to it, both figuratively and physically – Meyer’s version of the creature actually sparkles when exposed to sunlight.

its own has been honored as USA Today’s Best Selling Book of 2008. It also topped many of The American Library Association’s Top Ten lists. The novel has been turned into a movie of the same name, which was released to the cinemas last November. The second book in the series, New Moon, is currently being translated to the big screen and will premiere this November.

With an audience ranging from teenage girls to middle-aged housewives, Meyer has revealed her great ability to draw her audience in, with all of these women falling head over heals for the heroic, handsome Edward Cullen. The romantic vampire in Meyer’s saga falls in love with a mortal, Bella Swan, an insecure, clumsy teenage girl. Unfortunately for them both, Edward is not only drawn to Bella romantically but also physically, as he dangerously lusts for her blood through the saga. Twilight and its sequels New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, document the ups and downs of Bella and Edwards relationship. Three out of four of the books have topped the New York Times Best Seller List, while Twilight on

mous Stephen King, have criticized Meyer’s writing. Many believe the only reason the novels are popular is because female readers can empathize with Bella, an ordinary, shy, insecure teenage girl who falls in love with Edward, who is the opposite of ordinary. Critics claim that the series can be compared to the fairytales young girls are exposed to when they are little, concerning handsome princes rescuing damsels in distress. They also claim that Meyer is making women look weak and fragile. Throughout the books Edward rescues Bella repeatedly, portraying Edward as a gallant prince instead of the bloodthirsty vampire that he is. Meyer’s diction is not what one would call erudite or impressive. At times, the reader wonders if the author is relying on a thesaurus for the many ways she describes Edward Cullen. On the other hand, the plot, tone, mood, characters and other aspects of the novels are incredible.

The Twilight phenomenon has even struck our tiny, somewhat isolated home of Qatar. Bookstores all across the nation sold out of the novels, and ASD’s library also ran out of the books, leaving many vampire crazed girls scrambling to sign a waiting list for their chance to continue on the journey with the popular characters. Many critics, including the fa-

Disregarding Meyer’s structure and syntax, the story of Bella and Edward’s love will draw the reader in like few other stories will. So go ahead, sink your teeth into this more modern, edgy tale of a Romeo-and-Juliet-esque love story.

- Lene Adolfsen



Feature To Corrupt or To Coin? Is instant messaging corrupting The negative affects are obvious. or should we adopt it into our Students receive poor grades because their essays and papers are language? beginning to appear substandard. Imagine a loud “RING!”, coming This is because the teachers are from a laptop computer. If you having to mark down for bad are and adult, you would probably grammar, poor punctuation, and get a perplexed look on your face improper abbreviations. and wonder, “Was that the comGlobally, teachers are complainputer?” ing that papers are being written Of course, any student will recog- with shortened words, improper nize it as the familiar ring from capitalization and punctuation. their Instant Messaging program There are also complaints about telling them that they have a mes- the use of characters such as “&”, “$”, “@”, “w/”. sage. Instant Messaging, or “IMing”, has become an increasingly popular side affect of technology becoming ever more prevalent. Where the adults of today are confused and perplexed with the mysteries of new technology, the youth are at home and comfortable with it. “Chatting” on Instant Messengers such as AOL or MSN, has increased so much, that today’s youth from all corners of the globe are using it to stay in touch, chat, and meet new people. Harmless right? Not according to the vast majority of English teachers. They will almost all agree that they can detect traces of IM “lingo” and jargon in the vast majority of their students’ writing. Students writing “lyk” instead of like, “Ltr” instead of later, “cuz” instead of “because”, and “w/” instead of “with” are just a few example of bad writing and spelling habits that stand out in teachers minds and in red ink on your papers.

dents move on from school, when they have to write something for a job interview, or perhaps an email to their boss, they could find themselves in some real trouble. In many schools, especially here at ASD, Instant Messaging poses a major threat to students who do not speak English as a first language. These students talk to their friends online and in “chat” form, and in this way begin to form bad habits in their writing. Unlike students who were raised with English writing, international students do not even realize they are wrong. Of course, there is another side to this topic. There are many linguists who feel that this is all part of a change in language. In previous times, language developed with the time, the culture, and the surroundings. It is a quite commonly accepted theory that this jargon, could one day slowly morph onto a new proper form of written English.

The biggest problem for students is that, because they are totally immersed in an almost “ I.M culture”, they don’t even realize that they are doing anything wrong. Students log on to their Instant Messenger at all hours of the day. Most of their time then, they are using a colloquial and slang form of writing. So when the time comes to write an essay, they have no clue that what they are writing is inappropriate and nowhere near formal written English. Even after stu-

I leave it up to you: Is Instant Messaging destroying the English language and corrupting the writing of today’s youth? Is it a slow but sure change in the language? Or is it both?

Lol- laugh out loud Rofl- roll on the floor laughing Jk - Just Kidding Lollerskateslaugh out loud (skates added) Roflcopter- roll on the floor laughing (helicopter added) Tyt- take your time Brb- be right back Omg- oh my god/ gosh Wb- welcome back Idk- I don’t know Ttyl - Talk to you later Ily - I Love You

- Luke Arriaga



Feature Cell Phones: Worth the Cash? Cell Phone Rules and Regulations within School • Cell phones are not allowed to be used in class unless special permission is taken from the teachers. • Cell phones are allowed to be used between classes. • According to the rules of the high school library, cell phones may not be used at any time within the library. • If a cell phone rings in class, the teacher has the right to take away the cell phone; therefore it is the responsibility of the student to put his/her phone on silent. • A teacher may keep a student’s cell phone for any amount of time that the teacher finds appropriate.

You’re sitting in class on a Thursday afternoon, completely ignoring the fact that your teacher is in the front giving you a lesson about cosine graphs and the behavior of light after it bounces off of a convex mirror. Instead of paying attention to this valuable lesson, you are on your phone, texting back and forth with your friends, and discussing what you will do that night or after school. As many teens put it: “Having a cell phone is mandatory if you want to have a life.”

This leads us to the very first problem with teen owned cell phones: Price. The social bar has been set at a bare minimum of a phone with at least a twomegapixel camera, a music player, and a light. This of course

As you may or may not have noticed, almost every student in the ASD High School owns a cell phone. As a matter of fact, four out of five seniors have a spare cell phone at home. (I myself have three cell phones that I use alternatively depending on battery charge). Nine out of ten ASD High School is not a worldwide thing. It is students own their own cell actually only seen to this extent in the oil rich GCC countries. The phone. average price for the phone of an The first and most popular reason average American teen is about for students to own a cell phone is $40, while the average price for definitely the multiple ways that the phone of an average teen livthese devices allow for friends to ing here in the GCC is about stay in touch. Whether communi- $150. $150 gets an average cating with people live next door, phone, normally with a 2.3-3.0 or oceans apart, the conveniences megapixel camera, and not many of owning a cell phone can keep extra functions. An excellent, people connected. Newer, 3-G high end phone such as the Nokia enabled phones allow video call- N95, N85, E66, 8800 and the ing and video conferencing. Al- Sony Ericsson W585, P990i, though such functions are not W980, and the K880i could cost frequently used, they do add to the consumer anywhere from the overall “glamour” and value $300 to $900. of the phone. The basic functions used by teens would be the “call Although this kind of money may dial”, the “calls receive”, and the be easy for many here to afford, text functions. There are no other there are also a lot of people who would have a difficult time to vital functions. afford that much. This may even

cause problems and arguments within the family in which the teen, due to peer pressure, may want a phone with a fivemegapixel camera. The parents will definitely think the situation through before taking five hundred dollars out of their accounts. It may be even harder to take this money out knowing that the phone that is about to be purchased could get lost or get stolen. This is not the only down-side of owning a phone. As a matter of fact, buying the phone is only the first problem. The cell phone, of course, is like a horrible bank. It’s like a bank, because people put a lot of money into it. It is a “horrible” bank because you may have completely wasted this money, and thrown it down the drain. You may also have invested it well. To careless teens, the spending being done on “Hala” cards and other Qtel offers may seem routine, but to many parents the average amount of spending on cell phones seems unreasonable. Qtel requires that a 30 riyal Hala card be bought at least once a month, to avoid expiration of the SIM card. This is only the minimum. Overobsessed teens with a lot of events happening in their lives are known to buy these 30 riyal hala cards on a daily basis. Other than that, the average ASD student buys about two of these every month. That’s an average of 60 riyals a month or 720 riyals a year. ($250) Now you decide: Is it worth it? - Hamzah Arif



Editorial Class of 09’ Graduates!! The ceremony for the American School of Doha’s graduating class of 2009 will be held at 6:00 pm on June 5th in the high school gym. Each senior will be given ten tickets to give to their family and friends. Although the students in the senior class come from various cultures and religions they have put away their differences, pulled together and created a close-knit atmosphere here at the American School of Doha. Graduation is an event that takes place in order to confer diplomas for the completion of a course of study. We graduate from one phase of life to another. Here at ASD, graduation is videotaped and posted on the Internet for family and friends to watch. This thoughtful idea makes the ceremony extra special for the graduates and helps them remember their special day. The ring, the yearbook, the diploma, the memorable music, the senior jackets, and the cap and gown – all make up a traditional ASD graduation ceremony.

day will give the graduates one last tremendous event to experience together before going off to university or the work world. Graduation day is an event that all seniors and guests Graduation day is a huge will remember for the rest step in a senior’s life and of their lives. marks the beginning of university and adulthood. Four - Mead Qarage years of working extremely hard and dealing with the stress of ACT’s or SAT’s will pay off once they hear their name being called to receive their high school diploma. dents will go out into the world on their own adventures. Each of us must climb their own separate rocky mountain in order to reach our own view of success..

Education is the most powerful tool, which can be used to change your life and the world. James A. Garfield, an early president of the United States, once stated: “ Next in importance to freedom and justice is education, without it neither freedom nor justice can be permanently maintained.” Education is much more important than we think.

Graduation pictures will become souvenirs of the unforgettable day. The American school of Doha has given the seniors their first push to the real world. Leaving family and friends After graduation, the stu- is never easy, but graduation

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who'll decide where to go. -Dr. Seuss

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Editorial Education: Giving way to an empowered generation? A bearded man in ragged clothes, carries an AK-47 machine gun in his filthy hands. Behind this man is a suppressed, veiled woman. This is the global image that has been created to depict the Islamic people. Such photos are taken by cameras with skewed lenses through which looks an ignorant eye that sees with bad intentions. This image then appears on the news, the Internet, in movies, and is then imprinted on the minds of millions of people Many people stereotype Muslims as terrorists but I wonder how many people have the capacity to disagree to that majority and formulate their own opinion based on knowledge. In high school we often see the world through somebody else’s camera lense. We should take a step back and focus on what we are really willing to believe.

tors are stuffing in our craniums is helping us grow mentally. We are so oblivious to how fortunate we are to be given education of such high standards. With our mental strength we will have the capacity to have our own insights, opinions. With that, we are able to make significant changes in the lives of many.

school. We will be fully equipped to face the obstacles we are going to face in life. We should always remember to use our knowledge in not only in our work but also in our everyday lives. In Plato’s allegory “The Cave” there are a group of people who have spent all their lives sitting on the floor of a cave, facing its wall. All they have ever seen are the shadows of the outside world being casted upon the wall, so in their minds, this is reality.

By using and valuing our education we are empowering our generation to make advances in society, to make better decisions, and to prevent ignorant assumptions and stereotypes that have been so long impeding on The image of a human is our growth as a global com- only a mere dark outline munity. swaying on the cave wall, their voice is nothing but an There are millions of hu- echo of the actual sound. mans in the world who are Their perception of reality is suffering from lack of edu- skewed, this is only because cation, living under the man- they don’t know what else to date of corrupt and vile rul- believe. ers. With education we can prevent the implementation None of these people in the of such people in govern- cave are the students of ments and educate these ASD. We are the people on people so that they can learn the outside, illuminating to help themselves. One such caves and eliminating mans blissful ignorance is ignorance by bringing the suffering of millions knowledge to the unknown.

High school students always wonder: Why are we learning this? When are we ever going to use this in our lives? In reality, this plethora of seemingly nonsensi- Students of ASD, we will cal information our educa- very soon we are all going graduate and leave this

-Lina Raslan



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Feature A Farewell to High School

F A R E W E L L 2 0 0 9

For seniors at the American school of Doha, May and June have always proven to both the most challenging and busy months of their high school careers. During AP exams, Prom and preparation for finals, seniors also cope with the rapid approach of what is likely the biggest lifestyle change they will experience in their lives thus far‌.college!

that college is not only about partying. When I asked her to further elaborate, she explained that with independence comes the elimination of all the perks of being a kid. One has a finite allowance or income, and if they spend it too quickly they cannot merely ask their parents for another handout (although many try).

Most colleges strongly recommend that students organize themselves to have both good time and financial management, especially for their freshman year. It is not news to anyone that the amount of effort exerted in high school is not nearly enough to get you through college.

While kids at ASD are financially supported by their parents, the While college is usually a wel- These are facts of life that most kind of careless spending one usually witnesses comed and exciting in Doha would will aspect of youth, it leave them bankcomes with certain rupt anywhere else responsibilities and in the world. burdens that would otherwise have fallen on the guardNo one is arguing ian. When a stuthe need for kids to dent gets in trouble go to college and or struggles acagain independence. demically in high Both parents and school, both the students can agree blame and pressure that moving on is to fix the issue are necessary for indiplaced, for the vidual growth as most part, on the well as for educaparents. In college however the students themselves seniors do not yet understand. tional purposes. The life changes are expected to make wrongs They probably won’t until they that come along with college need right and to excel in their studies live it themselves. Most go into to be better understood by stuwithout the help of anyone. The college expecting it to be nothing dents and taken a lot less lightly. sudden shift from dependency to but a good time. Then l the se- As 2009 seniors bid farewell to complete independence is under- mester starts and they are faced high school and start to get ready standably intimidating, if not with tremendous responsibilities for a new stage of their lives, it is that are all a part of leaving home. important that they don’t forget downright frightening. one of high schools most imporMost kids in high school say they Come fall of 2009, very few will tance lessons: always be prepared. are ready to move on to college lead lives that even slightly reand get on with their lives, but it semble the ones they are familiar is important to note that very few with now. What is perhaps most - Talal Alyan fully comprehend the duties that ironic, is that not many recognize accompany living on your own. A that. It is not necessary that they 2008 graduate of ASD, Sasha do however it is imperative if they Green, made a point of saying want to avoid any huge surprises.

Desert Eye June Edition  

The ASD Journalism team's Desert Eye Magazine - June Edition

Desert Eye June Edition  

The ASD Journalism team's Desert Eye Magazine - June Edition