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energy sources

battling for world supremacy!

Who has the power to win it all? Illustrated by : Jorge Riverol All content and concepts Š 2013 Global Inheritance. All Rights Reserved.

ARE Born in 2002, Global Inheritance is a 501(c)3 E W non–profit organization working to reinvent WHO

activism and empower individuals to seek a global balance. Our initiatives focus on the power of creativity to communicate and drive progressive social change.

Global Inheritance targets various subcultures, developing campaigns that cater specifically to each individual demographic. Through interactivity, inspiration and education, Global Inheritance provides a bridge between ideas and action. Global Inheritance initiatives include Energy Battle Royal, Energy Playground, Energy FACTory, Tour Rider, and the Energy FACTory DJ Mixer, Oasis, TRASHed, Fashion Peace, TRASHed :: Recycling Store, The Bigger Picture, Global Warming Chess, Alternative Fuel RC Racing, Portal Potties, POSTed, You’re the Bomb!, Feed Your Roots, Public Displays of Affection, Beat the Press, Instrumental Assistance and many more.

HIS? The Energy Battle Royal is T ’S WHAT Global Inheritance’s newest campaign to educate people on different energy sources, their pros & cons and new opportunities for the future. Please make full use of this coloring book, and help bring these characters to life. With the support of you and others, we plan to raise the necessary funding to tour the Energy Battle Royal at festivals, sporting events, schools near you! Why use professional wrestling as a medium to educate kids and adults? First of all, professional wrestling is one of the most popular sports in the world...especially with people who aren’t necessarily environmentalists. Secondly, people need to feel a connection with these energy sources. By creating a face and personality for each energy source, people will become much more invested in knowing about their strengths and weaknesses, which affect all of us. Each Energy Battle Royal will offer wrestlers their own time on stage to brag about their abilities and of course the shortcomings of their competitors before the final match. Over the past 10 years, Global Inheritance has developed exciting, memorable, and, most importantly, engaging educational programming at some of the biggest events in North America. The Energy Battle Royal will turn even the most closed–minded individual into a walking encyclopedia on energy, otherwise they could find themselves in a headlock!

The Energy Battle Royal Energy Sources Include: Contact us with any questions, suggestions or ideas, email:


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Wind Tidal Ethanol Geothermal Petroleum–Oil

Solar Kinetic Wood Coal Nuclear

Natural Gas Hydroelectricity Hydrogen Biodiesel




It’s a naturally occurring, flammable liquid.

Don’t make this slick guy angry because he’ll get heated up real quick. Petroleum

has been wrestling professionally for many years; he knows the drill. He has it out for his fellow wrestler Hydroelectricity. In a

short match he can blast Hydro, but in longer matches he just burns out, while Hydro can sustain himself. Unlike Wood, Oil has many

enemies both in and out of the ring because he’s been known to get out of control and

fight dirty. You might want to stand up wind

of him though; he’s been known to have bad gas. Petroleum may seem like a sure thing,

but he’ll let you down in the end because he’s getting older and his years are numbered.

PROS: – Naturally occurring liquid found in the earth. – Can be burned in a boiler furnace, creating steam that turns a generator.

CONS: – Oil extraction, whether on land or offshore, is environmentally damaging. – Burning oil releases carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas linked to global warming and potential toxins.


– Refined and mixed with additives to create gasoline. – Non–renewable fossil fuel.



Heat from the Earth trapped as steam and hot water beneath the surface, is trapped via pipes and wells.

This guy will press you into the mat

faster than you can say Old Faithful!

Geothermal brings the heat wherever he goes, whether it is in competition

or with the crowd. His intensity makes him very competitive and passionate.

His power resonates from the very core of his being. (as well as his

abdominal core; get a load of those rock hard abs!)

Although he’s consistently hot, he

rarely loses his temper. Geothermal

bulks up by digging holes in his free time. His energy is not felt from

far away, but those who get close find him irresistible or are down for the count.

CONS: – Can have minor impacts on soil in the area where the heat is tapped.


The steam turns a generator to create electricity.


pros: – Can be an efficient renewable heat source for small areas. – If processed at a commercial plant it can be distributed like any other electricity source.



Sugar cane and corn are the primary sources within the U.S.

Made from grain–based starch, which is fermented into sugar and then fermented into alcohol.

Check out this sweet Midwestern boy! No Protein

Shake for this athlete in the morning, he’s all about the corn syrup. He’s got an insatiable hunger and

sometimes steals his opponents’ food, so you might want to eat before you hang out with him! If he’s not in the ring, you can probably find him at the racetrack with Petroleum drinking sodas.

He’s a local fighter and doesn’t like to travel long distances for a fight, so if you want him you

either have to go to him or do some serious planning.

pros: – Nontoxic, biodegradable, and renewable. – 10% can be added to regular gasoline and used in any stock gasoline vehicle.

CONs: – Special flexible–fuel vehicles are required for the higher percentage E–85 mixture (85%).




Air flows turns the blades of a wind turbine, whose shaft is connected to the gearbox..

FACT The gearbox increases the rotational speed of the output shaft connected to a generator.

You’ll be blown away by this guy’s speed!

This agile fighter will knock the wind out of you. Wind was trained from a young

age to be a wrestler. Even though he had

trouble paying attention at first, his trainer was persistent and it paid off. An early

investment in wind reaps massive benefits. He always listens to music before a big

match, to wind himself up. Wind dominates most of his matches, but occasionally

wavers. If you get him in the right mood

there’s nobody more powerful, but in some

conditions he has no gust. He’s fierce in the

ring, but you might want to steer clear from this guy at a party because he blows hot air when he talks.



– Wind is a free and endlessly – Not all areas are suited for renewable resource. collecting wind power. – No harmful emissions.


– Wind turbines in some areas could harm our nocturnal friends, the bats. – Migrating birds.



wood Trees or e fed chips ar e. into a fir

Timber! Introducing the Godfather himself, Wood! When he and his rings get in the ring he smokes

the competition. He’s always available for a challenge, but tires out easily. He’ll win for you sometimes, but I wouldn’t make him your go-to wrestler. Wood grew up in the wild and keeps to his roots. He gets along with animals and they’re on his side

both in and out of the ring. He’s an old fashioned guy, but no old school gentleman; he’s the rough and tumble caveman type. When he’s not

wrestling, he likes to tell sappy folklore of the olden days. Watch out for this one. He might seem nice at first, but he’ll cut you down in seconds flat.


pros: – Burns cleaner than coal with the right emissions control technology. – Wood–burning power plants don’t require large open spaces.

– There are some new coals that burn cleaner than wood. – Involves cutting down trees that absorb CO2, although if managed well this problem can be reduced. – Releases particulate matter (fine dust) and air pollutants.


Fire heats boiler water creating steam that runs a generator.



mulate of plant matter accu Coal begins as layers body of water. at the bottom of a

eds to bring ver, but Coal ne re fo be ay m ds Diamon competitive, ! He’s extremely ht nig y er ev at the he lectricity. oleum and Hydroe tr Pe ith w y all ci espe botage Hydro’s troleum and to sa Pe o td ou to ies He tr he was still d wrestling when te ar st al Co . er care ays hounded 16. His trainers alw of e ag e th at r a mine ncerned with was never too co he e us ca be him looks| else! Although he ne yo an or his h; healt al is in the fe bet. When Co sa a t no ’s he h, toug the air. is thick and so is ring, the tension blemaker! eled for this trou pe es ey ur yo Keep


Coal is composed primarily of carbon along with quantities of other elements.

PROS: – Coal can be converted into liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel or synthesis gas by several different processes.


CONS: – Carbon dioxide emissions from coal usage are more than those from petroleum and about double the amount from natural gas. – Coal must be extracted from the ground through mining.

– Coal–fired power plants emit mercury, selenium, and arsenic, which are harmful to human health – One of the cheapest fuels. and the environment.




FACT This compact wrestler

may be no heavyweight, but

you’d be surprised how well

she can hold her own in the

Hydrogen exists naturally in groupings with other elements such as the oxygen in water molecules.

ring! You might think you have her

all figured out when you see her, but you don’t know her from atom! She’s a fairly reliable

wrestler, but sometimes loses confidence and needs a pep-talk from her trainer, Hydrogen.


Hydrogen atoms are extracted from water or methane molecules and used in a battery like fuel cell to create electricity.

Don’t count HFC out so fast, she might

surprise you and put you down for the count!

PROS: – Fuel–cell systems are compact, and lightweight. – Useable in remote locations.

CONS: – Same production methods uses methane, a fossil fuel that releases greenhouse–gas emissions.



Introducing the hottest

wrestler around, Solar!

Although he might have a sunny

disposition, you don’t want to get on his bad

side. Betting on him in the ring has great

returns. He’ll get the job done, and you’ll have

money in your pocket! What could be better? Maybe the fact that he has an endless

supply of energy when he wrestles. He might lose some power when he’s in a cloudy bad

mood, but don’t worry too much because he

always seems to have some force stored up somewhere. When he’s not in the ring, you’ll

probably find him playing beach volleyball and working on his tan!


In a photovoltaic array system, sunlight is absorbed by a semiconductor and then converted to electricity.


Solar thermal collectors use the sun rays to heat water or air.



– Sunlight is a free and – Cloudy days are a drag endlessly renewable resource. when you’re off the grid, unless you’ve got – Homeowners can sometimes some sort of battery run their meter backwards back–up. to save on energy costs.


– Currently expensive to produce as other fuels.


FACT The production of electrical power through the use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water.

Get a load of this tough guy! He’s relentless.

His wrestling style might seem a bit unconventional,

what with his slow approach, but don’t be fooled.

He’ll creep up on you and knocks you out! He’s one

electrifying wrestler that can’t be missed. He can

last for a really long time in the ring and always

makes a big splash at the after party. You can

be sure to get good returns if you root for

him. Hydro is a pure wrestler; he’s rough in

the ring, but friends with everyone!

PROS: – Once a hydroelectric complex is constructed, the project produces no direct waste, and has a considerably lower out put level of CO2. – The environmental impact decreases with run–of–river hydro projects that don’t have large dams, and with small–scale or micro–scale projects.

CONS: – Large scale habitat disruption. – Emissions released into the environment via the lake created by dams. – Biomasses decompose in the newly flooded area. – The long term viability of hydropower in those areas is questionable as output depends on precipitation.





Kinetic energy is the energy of motion.

Kinetic energy can be passed from one object to another.

I dare you to try and keep up with this

fit and fast wrestler! While most people

are still sleeping, he starts his day with

three pots of coffee, a brisk 10–mile

run, 20–mile bike ride, and 2–mile swim. His

energy always got him into trouble when he

was younger because he couldn’t sit still or

pay attention. After graduating, he majored

in physical fitness with a minor in kinesiology.

His parents and family friend Wind helped

him learn how to harness his energy and

maximize his watt potential. When he’s not

playing beach volleyball with Solar, you can

find Kinetic running boot camps.

PROS: – Generated by activity like running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike. – Energy can be stored in a battery to provide continuous electricity. – Burns calories, not fossil fuels. – No harmful emissions to the environment.



– A treadmill can power a TV, but not a whole city.


conS: – At the point of electricity generation, mining etc, is very much energy intensive. – Uranium is nonrenewable and must be mined. – Disposal of spent fuel and radioactive waste is an environmental and safety concern.

proS: – Does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere.

One of the more popular wrestlers for the past

20 years, Nuclear can be

your best friend or worst nightmare! Orphaned at a

young age, Nuclear turned

to Uranium as a source of

comfort. This quickly grew

into an obsession. This Uranium groupie uses her power to

help others but, although her obsession has yielded her great power, it has also

proved to be her main flaw. Friends know that the

mystery of her parents

death has lead her to have

a quick temper, and if she


Heat caused by the splitting of uranium – 235 atoms boil water, creates steam that turns a turbine-generator to produce power.

gets angry, look out. This

wrestler always finds her way into the tabloids, and controversy surrounds her every move. Keep your eyes on Nuclear


and watch out for a meltdown!


Come see this popular wrestler! Natural Gas likes

to get what he wants and is explosive in the ring. He went through an intensive training process. With his

new strength and confidence, he’s flexed his muscles and made a name for himself. The only one who isn’t afraid of him is Coal, and the two still struggle

today over bragging rights, both in the ring and on the streets. He’s versatile in the ring, but still has

some challenges. He’s notorious for mooching off

his friends for rides to the ring. I wouldn’t criticize him though or he’ll put you in your place!


Natural gas is often informally referred to as simply gas, especially when compared to other energy sources such as oil or coal.







Combined cycle power generation using natural gas is one of the cleanest source of power available using hydrocarbon fuels.



– Natural gas burns more cleanly than other hydrocarbon fuels, such as oil and coal, and produces less carbon dioxide per unit of energy released

– Because of its density, it iS more challenging to store natural gas or transport by vehicle. – Natural gas pipelines are impractical across oceans.

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Made from veggie oils, animal fats, or grease.

t a Riches h coming up! Talk abou One greasy fist sandwic rt-time ry! Biodiesel was a pa to Rags to Riches sto es when converting diesel engin mechanic in Eugene, OR ing his arasil spotted him. Feed a talent scout for Cle ve to rsuaded Biodiesel to mo ego, the talent scout pe rtune. basking in fame and fo Hollywood. Instead of er & Out g in the back of an Ov Biodiesel ended up livin l fat and f a strict diet of anima Burger Joint. Living of out his diesel decided to take slurps up petroleum, Bio first in the ring. Winning his anger and frustration came one s or less, Biodiesel be 99 matches in 5 minute ess and to Biodiesel‘s rapid succ very hot potato. Due er’s CEO, with Over & Out Burg profitable partnership pecially rted to resent him..... es Carne Fryer, people sta n’t know, xt for Biodiesel? We do his cousin Oil. What’s ne Although this mover and shaker. but keep your eye on smells he’s fast, available, and he doesn’t look pretty, like French fries


Most biodiesel today is made from soybean oil, palm oil & rapeseed oil, but used oils, like recycled fryer grease and even algae, are also options


PROS: – Can be used in regular diesel vehicles with only small engine modifications. – Renewable, nontoxic, biodegradable and smells like French fries if made from fryer grease of energy released.

CONS: – Often blended with petro–diesel, so petroleum is still consume and pollutants are emitted into the air.



Is a form of hydropower that converts the energy of tides into electricity or other useful forms of power.

This guy loves wiping out the competition..... especially

the washed up wrestlers. He lives for high fives and high tides. When he’s not surfing, you can catch him with

Hydroelectricity at the local Sushi joint or wherever he ends up. Tidal is everywhere. The guy is always

traveling and negotiating a fellowship with the United Nations because of his strong language skills. Tidal is always waving to the ladies because life on the

sea can be lonely. The sky is the limit for Tidal and his quest for the world title. Wood is currently

suing Tidal for breaking his lower trunk during the now infamous water logged match in Honolulu.

FACT Tidal power is the only form of energy, which derives directly from the relative motions of the Earth–Moon system, and to a lesser extent from the Earth–Sun system.



– Tidal power is practically inexhaustible and classified as a renewable energy resource. – Tides are more predictable than wind energy and solar power. – Many recent technological developments indicate that the total availability of tidal power may be much higher than previously assumed.

– Among sources of renewable energy, tidal power has traditionally suffered from relatively high cost and limited availability of sites with sufficiently high tidal ranges or flow velocities, thus constricting its total availability.



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China’s energy rumble Traditional Power or the New Kid on the Block? 39

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Energy Battle Royal Comic Book  
Energy Battle Royal Comic Book  

The Energy Battle Royal is Global Inheritance's campaign to educate people about different energy sources. With a full lineup of 14 characte...