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Are Diet Foods Really Helpful for Weight Loss? You can hardly shop at the grocery store or read ads without seeing a lot of promotions for processed food that are developed to help people eat better. But do these types of foods really help. We certainly have access to a lot of special light foods, but Americans are fatter than ever! What Works? Back in the 1980's we saw books that developed the idea of natural hygiene. A big part of those diets involved eating meals that had either carbs or proteins, but not mixing the two. The second part was to make sure that 70%, or more, of daily food intake was high water content food like fruits and vegetables. Now their is still debate over the first part. Does food combining matter? I don't know, and the jury is still out on that issue.But the second part of the diet, high water content food, has been a proven strategy to help people feel full, consume less calories, and lose weight. So food combining may not matter that much, but eating high water content foods is one part of a healthy eating plan. Chocolate as Diet Food One popular book on filling up on food that contains a lots of water suggested avoiding chocolate bars, but instead, satisfying a chocolate urge wih a glass of low fast chocolate milk. The glass of chocolate milk contains 8 ounces, where a candy bar is much smaller. So you get to have more! And you will probably be consuming half the calories if you opt for the low fat chocolate milk vs. the high fat candy bar. You also get the nutrient benefits of milk, plus you get satisfied with the taste of chocolate. So chocolate milk is a diet food that works! Diet Friendly Pasta A bowl of pasta with only pasta, cheese, and sauce can be unfriendly to weight watchers. But if you slice up some veggies like peppers, zucchini, carrots, and onions, and add them to the dish, you have increased the amount you can eat without adding calories. You have also added vital nutrients to your dish. So if you prepare spaghetti for your family, try adding a cup of diced vegetables to the sauce. Also try to cook with lower fat alternatives like ground turkey or turkey sausage. When it is all mixed in the sauce, few can tell the difference. Instead of spooning out a cup of rich sauce to your family, you can actually spoon out 1 1/4 cup.

Everybody will see a more generous portion, and they will feel more satisfied from the meal and less likely to snack later. Diet Friendly Breakfast Have your cereal with low fat milk, but be sure to slice up some fruit to add to the bowl. Again, you will actually feel as if you are getting more to eat, but you have added few calories. The food bargain here is your feeling of satisfaction from your meal, the added nutrients, and your lack of cravings later. Lean Burgers Go ahead and have a burger for lunch, but do not leave off the tomato, lettuce, and pickles. You will add volume to your meal without adding a lot of calories. One burger, loaded with veggies, can be as filling as a burger and fries wthout the toppings. Try having a salad, rather than fries, on the side. Go ahead and load it up with some croutons and dressing. You are still likely to be eating better because the focus of the meal is natural and high water content foods. You Can Endulge! You can enjoy your favorite "heavy" foods, but find ways to use them as condiments. Use the higher water content foods as the focus. A dish made with rice, sausage (I prefer turkey), and lots of chopped up vegetables can be satisfying, and also a die food that works!

Find diet foods that work! They are not expensive, but are just the common and natural food you should be eating anyway. Learn more about Eating Disorder Self Help strategies.

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