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BGS GLOBAL HOSPITALS The BGS Global Hospitals at Bangalore is a 500 bed tertiary care multi-super speciality facility. Built with international standards, the Hospital is manned by some of the foremost names across specialties. The centrally air-conditioned Hospital has 14 major operating rooms, best in class imaging/radiology facilities and 120 specialty wise ICU beds, it also has one of the largest Liver ICU's in the Country. With exceptional patient care and utmost safety at the core of everything the Hospital does, the environment, people and the systems are deliver the finest healthcare services with cutting edge technology and best practices. The hospital by also being in the front of performing advanced research programs such as stem-cell therapy and academics is able to pioneer clinical & surgical breakthroughs and ensure patients are given a new lease of life and better of quality of lives. BGS Global Cancer Institute is a premier Institute dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment in cancer care. This is one of the few centres in India to offer end to end cancer care from diagnostics to rehabilitation. This Institute has also attracted top medical talent to offer organ specific cancer treatments. These full time doctors, leaders in their field, are ably supported with sophisticated equipment, trained technicians, physicists and nursing professionals to offer the best cancer care. ALL CANCER TREATMENTS – Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Oncosurgery, Reconstructive surgery are housed in one world-class facility. Breast cancer care | Gastro Intestinal cancer care | Genito-urinary cancer care | Gynaec cancer care | Head & Neck cancer care | Liver cancer care | Lung cancer care | Neuro cancer care | Orthopaedic cancer care | Plastic & reconstructive surgeries | Radiation Oncology | Chemotherapy | Bone Marrow Transplantation | Interventional Oncology | Palliative Care OUR TEAM

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Intelligent Treatment

for Liver Cancer

What is liver cancer? Liver cancer encompasses all tumors or cancers within the liver, and is the third commonest cancer in the world. Liver cancer includes primary liver tumors, which arise within the liver , and secondary liver tumors which spread to the liver from other sites.

What are the risk factors ? Viral hepatitis - Hepatitis B virus (HBV) and Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections have an important association with liver cancer. Approximately 4% and 1% of all Indians have HBV or HCV infection respectively. Cirrhosis is a progressive disorder that leads to scarring of the liver. Cirrhosis is the end result of all forms of chronic liver damage. Patients who have both chronic viral hepatitis and cirrhosis, have a greater than 100-fold increased risk of developing liver cancer. Obesity: One third of all obese patients may have liver disease. Diabetes can increase risk of liver cancer, especially in those who have chronic HBV or HCV infection. Other factors include smoking and betel nut/tobacco chewing.

What are the Signs and Symptoms? Liver cancer usually has no obvious symptoms. Symptoms which may be caused by liver cancer include unexplained weight loss, lack of appetite, abdominal pain, increasing abdominal girth. The best chance for patients who are at risk for liver cancer is regular surveillance so that cancers can be found early. Patients who have a liver disease that puts them at a high risk of developing liver cancer (such as hepatitis B or any form of cirrhosis) should undergo periodic screening tests.

How is it diagnosed ? The diagnosis of liver cancer requires a high index of suspicion. A new lesion appearing in a cirrhotic liver is suspicious. Diagnosis usually requires imaging with ultrasound, CT and PET/CT with or without biopsy.

What are the treatment options available? Early cancers can be treated by surgical removal (resection), destruction of the individual tumors by targeted chemotherapy (TACE) or liver transplantation. Treatment depends on the liver's condition, size, location, and number of tumors, the person's age and overall health. The risks and benefits of treatment vary widely depending upon the extent of the tumor, the state of the underlying liver and the general condition of the patient. It is important to tailor the treatment to the individual patient.

What is the world-class technology that will be used for treatment at BGS Global Hospital? BGS Global Hospitals is one of the few institutions where all modalities of treatment- surgical, medical and radiological can be offered under one roof, and by world-renowned experts working together in an integrated fashion to address the physical, social and psychological aspects of cancer. We offer advanced chemotherapy, radiation therapy using the TrueBeam STx technology and surgical resection using the latest technology. We also offer the services of the fastest growing liver transplantation program in the country for selected patients with liver cancer.

What kind of specialist as well as tertiary care support does the team comprise of? At BGS Global Hospitals, you will have access to doctors from Hepatobiliary surgery, hepatology, radiology, pathology, oncology and other areas, all with special training and experience in liver cancer management, and all working together to solve your problem. Our multidisciplinary team offers advanced procedures in hepatobiliary surgery, pancreatic surgery, hepatology, transplantation, transplant intensive care, medical oncology, interventional radiology, and radiation oncology to provide you with a full range of personalized patient care. We are committed to the comprehensive care of your liver illness. Our integrated team has dedicated nurses, transplant coordinators, dieticians, physiotherapist, social workers, administrator and other support services. Global hospitals have a worldwide reputation for expertise in diagnosing and treating liver cancer.

What are the different services offered to treat liver cancer at BGS Global Hospitals? Liver resections Hilar cholangiocarcinoma resections Surgery for bile duct cancer Laparoscopic tumour ablation and biopsy Hepato pancreatoduodenectomy Trans arterial chemoembolisation (TACE) Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of tumours (RFA) Liver transplantation

Two stage hepatectomies Liver resection in cirrhotics Laparoscopic liver resections Radical bile duct excision Radical cholecystectomy Transarterial radioembolisation Percutaneous transhepatic biliary interventions

Complete Bariatric Surgical Care  
Complete Bariatric Surgical Care  

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