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2010 Student grants

Student Grants & placements Hardik Dasai, Computer Science Graduate Student Studying Obesity in School Children in India

Moussa Bocoume French Undergraduate Student

Kelly Leech & Quynh-Minh Tran M.P.H. Candidates Disease Burden & Treatment of Cleft Lip in Guwahati, India

Esther Bae M.P.H. Candidate

Kandis McClure M.P.H. Candidate

Nina Gertsvolf Global Health Undergraduate Student

Tobacco Control Policies in Lebanon

International Center for Migration and Health, Gestational Diabetes in Immigrants Research

Alex Chehrazi-Raffle Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Student Diarrhea Disease & Sanitation in Guatemala Jenn Chiam Masters of Biostatistics Student

Nutrition and Obesity in South Korea

Augustine Hong M.S. Global Medicine Candidate Accident Prevention in Uganda among HIV/AIDS orphans Alice Kim Undergraduate Human Development

Amitha Ganti Global Health Undergraduate Student

& Aging Student Honduras Eye Disease Study

Amanda Vu Neuroscience & Global Health Undergraduate Student Psychological Factors Determining Academic Development in India

Saumil Mahashvari Neuroscience & Economics Undergraduate Student Uganda Epilepsy Research Parth Parikh Pharmacy Student Clinical Pharmacy and Diabetes Screening and Training in India

The Global Health Research Immersion Grants support hands-on research experiences in low- or middle-income countries or within international institutions engaged in global health research and practice. The program supports travel and field research for a minimum of one month. All USC undergraduate, graduate, and pre-doctoral students are eligible. Fall/Winter applications are due October 15 and awarded in November. Spring/Summer applications are due February 15 and are awarded in March.

Producing a film on forced marriage in Africa: Yellitaare

Alcohol & Smoking in Russia Effectiveness of Mime and Theater in Health Education in India

Global Health Research Immersion Grant

Master of Public Health Practicum Grants This program supports Master of Public Health students who wish to complete their practicum requirements through a project in low- or middle-income countries. The program supports travel and field research and intense faculty mentoring.

Stephanie Ly & Melody Serra M.P.H Candidates Malaria Prevention in Shirati, Tanzania Rachel Schwartz Medical Student Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Mumbai, India Brittney Stewart Global Health Undergraduate Student Working with the Cambodia Reproductive & Child Health Resource Center Visit to read up on our students’ travel adventures.





USC Institute for Global Health Annual Report 2010-2011  
USC Institute for Global Health Annual Report 2010-2011  

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