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March 2011

Juarez… the border town that will influence a Nation. Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, is one of the most violent cities in the world today. Yet even among war lords and a drug war, the Good News of Jesus Christ is still brought to the people! Through much prayer and fasting, our partners at The Institute for Financial Culture were able to have an incredible impact for Christ there at the end of February. The Woman Who Prospers event was planned for 1,500 women. It was sold-out a week before the conference. Nevertheless the lack of tickets didn’t stop the 300 more women who showed up at the door and begged to get in! We saw committed women who want to heal their city through the power of the Gospel - starting with their own homes.

Héctor Murguía, Mayor of Juárez, México

The event was opened by the mayor of the City of Juarez, who came to challenge the women to grow their business skills and congratulate them on their zeal. The women were taught in the areas of family, Biblical stewardship, character, managing their own businesses and most importantly their relationship with Jesus Christ. Over 150 souls came to know Jesus as their Savior! The battle was won on our knees as throughout the event a rotating group of women prayed without ceasing in a secluded Prayer Room under the platform. More than 750 women signed-up for a 36-week Small Group follow-up. This was the largest city-wide women’s conference ever held in Juarez. Our next The Woman Who Prospers event is scheduled for June 11th in Asunción, Paraguay.

Our Ministry Partners

Global Freedom Concepts is a non-profit organization that depends on God’s blessings and on the generosity of partners like you.

Mission Update MISSION UPDATE Stewardship Leaders Certified in Mexico JULY

Visiting Northern Mexico last month also offered us the opportunity to personally present certificates to our latest group of Stewardship Leaders in the country. We are thankful to KSCE - Channel 38 in El Paso for allowing us to record 10 short introductory

videos to our Small Group follow-up Course for "The Woman Who Prospers" book and conference.

Last month we conducted a very unique seminar for executives and professional people in Southern Texas called, "Herding Cats: the Art of Leading Entrepreneurs."

The Institute for Financial Culture 2010

The IFC Continental Leadership Team held their annual strategic planning meeting this month. Decisions were made to improve our structure, design a new economic engine for our continental office in Guatemala and develop an 18-month growth plan for the Institute. Two new members were added to our Continental Team: Mr. Pat McGrath, founder of the Spanish-language outreach of FCCI, became the Institute's CEO (pro-tempore) until December 2012; and Mr. Alberto Cruz, successful businessman, writer and conference speaker, became IFC's new Operations Manager.

Staff Member of the Month Sergio Olivas is IFC's Continental Director for Business and Professional Ministries. He is also FCCI's Director for Latin America. Sergio left a successful consulting business in order to reach out to Spanish-speaking business and professional people around the world. Sergio's job is to develop products and programs that teach men and women in the Marketplace how to run their companies according to God's Word.

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March 2011 Newsletter  

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