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Mission Update Up-date on Navigating

The Institute for Financial Culture received a grant from Compass to translate Howard Dayton’s new Financial Bible Study. Navigating will become a 12week experience divided in two “sections,” 6-weeks each.

Worlds not-so far away... Relief on Wall Street as Dow Jones closes above 13,000 for first time on Tuesday (Feb 28) since financial crisis in March 2009. Are we learning the lesson?...

Greece is discovering these days a great truth: “...the borrower is a slave to the lender.” They are also learning about its implications. Interesting to note that Proverbs 22:7 has been translated into Greek for more than 2,000 years! Source: retrieved March 3, 2012

Hearts Repent in the Dominican Republic This month we went to the Dominican Republic. One night we jumped in the car and drove for

Last Feb 26, as we celebrated with a mega-church in the Dominican Republic the launching of their Small Group Program, they committed to help us evaluate and contextualize our new Bible Study before sending it to the press.

Thank You!!! for all your faithful support to Global Freedom Concepts & our Partners!

February 2012

two hours, away from the capital city of Santo Domingo. There we met with over 1,200 people. When Andres finished preaching on 2 Kings 4 (The Widow and the Oil), the pastor went to the front and asked if any believers wanted to confess sins of greed, envy, selfishness and personal disorganization -which lead to financial bondage. Over 100 people came forward. It was a hard trip, but experiences like these make the sacrifices worth it all! Global Freedom Concepts

is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that depends on God’s blessing and on the generosity of partners like you.

M ission Upd ate

February 2012

Real Estate Investor Avoids Disaster Adrián Zavala (left) is a businessman who lives in Southern California. In 2007 he was looking to make quick money in Real Estate. One day, Adrián found ¿Cómo Llego a Fin de Mes? ("How do I Make It ‘Till the End of the Month?") in Wal-Mart. The title caught his attention. At that time he was making plans to purchase a second investment property against his wife's advice. Patty thought that they were already in too much debt. Adrián and Patty read Andrés' book and realized that they were about to make a big mistake.

Adrian Zavala made $100K obeying God’s direction just in time.

The Zavala's walked away from the deal, paying $5,000 in fines for doing so. The couple went even further: they placed their other investment property on the market.

They decided to love freedom more than financial opportunity and –encouraged by the book, they also started attending a Bible-believing church. Patty and Adrian sold the property at a reduced price, but still with a profit of $100,000… just a few months later the Real Estate bubble busted! Adrián and Paty Zavala are two very grateful readers of "How do I Make It..." ...and we are very grateful to you. Through your contributions -little or much– you enable us not only to help bring people back from financial peril, but also teach them how to avoid pitfalls in the first place. Furthermore, you enable us to use “money” as an excuse to do the most important thing: bring them to the Cross.

Money, Money, Money...

On the Bright side...we’re not living

We need your prayers…

paycheck to paycheck

Protection from the advisory.

Keeping our motives pure.

Increased focus on the cross.

Physical and spiritual strength to stay on course.

anymore... You think gas prices are high in your state...

Up-date on the Morelia, MX Step One: Certification of Stewardship leaders. We certified this month 32 Stewardship Leaders in Morelia. They will build a Church-Based Stewardship Model for the Continent. Below:

Above: Members of the future Mar-

ketplace Ministry at Abundant Life Church in Morelia, MX

Global Freedom February 2012 Newsletter  

Latest on Financial Stewardship and Literacy in Latin America

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