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Mission Update Morelia The move is on...

January 2012

Housing in America... At the heart of the current housing crisis is the violation of the Biblical Principle of the Guaranteed Commitment. Both banks and people made financial commitments that they knew they could not fulfill (see Proverbs 22:26,27.)


Do you know where you time goes? For instance, in an average lifespan we spend…

The Panasiuks traveled to Morelia, Mexico. They met with the leadership of Abundant Life Church. They also certified Stewardship Leaders, taught at a businessmen’s event and preached during all the weekend services. Please keep them in your prayers during the next few months as they make decisions about housing, schooling, transportation and ministry.





Months just sitting in traffic

Months opening junk mail

Months looking for lost possessions

Months waiting line

Good Stewardship is not just about managing money... Source:

Calvary Church Naperville

In January, over 500 people attended the conference at Calvary Church Naperville, just outside Chicago.

Thank You!!! for all your faithful support to Global Freedom Concepts in 2011

This conference was based on the book The 10 Irrefutable Laws by Dr Andres Panasiuk. Global Freedom Concepts is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that depends on God’s blessing and on the generosity of partners like you.

M ission Upd ate

January 2012

Media Ministry New Radio Programs Recorded for 2012 This month, in January, we produced a record number of radio programs. We recorded all programs needed for the whole year. ―Financial Culture‖ is a 5-minute daily program heard on 800 stations in 23 countries. Chooses Career in Economy because of Radio “Dr. Panasiuk, I was 15 years old the first time I heard your radio program on Stewardship . That was when my interest in studying finances from God’s perspective began. After reading several of your books I decided to choose a career in Economy in order to be able to influence others with God’s perspective concerning money. Thank you, for your ministry and may the Lord allow you to teach many more people Biblical principles on Stewardship.” - Cristina de Hidalgo (center with her husband) Quito, Ecuador

We need prayer... Invitations to make the need known... Please pray that God would bring 35 more investors to support Andres and Rochelle Panasiuk for the next three years. This support will enable them to pay for both, ministry and family needs in Morelia, Mexico.

Life-Changing Webinars Start this month After a year of learning and testing, starting in February, the Institute will offer a firstever on-line seminar open to the public, from El Paso, TX.

Money, Money, Money... Another Holiday Season has come and gone and all that is left are the effects of Christmas madness spending. First things first. Let’s make a commitment (or shall we call it ―a new year’s resolution‖?) to pay-off all those credit-card charges and not be in this place again next year. Now

we can move forward and make a plan. 

Sit down and write out a budget — which means, what your expenses are and how much you bring in.

If you want to be debt-free, you may need to sell some stuff or temporarily take a second job.

Cut-up your credit cards.

―When we make a vow , we should never be late in paying for it.‖ -Larry Burkett. * ―The Wicked borrows and does not pay it back‖ Ps 37:21 * Source: The Word on Finances—Larry Burkett

Thousands hear the message of Biblical Stewardship for the first time in Ecuador. Even though the government sign suggests to ―walk slowly,‖ we did not have a chance to do so this time around while in Ecuador. We trained 23 new Stewardship Leaders in Quito, preached at a Mega-church and taught a ―10 Irrefutable Laws‖ workshop. Then, we flew to the second-largest city in the country to do the same all over again –all in four days!

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