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André Hoffmann

Claudia Welss

Board of Directors

Founder, N e x t N o w Collaboratory

“Having grown up in a nature sanctuary in the south of France, I am particularly conscious of the wealth of services and natural resources that the planet bestows on us. Environmental protection and sustainability have always, therefore, been among my main concerns. My great-grandfather, Fritz Hoffmann La Roche started the company Hoffmann-La Roche, the pharmaceutical group now known as Roche Holding Ltd. My father, Luc Hoffmann, played an important role in the creation of WWF International and in the development of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

“I have always felt most at home, most ‘sane’ when I am out in nature. When I began to sense what was happening to our natural systems, I felt my sanity was threatened. Getting involved in the environmental movement wasn’t a choice, it was a necessary act.

I first heard about Global Footprint Network through the Living Planet Report. This impressive report demonstrated to me the compelling nature of the overshoot concept in documenting the reckless consumption of natural resources and the extent to which available biocapacity is being depleted. My involvement with WWF International and other foundations dealing with environmental issues has strengthened my conviction that we must undertake everything possible now to save the planet for generations to come. It is common sense to argue that we cannot consume more than we possess. A strong desire to change the world is not enough in and of itself; it must be supported by a strong awareness of the environmental impact of our choices, activities and behaviour. In this regard, impact indicators are key components to help people, corporations and governments to put an end to global ecological overshoot.”

2008 annual report

I got to know Mathis and his work on the Ecological Footprint while I was at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley in the 1990s. I was personally interested in introducing social and environmental innovations to global corporations with the goal of shifting their awareness and strategies. The Ecological Footprint was the most elegant concept I had heard yet for illuminating the truth hiding in complexity. I knew it would be an effective tool for enabling behavioral change. I believe Global Footprint Network is helping create a critical consciousness shift. Instead of business cards, I often give out the Ecological Footprint of Nations pocket cards with my information on them. You can see how quickly they change people’s awareness.”

2008 Annual Report  

Annual Report for Global Footprint Network for the 2008 financial year

2008 Annual Report  

Annual Report for Global Footprint Network for the 2008 financial year