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AUCTION 2011 To benefit the Global Fairness Initiative


ART AUCTION 2011 All proceeds will be donated to GFI's work in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.


WELCOME Dear Friend: We are very pleased to have you join us at the 2011 Art of the Americas Auction in support of the work of the Global Fairness Initiative (GFI). We would like to thank the Organization of American States (OAS) for hosting this special event and all of our sponsors for their generous support. Tonight's auction is possible thanks to the strong commitment of many friends of GFI, and we would especially like to thank the exceptional artists and collectors who have generously shared their art to benefit GFI's programs around the world. Thanks to them, we have gathered an exceptional range of work that we are delighted to present to you. Through this auction we want not only to raise awareness of the positive impact GFI has achieved throughout the Americas but also to celebrate with you what is possible when we work together for a common goal. Many hands play a part in creating a more inclusive environment for the worldâ€&#x;s working poor, and we are grateful to have you as part of our GFI family and for your support. Most sincerely,

Karen A. Tramontano President and Founder

Caleb R. Shreve Executive Director


ART OF AMERICAS AUCTION 2011 SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2011 5:30–7:30 P.M. ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES 17TH ST & CONSTITUTION AVENUE 5:30p.m. Reception Champagne and hors d'oeuvres Exclusive opportunity to preview the art and consult with selected artists 6:30 p.m. Live auction Opening Remarks Ambassador Hugo De Zela, Permanent Representative of Peru to the Organization of American. States Auctioneer Sherry Truhlar | Red Apple Auctions Auction Preview Contact Nora Mara at nmara@globalfairness.org or call GFI at 202 898 9022.

Thanks to the generous supporters of the Art of Americas Auction 2011 Individuals:  Taleen Batalian  Ragna Bruno  Jan Gilbert  Robert Higdon  Sarah Larson  Maritza Orlic  Carla Rosenzweig  Lynn Wessel  Ambassador Hugo de Zela  Anonymous Donors





TALEEN BATALIAN Internal Landscape 2, 2010 Encaustic oil on panel 16" x 16" x 1" Courtesy of the Artist Value: $975 Buy it now price: $1,950

“I love the translucency of wax. It enables me to create not only a depth to the piece, but a history of where I‟ve been – in my head, and with my hand. With encaustic, the demand created by that short window of time between when the beeswax is molten and when it hardens, is intense and exciting. I must be clear on the mark I will make before I make it. If I‟m off, the result is not what I envisioned. The wax hardens, and I miss my chance.” With over twenty exhibitions throughout the United States, Taleen Batalian has been involved in the fine arts for over fifteen years. www.taleenbatalian.com


VIDAL BEDOYA Dioses de Estio II, 2009 Colors: Yellow & Black 60 x 65 cm Courtesy of Maritza Orlic Value: $3,000 Buy it now price: $6,000

"I only paint. I work, I believe in what I do. Even as a child, I have always had a quiet predisposition for drawing and painting (…) I am inspired by ancestral Peruvian culture, I express it in my paintings without intellectualizing it. (…) Each painting has its own birth and even a different process paintings are enriched by our fears and doubts and our pain enlightens them.” In the realm of Peruvian artistry, Vidal Bedoya is a „rebel defeated by art‟ and in so being, his themes are charged with a mysterious magnetism that is both attractive and confusing. Vidal has participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Peru, Chile, Cuba and the United States. www.vidal-bedoya.artelista.com


KRISTINA BILONICK Liz Taylor Series 27x20" Silkscreen print & mixed media Courtesy of Robert Higdon Value: $250 Buy it now price: $500

“My work is about family, personal experiences, and growing up in the DC suburb of Chevy Chase” “A lot of ideas come from journal entries I‟d written when I was in grade school.” Kristina Bilonick is a native Washingtonian who uses screen printing, found objects and other media to create art installations that are often interactive. In addition to these installations, Bilonick designs a line of screen-printed apparel and accessories. She is also involved in other areas of the arts community in DC. Bilonick has shown her work at local art spaces and has also been recognized in several newspapers as a creative young artist. She currently works as Program Director for the Washington Project for the Arts.


RAGNA BRUNO At the Seaside Casein on board 21x19" Courtesy of the Artist Value: $800 Buy it now price: $1,600

“Growing up with two different languages and two sets of cultures and values was enriching. Two opposites that were easily assimilated but had to sometimes be reconciled the rich, powerful culture of Spain and what was, for me, the mysterious culture of the North. This duality has been at the root of my art.” Listed as one of the most collectible artists in New England, Ragna Bruno was born in Spain to a home filled with music, art, and artists. Ragna studied art and art history in Switzerland and London and traveled to India, Mexico, South America, and throughout Europe - finding inspiration and fine-tuning her talent as a painter and sculptor. Her work can be found internationally in public and private collections and Maine art galleries. www.ragnabruno.com


LOUISE BOURNE Tea Time III Oil on Panel 12 x 12" Courtesy of the Artist Value: $600 Buy it now price: $1,200

"When I work, I respond to color patterns, placement, complexion and light. A narrative enters once the figure or certain objects appear. I enjoy the tension between this narrative, working from direct observation, memory, and the formal needs of the painting. I feel I am in service to, and seeking, an overall structure that holds the chaos. " The Tea Time III painting is one of four paintings based on the tea tray from which Bourne serves students in her studio. It is part of an ongoing series of the delicious haphazard arrangements of daily life, and it celebrates the grays in between yellow and blue. Louise Bourne has been painting and exhibiting her work since the 1980â€&#x;s. Her paintings are in public and private collections throughout the U.S. and the U.K. She holds a BFA from the Portland School of Art (now Maine College of Art) and an MFA from the University of Michigan. www.louisebourne.com


LAURENCIA EVANS Secret of the Lizard, 2007 60 x 65 cm Anonymous Donor Value: $550 Buy it now price: $1,100

“I grew up in a house in which ghosts were part of the family. For us it was not strange to see, from time to time, a shadow disappear on the wall, or hear footsteps on the staircase even if no one was there. The magicians that appear in my paintings are characters that „travel in time. . . without belonging to it.‟ They are travelers, psychonauts that can be here and there at the same time, like the Tibetan Lamas that cross time thresholds to bring the maps of these mysterious and faraway lands, in the blink of an eye.” The energetic work by Laurencia Evans is exquisite in its use of color and symmetry. With her skillful use of depth, subjects appear to jump from the canvas. www. jmcart.com


ALEJANDRO FLORES “Los Gigantes” Series 60 x 65 cm Anonymous Donor Value: $250 Buy it now price: $500

“While [my artwork] is roughly figurative, its goal is to sum the delicate energy of our human and urban shapes without making it about something but instead about its own existence together with my artistic vernacular (…) It strives to make its viewer think outside the box beyond our preconceived constraints and conceptual conventions.” Enamellist Alejandro Flores was born in Mexico City, completing his art studies at the city‟s oldest art academy, the San Carlos Academy. Alejandro has participated in several individual and collective exhibitions. He exhibits his works continuously throughout Mexico, frequently accepts commissions, and has works in collections worldwide. www.alejandroflores.net


JAN GILBERT French Landscape/Dump Photo transfer on acrylic 9x99" Courtesy of the Artist Value : $8,000 Buy it now price: 16,000

“Witnessing my home community and landscape being decimated only deepens my resolve and commitment to aid in our recovery utilizing art as a ritual and methodology (…) My hope is that I am blurring boundaries of all sorts: ritual, activism, community, archive, preservation, etc., as well as those of the disciplines of photography, sculpture, painting, performance, and theater.” The nationally-recognized interdisciplinary artwork of Jan Gilbert mines memory, loss, and transition through the combination of painting, printmaking, photography, and installation. Gilbert‟s works have been shown widely in galleries, museums, and cultural centers across the United States and abroad. www.jangilbertart.com


CARLA ROSENZWEIG Adobe Red 12 x 12” Adobe clay dyes Acrylic on industrial felt mounted on board Courtesy of the Artist Value: $500 Buy it now price: $1,000

“In designing this piece I am reminded of Barbara Kingsolver's words „Everything I am comes from Dirt.‟ My works are developed from the earth and its products. This particular piece completed in 2009 is made from clay from a farm in Prince George's County, Maryland, and the felt was leftover product found in an abandoned paper mill.” Carla Rosenzweig‟s childhood experience growing up on a farm in Prince George's County continues to influence her work. She received a BS from University of Maryland in 1952 and in 1973 a BFA from the Maryland Institute of Arts. In the early 1970's she founded the Washington Women's Art Center.


SABINO SPRINGETT Material: Oil on canvas Original Dimensions: Courtesy of Maritza Orlic Value: $5,000 Buy it now price: $10,000

“One has to be a painter above all. But a painter at the service of mankind. I do not believe in aesthetics removed from humanity.” Sabino Springett is one of the most prominent Peruvian painters of the 21st Century. His artistic path is an integral part of the history of the country‟s art. Sabino has won multiple prizes throughout the region, and his paintings have been exhibited at the Petit Palais in Paris, Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, Saleta D‟il Orso, Biella Italia, and elsewhere throughout the world. www.arslatino.com


LYNN WESSEL For the Love of Red Mixed media (acrylic and found papers) 30x40 inches Value: $2,500 Buy it now price: $5,000

“Currently, my artistic focus is mixed media non-objective work. When I started as an artist, I painted realistic and landscape work, as well as portraits. With that work, I was limited to the realistic display of things and people. Particularly with portrait painting, I was focused on "getting it right. I then discovered the freedom of expressing what I want to express. This piece is an example of that freedom of expression.” This particular painting is a bit of a happy medium--a mix of both my realism work and my non-objective work. It evolved from a series of bold hued nonobjective work. Lynn Wessel lives in New Orleans and Castine. In her mixed media abstractions on canvas Lynn works with color, texture and hidden imagery to “elicit an emotional and substantive response from the viewer.”


ARTIST UNKNOWN La Sagrad Familia Hand-carved wood frame and oil-on-canvas painting Anonymous Donor Value: $500 Buy it now price: $1,000

The celebrated Cuzco School (Escuela Cuzque単a) is characterized by its originality, resulting from indigenous artists and mestizos, wanting to express their reality and cosmovision while using the artistic western tradition of the Colony. The tradition originated after the 1534 Spanish conquest of the Incas and is considered the first artistic center that systematically taught European artistic techniques in the Americas. The Cusque単a paintings were a form of religious art whose main purpose was didactic. The painting features the Lord conveying his blessings to Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. An ornate hand carved wood frame carries the painting.



Thanks to a generous donation by Sarah Larson of Distinctive Bookbinding you can take home this unique leather-bound Atlas to be raffled off that evening. Tickets will be available at the door *********************************************** The National Geographic Atlas of the World, Platinum Edition, is bound with an elegant Italian leather cover with complimentary moirĂŠ patterned cloth end-sheets and embroidered headbands. The spine is hand-stamped with decorative silver foil. Inside is an elegant parchment page printed with an official Statement of Authenticity. Each edge of the Atlas is meticulously gilded in silver, and a luxurious ribbon marker is sewn in. Distinctive Bookbinding will personalize the cover with silver foil stamping.



Since 2002, GFI has improved hundreds of thousands of lives in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. We have developed innovative programs to preserve and create jobs, empowered women by removing barriers to economic success, implemented fair wages and increased revenues, and attracted domestic and foreign direct investment. GFI programs achieve success in 5 core areas: Engage Governments – build capacity of local institutions to assume their responsibilities and provide services for their constituent communities. Invest in Women Producers – empower women by building local capacity, connecting them to supply chains, and providing technical assistance to increase productivity. Build Workforce Capacity – promote labor rights, fair wages, and “best practices” of workforce standards and government commitment to social services and economic development in order to attract international investment. Improve Access to Markets – connect economic actors as well as decision-making bodies and mechanisms that control the trade and market environment where small-producers work. Bring Fairness to Free Trade – attract meaningful and secure foreign investment by helping establish high standards of social services, protections, and environmentally sustainable practices.

Global Fairness Initiative 1800 Wyoming Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20009 202.898.9022 info@globalfairness.org www.globalfairness.org GFI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to GFI are taxdeductible to the extent allowed. GFI Tax ID: 350000054192

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The Art Auction Book describes the work of selected Latin American and US artists


The Art Auction Book describes the work of selected Latin American and US artists