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University of Southern California 2013 Marshall Global Summer Advanced London Internship Program

Program Details Sixteen students were selected to participate in the 2013 USC Marshall Global Summer Internship Advanced London Program in partnership with Global Experiences. After months of preparation, these Trojans traveled to London, England to complete a full time 8-week internship placement. Upon arrival, the group was welcomed by the Global Experiences staff who provided orientation and helped them settle into their new home in the King’s Cross neighborhood in central London. Over the next eight weeks, the students engaged in practical work experiences related to their majors, ranging from theater production to alternative investment consulting.

In addition to the hands on work experience, this program focused on professional growth. Each student received: Pre-departure: o Individual career development coaching with a Program Advisor to set goals, enhance professional documents, and discuss industry trends o Webinars on budgeting, culture shock, workplace etiquette, and life in London. o Clifton StrengthsFinder survey to determine each student’s top 5 Strengths as well as training on how to utilize those Strengths during the internship o Interview preparation and coaching In London: • Orientation and Strengths-focused group workshops • Internship site visits and discussion of how these Strengths were being used in the internship • Global Connections networking event with local London employers

Career Development

Social Events and Excursions Along with pre-departure preparation, Global Experiences Location Representatives served as the interns’ main point of contact on the ground and their 24/7 emergency support. Additionally, the Location Representatives host several social events and excursions during the eight weeks, including: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Bath + Stonehenge day trip Oxford day trip The Cotswolds + Brighton day trip Dover + Canterbury day trip Jack the Ripper walking tour The Great Fire and Plague tour Westminster tour Southbank tour Dirty Dancing West End show Woman in Black West End show Chorus Line West End show Champagne and High Tea event Pub crawl (with entry to Ministry of Sound)

Wassa Suttiwiriya Major: Economics College Status: Junior Internship Description: Wassa interned for a digital rewards program provider that markets for brands and companies all over the world. Wassa’s daily tasks included CRM marketing, conducting research, and creating tools for communication.

“As a frequent traveler, I am interested in expanding my global perspective by learning from people of diverse backgrounds. Living in a foreign country is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for me to learn to step out of my comfort zone and adapt to new surroundings.�

Kevin Nelson Major: Economics and Accounting College Status: Junior Internship Description: Kevin interned for a nonprofit within their accounting department. His internship entailed bookkeeping, preparing draft accounts, and maintaining payroll.

“As an economics major, I have a great deal of interest in Europe’s current events. Researching the Euro-crisis and how it relates to the United Kingdom’s own financial crisis is fascinating.”

Daniel Ohriner Major: Business Administration College Status: Junior Internship Description: Daniel interned for a London relocation company that shows up to 25 properties to clients every day. Daniel’s responsibilities included account management, contacting clients, sales, and daily business operations.

“This opportunity of undergoing culture shock while still performing the duties of an internship is fascinating and requires an ambition that I want to undertake. I would be required to become more resourceful and thereby raise confidence in my own abilities.”

Matthew Lewis

Major: Business Administration College Status: Sophomore

“Working with a company based outside the United States will allow me to experience two different corporate cultures as well as gain new communication, productivity, and creativity skills to bring back to the United States.�

Internship Description: Matthew worked at the same relocation company as Daniel Ohriner. His internship duties included calling clients, daily operations management, and account management.

Amelia Wijaya

Major: Accounting College Status: Junior “Even though the recession has impacted the United Kingdom, I believe that London is still the best place to learn more about any business.�

Internship Description: Amelia worked for an advisory, tax, and accounting company that provides services to clients throughout the UK. Amelia assisted with account preparation, tax returns, payroll, and VAT registrations.

Siqi Wu

Major: Business Administration College Status: Junior Internship Description: Siqi worked in the same accounting firm as Amelia. She worked preparation of accounts, VAT registrations, tax returns, and assisted clients.

“I hope this experience could build up my foundation to find a full time job in the advisory department in American accounting firms.�

Major: Business Administration with a focus in Cinematic Arts

Chris Hochgesang

College Status: Sophomore Internship Description: Chris interned for a theater production company. His internship responsibilities included administration, assisting with box office duties, publicity, and production.

“In today’s global marketplace, gaining this kind of international work experience will make me a more desirable candidate and give me a competitive edge in the job market.”

Trevor Thorpe

Major: Business Administration with a focus in Marketing College Status: Sophomore Internship description: Trevor worked for a holistic coaching business provider. His role included SEO marketing, online research for partnerships, social media management, and blogging.

“[The highlight of the internship] It is a flexible and relaxed worked environment, get along with my supervisor, and it’s nice to be outside of the city.”

Shakun Khanna Major: Business Administration with a focus in Finance College Status: Junior Internship Description: Shakun interned for a global advisory and business development firm that consults for governments and corporations in the Middle East, Central Asia, and SubSaharan Africa.

“[When interning for a global advisory firm] learn to multi-task and keep track of your priorities otherwise the work can feel like spinning plates.�

Charlotte Spangler

Major: Theater College Status: Junior Internship Description: Charlotte interned for an artist and entertainment management agency. Her tasks included assistance with casting, marketing, and daily office administration.

“London is center of European media, and its international viewpoint on entertainment is very unlike that of the United States.�

Tina Boskovich

Major: Communications with a focus in Social Entrepreneurship College Status: Senior Internship Description: Tina worked for an HR firm that recruits for charity jobs in the UK. She assisted with recruitment, screening of candidates, and identifying trends in the nonprofit sector.

“I hope to gain a lot of personal and professional growth from such an incredible opportunity, and expect to be faced with both positive as well as difficult challenges.�

Rachael Caulker

Major: Business Administration with a focus in Marketing College Status: Junior Internship Description: Rachael worked for a cosmetics and skincare distribution and marketing firm. Her daily tasks included brand management, labeling and packaging designs, presentation materials, and sales strategies.

“This internship totally exceeded my expectations. I think that the overall experience and being on my own has been really great. It’s given me more confidence for when I do go looking for a job.�

Ruhi Sikri Major: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention College Status: Junior Internship Description: Ruhi worked for an international healthcare business that provides marketing, training, and recruitment services. She assisted with their marketing efforts including keyword optimization, SEO, calling clients, and reviewing landing pages.

“Because I believe there is no substitute for experience, I hope to learn not only in an internship setting, but a cultural one as well. “

Russell Chang Major: Economics College Status: Junior Internship Description: Russell worked for a small alternative investment firm. He assisted with marketing funds, analyzing fund strategies, and updating databases.

“I’ve gained communications skills and other workplace intangibles like focus and marketing. Working in a small company was beneficial because the relationships you form are stronger and you get a better feel of everyone’s work ethic.”

Madeline Azevedo Major: Business Administration College Status: Senior Internship Description: Madeline interned with a full service wedding and event planning company. She worked with clients, proposal preparation, lead generation, and event planning and coordination.

“I have been thinking about living in London after I graduate and I feel that by beginning with this internship program, I will be able to test the waters.�

Wendi Su

Major: Business Administration and International Relations College Status: Sophomore Internship Description: Wendi worked for the largest publisher of guides of educational courses, universities, and colleges. His tasks involved updating social media, creating content for the website, and assisting with web design.

“I’m happy I ended up at Hotcourses. I’ve

had a very worthwhile experience and I appreciate the support GE has given me.”

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the USC Maxwell Global Summer Internship Advanced London Program

University of Southern California Marshall Global Summer Advanced London Internship Program  

USC Marshall Global Summer Advanced London Internship Program 2013 recap