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Dublin Internship Program 2013

“The Bloomsburg group this summer was such a pleasure to spend time with. Their professional development was great to watch as they immersed themselves into Irish society and culture.� PeterGlobal Experiences Dublin Program Director

Program Details This summer 2013 a group of 8 students from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania headed to Dublin, Ireland for an 8 week academic internship experience through a partnership with Global Experiences. Students were placed in a variety of professional internship placements throughout the city of Dublin. The group was welcomed to the city by Global Experiences staff and settled into their housing at University College Dublin. Students experience their first weekend in their new home with a Viking splash tour of Dublin and a traditional welcome dinner with Irish music and dancing. Program Participants: Kevin Dunn, Kendall Ferraro, Rosie Finn, Rosa Graziadei, Katelyn Lengeman, Brian Ruth, Stephen Wagner, Adam Williams

Interning in Dublin All program participants in the Bloomsburg/ Global Experiences program received pre-departure career development to enhance their resumes, cover letters and interviewing skills prior to being matched with an internship in their area of professional interest. The students were also given a strengths survey through GE’s partnership with Clifton Strengths Finder and Gallup to identify their top 5 strength. Internships are full time and interns are expected to treat the placements as real jobs and are provided support to ensure they gain the most out of their work experience. In addition to their internship placement during the day the participants received career development sessions including a networking event and small group strengths based discussions to encourage professional development and the building of industry contacts. During their program interns have many social excursions to sites within Dublin and around Ireland.

Career Development and Social Events Global Experiences provides numerous outings and excursions to sites worth seeing as well as professional events throughout the course of our programs. This summer, the Bloomsburg interns took a trip to Buren, saw the majestic views at the Cliffs of Moher, participated in a professional event to network with like-minded young professionals in Ireland, visited Glendalough and Kilkenny, had traditional Irish dancing lessons, and of course enjoyed classic Irish dinners at authentic Irish pubs all organized and covered by Global Experiences.

Katelyn Lengeman Placement Area: Non-profit Communications College Status: Junior Major: Communication Studies Company Description: Katelyn was custom paired with a non-profit that creates and develops programs focused helping the integration of migrant and local women in Ireland. Internships tasks included social media management, strategic planning, and press releases.

Kendall Ferraro

“It’s cliché, but true, that we all have so many opportunities to make a mark, big or small. I’m more determined than ever to make mine. “On the other hand, some of my favorite moments are when I realize I’m doing ‘ordinary’ life things in Ireland. I’m not just a tourist. I live, work, grocery shop, and do laundry here. It’s much better than just swooping into an area and rushing to accomplish touristy shenanigans.”

Kendall Ferraro Placement Area: TV/Radio Communications College Status: Junior Major: Mass communications, focus in professional writing Company Description: Kendall’s internship placement was at an International video marketing firm that promotes independent music in unique settings. Internship tasks included assisting in production of video/filming on location, social media, blogging and public relations assignments.

”I am eager to travel on excursions and embrace the different cultures, learn more about my heritage, and use the experience as a whole to help me grow as an individual in my profession, and in life. I hope to meet and make many new friends in the process and create long lasting friendships, as well as unforgettable memories. I am eager to learn new things, taught to me by new people, and absorb it all to help me towards reaching my dreams of working in television.”

Rosa Graziadei Placement Area: Marketing/ PR College Status: Junior Major: Business Administration Company Description: Rosa interned at dance theater assisting in general arts administration and event production management. She worked on marketing workshops and courses, social media management and assisted with event planning.

“ I hope to expand my working knowledge of the marketing/ public relations field and how it can be translated into a global market place. Marketing is a field that can go beyond the national level and it is important to understand international cultures to better reach them with a brand.�

Stephen Wagner

“This experience will be, in my opinion, a once in a lifetime experience for me. I hope to gain a huge amount of knowledge about Ireland and their culture. I’m excited to see the landscape and beauty of the country. Getting immersed into a different culture is something I’ve always loved.”

Placement Area: IT College Status: Junior Major: Digital Forensics Company Description: Stephen worked a full service marketing and advertising agency. His responsibilities included search engine analysis, building social apps integrations, coding, and general research about information technology.

Adam Williams Placement Area: IT College Status: Junior Major: Digital Forensics Company Description: Adam interned at a volunteer resource center. His daily tasks included website and network administration, developing quarterly reports and data cleansing.

“The first experience is the submersion in a foreign culture. Although the cultural immersion course will help familiarize with some of the customs, there is no true substitute for hands on experience. Ever since I went to Switzerland 3 years ago I have been fascinated with how customs in foreign cultures differ from our own.�

Brian Ruth Placement Area: Accounting College Status: Junior Major: Business Administration, Accounting Company Description: Brian’s host company is made of accountants and auditors providing a number of legal and financial services. Brian gained exposure to and assisted firsthand in various tax and auditing functions.

”To gain valuable job experience that I could use when I get back to the United States is my number one goal for this internship. I am looking to get a job in the accounting field when I graduate and I feel that this internship is the perfect blend of starting my transition into the working world and out of the academic world and my desire to see live in another country for a short time.”

Rosie Finn Placement Area: Business, Internet Marketing College Status: Junior Major: Business Management Company Description: Rosie’s host company specializes in recruiting for companies throughout Europe that are looking for professionals with specific foreign language expertise. Rosie was involved in managing social media marketing, writing blogs, and creating content for their website.

“I would love to gain experience from this program in order to help me go further in my life on both a professional and personal level. Learning how international business company’s work in different surroundings is something that I take great interest in, and this internship will undoubtedly help me to improve my business skills. In addition, I would be able to gain a different perspective of business outside of the United States and develop stronger business techniques that will be useful in starting my own business. Another reason this internship would be important and meaningful to me is because I wish to learn more about my family history in Ireland.”

Kevin Dunn Placement Area: Business, Management College Status: Senior Major: Business Management Company Description: Kevin interned for a procurement services company. They specialize in optimizing controls and compliance and developing supplier performance. Kevin tasks included supporting client projects, coordinated contractor management, and assisted with business proposals.

“I was very adaptable to situations working in a smaller company here in Dublin. There’s always multiple projects going on and you have to be able to adapt and move on the run to adjust to what your employer needs. I can apply this to future jobs because at an entry level, an employer is going to be looking for an employee that can do a lot of things and work on the fly so, I can definitely bring that to the table. I’ve really developed being able to adapt. Coming here has given me a new perspective and outlook on business, life, and culture. It’s given me a fresh perspective and has been an excellent experience.”

Thank you to all of the interns who participated in the Dublin Internship Program this summer!

Bloomsburg University Dublin Internship Program  
Bloomsburg University Dublin Internship Program  

Bloomsburg University Dublin Summer 2013 Internship Program