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Hofstra University School of Law Summer Internship Program GLOBAL EXPERIENCES AND HOFSTRA LAW INTERNSHIP PROGRAM 2013


Internship Details This summer 12 students from the Hofstra School of Law did an 8 week internship through Global Experiences in 5 different cities across the globe. Each of these students were provided with a customized law internship in their city of choice along with centralized housing, social events, career development, and support from Global Experiences staff.

Sydney: Sandra Kennedy, Chelsea Plummer, Marie Burkhard, Chrissi Plummer, Chris Roberts London: Stefani Herrera, Ran Bi, Kelsey Walker, Sumit Singh Barcelona: Andres Sanchez Florence: Andrew Lauria Dublin: David Ackerman

Pre-departure & Career Development Prior to their arrival, all of the interns were given extensive pre-departure and career development support. Each student worked with a Program Advisor to enhance his or her professional documents as well as establish career goals. Participants also attended webinars discussing budgeting, culture shock, safety, and life abroad. Through a partnership with Gallup, Global Experiences offers the Clifton StrengthsFinder to students. Each student received their top 5 strengths as well as training on how to utilize those strengths during their internship. Mid-way through the program, the Location Coordinators visited each internship site to ensure expectations were being met as well as discuss how their Strengths were being used in the internship. Interns could also participate in a career development session and a networking event to enhance their professional experience while abroad.

Social Events & Excursions Global Experiences provides numerous social events and excursions to sites unique to each city. Hofstra students participated in a range of events from seeing the majestic views of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland to walking down Bondi beach in Australia. In Florence, Andrew got to taste the wines of Tuscany and in Barcelona, Andres walked around the architectural marvel of Parc Guell. In all of the locations, Hofstra students were able to foster new relationships with other Global Experiences participants and explore new and beautiful sites.

Andrew Lauria Year: 1L Location: Florence Internship Description: Andrew interned at an association of law firms that focus on Italian and International law. The association creates a professional partnership structure spread across number of different office and practices. His tasks included translation of documents, working with clients, and sat in on client meetings.

“I did a lot of things in my internship. I acted as an unofficial translator and would help translate documents and conversations from Italian to English. I event got to settle a case over the phone.�

Andres Sanchez Year: 1L Location: Barcelona Internship Description: Andres interned for a nonprofit that provides digital books for people in developing countries. His daily tasks included legal research into visa laws and contract law for several different countries.

“Andres really impressed me with his ability to follow through with with tasks and take on responsibility. He is a trusted contributor to this organization.� –Clara, supervisor

David Ackerman Year: 1L Location: Sydney Internship Description: David interned for an international law firm that specializes in commercial law including intellectual property, media, and adventure capital. His tasks include legal research, drafting documents and document review of international transactions and contracts.

“The internship is phenomenal. Experience that I could not get unless I was probably in one of the top 5 firms in the United States. In the legal profession, experience is everything. This is like a jump start for my career.�

Sandra Kennedy Year: 1L Location: Sydney Internship Description: Sandra interned for a family law practice with regional offices throughout Sydney. Her internship tasks included management of cases, assistance with preparation for family court cases , and document drafting and review.

“By working in a foreign country, I will return with insight into, and an appreciation for, a different legal system.�

Chelsea Plushanski Year: 1L Location: Sydney Internship Description: Chelsea worked alongside Sandra Kennedy in a family law firm. Her internship responsibilities included drafting and reviewing documents, assisting with family court preparations, and working on projects as assigned.

“Every country has its own unique perspective on the role of litigation, and their own process of resolving legal issues, and I’m curious to see how similar and different this process really is another common law country.”

Marie Burkard Year: 1L Location: Sydney Internship Description: Marie interned for a legal organization that represents the interest of those with native titles in Australia. Internship duties include paralegal tasks, legal research, liaising with clients and barristers, and drafting legal documents.

“I would like to gain a better understanding of the law and how it functions at a global level. I also think that it would enhance my ability to learn in different environments and give me a chance to have a different perspective of the world.�

Chrissi Plummer Year: 1L Location: Sydney Internship Description: Chrissi worked for a small international barristers chambers. Her internship tasks included assisting barristers and solicitors, assist marshalling evidence, conduct legal research, and attend court proceedings.

“Working in the Barrister’s chambers would expand my knowledge on courtroom advocacy in criminal law.”

Chris Roberts Year: 1L Location: Sydney Internship Description: Chris worked for full service boutique law firm in the heart of Sydney’s Business District. He was responsible for assisting attorneys through a variety of paralegal and administrative tasks, conduct research and help with cases when needed.

“I will be able to use the knowledge learned from this internship in the corporate and international law environments.”

Ran Bi Year: 1L Location: London Internship Description: Ran interned for an international solicitor firm in central London. His tasks included assisting with daily operations of the firm as well as assist with free earners in the practice including working with clients and other professionals.

“Language is his best strength and the Shanghai Bureau of Justice was impressed with his translation.” – Ran’s supervisor

Stefani Herrera Year: 2L Location: London Internship Description: Stefani interned for a charitable organization that assist women and children who are fleeing from domestic violence. Her responsibilities included assisting the legal team with daily operations, proofreading cases, attending court, and preparing statements.

“She is excellent. She takes initiative and keeps up with ease. There is a lot of work and you aren’t always dealing with nice people, but she can deal with angry clients. She has fitted in well.” –Stefani’s supervisor

Sumit Singh Year: 1L Location: London Internship Description: Sumit interned for a multinational commercial law firm. His tasks included attending court, conducting research, meeting with clients, and reading cases. He mostly worked within employment and immigration law, but it varied throughout the internship.

“There are some differences in the interpretation of the law, but overall the same. It took a couple of days to learn. The work environment is more relaxed than NYC and the people are very nice. �

Kelsey Walker Year: 1L Location: London Internship Description: Kesley interned for a national organization of barristers and mediators. Her internship entailed legal research, drafting and reviewing cases, and attend client meetings and court.

“I am enthralled by how nations, organizations, and people interact with one another across borders and oceans and would very much like to focus my legal career on those interactions.�

Global Experiences Program Global Experiences has been providing customized international internships to students for over 12 years. Our program offers a customized internship with career development, pre-departure information, social events, and and on-the-ground support. For more information about our internship programs and university partnerships please visit our website at or contact Jessica Burns.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2013 summer internship programs!

Hofstra Law School 2013 Summer Internship Program  

A recap of the 2013 summer internship program in Italy through Global Experiences

Hofstra Law School 2013 Summer Internship Program  

A recap of the 2013 summer internship program in Italy through Global Experiences