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Letter from the Founder Exploring the opportunity of living and interning abroad is an exciting process and we look forward to providing you with personal support as you navigate your options and make the right choice for your future. When I founded Global Experiences in 2001, an internship abroad program was a novel idea. Now, we are proud to be a leader in an industry that has increased in popularity over the years and has resulted in so many more students and recent graduates going overseas for an internship experience. In 1998 when I interned abroad in Jakarta, Indonesia with the United Nations, I had to navigate the experience without the help of Google, local support, or the Global Experiences team to help me through all the nuances and struggles. However, it was an experience that changed my life because of the challenges and opportunities it gave me. Global Experiences was created to provide individuals and university partners access to the same type of life-changing experiences that I had in Indonesia through our global network of internship opportunities, intense career development, and local Global Experience staff on location. Every member of our team has lived, worked, or studied overseas and is here to pay it forward. Taking part in an international internship experience is a growing trend and it has seen rapid expansion in the last 10 years as both students and young professionals embrace the chance to gain personal enrichment and professional development in a global context. Though the industry is growing, we are consistent in our dedication to providing innovative career development programming, customized academic partnerships, and personalized attention to each participant so that you will have a safe, fun, and professional experience abroad. We are always focused on our core values that ensure excellence in program delivery and accountability to all our partners including universities, employers, participants, and our amazing Global Experiences team in the U.S. and overseas. We welcome you to join us for a customized global experience that will give you an edge in life!

Emily Merson, Founder and CEO 3

Why Intern with Glo Global Experiences has been personally investing in the future of young professionals through career development and international internships since 2001. With over 4,000 alumni and a 100% placement success rate, we are an experienced organization with the track record to ensure the right experience for every type of student and young professional. Through our years of experience, we have crafted an international internship program that has been recognized for its innovation and high quality within the higher education community. We pride ourselves on our expertise in international career development, program delivery, intercultural learning and personalized coaching that makes our interns well-equipped for their experience living and working in new country.

Guaranteed Internships If accepted into the program, we can guarantee you an internship within your field We work directly with our host employers to communicate your qualifications, interests, goals, and strengths to find you the best possible internship placement. We have had a 100% placement success rate for over 10 years.

3-Phase Career Development Before, during, and after the internship program you will receive professional career development to prepare you for the internship and your career after university. All of our participants work with a Program Advisor to establish career objectives, discuss industry trends, receive personal resume and cover letter training, and interview preparation. Through our partnership with Gallup, you will have access to the Clifton StrengthsFinder™ assessment to learn your top five Strengths within the workplace. During the program the career development continues with unique coaching and hands-on events to give you an edge for your career.

Personalized Support Starting from the first phone call, we work with you one-on-one to learn about your personal interests and career objectives. Our Program Advisors will provide visa support, pre-departure information, and will answer any questions through phone calls and a series of webinars. Once in your new home, our Location Coordinators will have an orientation for you and will be available to you 24/7 as an emergency contact. 4

obal Experiences

Social Events & Excursions An internship is hard work, but we have planned several city-specific events and excursions to help you foster new relationships with other interns and enjoy all that your host city has to offer. Social events may range from trekking through the Blue Mountains in Sydney, dining on homemade pasta in Florence, or visiting the ancient site of Stonehenge in London.

Local Staff In each of our locations, we have local staff who are there to ensure that all aspects of the program are fulfilled for each participant. Our Location Coordinators live in that city year-round and can provide you with real insider’s advice about local customs, the language, places to see, and where to shop. Our Location Coordinators are in daily communication with our home office in Annapolis, MD, so you know all of our staff is updated on your internship and time abroad.


Top 3 Reasons to Intern Abroad Global awareness We are part of an international workforce and an internship abroad will give you a global perspective about your industry, your home country, and yourself. Possessing a global and cultural awareness will help you appreciate people for who they are and learn how to professionally communicate with different types of people in the workplace. Professionalism is a trait that 86% of employers are looking for when hiring.


Gain confidence and independence Being fully immersed in a new culture and country will definitely increase your confidence in your own abilities, especially as you navigate through the cultural differences of the workplace. The confidence you gain during your internship can help you get hired because 61% of employers are looking for candidates with confidence*

Differentiate yourself An internship abroad shows employers that you are willing to accept new challenges and responsibilities. The professional experience you’ll gain during your internship will set you apart from the hundreds of others joining the workforce especially since 66% of employers think relevant work experience is the most important factor in their hiring decisions** *Universum survey for Top Five Personality Traits Employers Hire Most ** 2012 Survey



Development Global Experiences was founded in 2001 with the goal of helping young professionals find meaningful international work experience. We are the only provider with more than 10 years of experience that started as an international internship placement company and has continued to help interns prepare for a fun and rewarding internship experience abroad. We take time to really get to know you and your internship goals. We work with you one-on-one and through webinars to prepare you for the excitement and challenges of living abroad. Before arrival in your host country, you will work with a Program Advisor to discuss your internship goals, set expectations, and assist you with pre-departure information and visa assistance.


Along with individual phone consultations you can attend weekly group webinars hosted by the Program Advisor team. These webinars will cover a range of topics including: • Budgeting While Abroad • Maximizing Your Internship • Reflections on Language & Culture Throughout the program, our team - including local staff in your host city will help you develop personal and professional skills like: • Interpersonal communication • Conflict resolution • Career management • Assertiveness training • Time management • Professional communication • Stress management Every intern will have different expectations, challenges, and goals, which is why we cater our resources and train our staff to provide personalized attention to fit your needs.


A Focus on

Strengths Global Experiences has partnered with Gallup to give our participants access to the Clifton StrengthsFinder™ assessment. The Clifton StrengthsFinder™ assessment is based on 40-years of research and allows people to discover and describe their natural talents and strengths.

“Global Experiences has created a potent mix of strengthsbased development, real work experience and global awareness into its program. It’s exactly what is needed for students to be successful after college,” Brandon Busteed, Executive Director of Gallup Education.


As a Global Experiences intern, you will have access to the assessment to learn your top 5 Strengths. We will then provide individualized training to help you harness those strengths and find an internship that will maximize your potential. Before Departure: • Access to the Clifton StrengthsFinder™ • Understanding Your Strengths Webinar • One-on-one phone calls with a Program Advisor to discuss Strengths, internship goals, and interview tips • Interview with potential host employer(s) During Your Internship: • On-site orientation by local staff • Strengths-based training and employer site-visits • Exit orientation and reverse culture shock presentation After Your Internship: • Invitation to the Global Experiences Alumni LinkedIn network • Access to Alumni-focused webinars on career development • Continued access to the Gallup Strengths website Clifton StrengthsFinder™ 34 Strengths: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Achiever Activator Adaptability Analytical Arranger Belief Command Communication Competition Connectedness Consistency Context Deliberative Developer Discipline Empathy Focus

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Futuristic Harmony Ideation Includer Individualization Input Intellection Learner Maximizer Positivity Relator Responsibility Restorative Self-Assurance Significance Strategic Woo



3 Reasons to Intern in Barcelona: 1. Enhance Spanish language skills 2. Hub for many international organizations 3. Vibrant architecture and sunny beaches


Featured Intern

Program Snapshot

There are many Spanish-speaking countries and cities in the world, but Barcelona has so much to offer with its rich culture, friendly locals,and sunny beaches.

Spend your summer or semester living on the Mediterranean Sea in the vivacious city of Barcelona, Spain. Home to sandy beaches, vibrant architecture, and thousands of businesses, Barcelona is the ideal place to expand your Spanish language skills and gain first-hand international work experience.

Hannah S.

University of Richmond

Along with your internship, you will take Spanish courses for the first two weeks of the program to help you adjust to Barcelona’s culture and workplaces.

Terms • Spring and Fall: 12-week programs • Summer: 10-week program

Inclusions • • • • •

Guaranteed internship Local staff support available 24/7 Immersion-style language courses Apartment-style housing Personalized career development and pre-departure support • On-site orientation • Medical/travel insurance • Mobile Phone (minutes not included)

Shindigs & Shenanigans • Bike tour around Barcelona • Trip to Dali Museum • Trip to Tibidabo


Program Snapshot The charming city of Dublin, Ireland is brimming with international companies and organizations full of terrific internship opportunities. Lose yourself in the lush greenery, colorful doorways, and rich history of Irish culture while honing your skills through hands-on work experience.

Terms • Spring and Fall: 12-week programs • Summer: 8-week program

Inclusions • Guaranteed internship • Centralized student-residence housing • Individualized career development and pre-departure support • Medical/travel insurance • On-site orientation • Local staff support available 24/7 • Mobile phone (minutes not included)

• Traditional Irish dinner and dancing with all the interns • Trip to Cliffs of Moher • Trip to Kilkenny and Glendalough

See page 35 for more information about Project Innovation

Featured Intern

I learned TONS of industry related skills that college classes just can’t teach you. You will never regret this decision. The memories and experiences will be as great as you make them, so why not give it a chance and have the best time ever?

Kelly F. 14

Shindigs & Shenanigans

Rochester Institute of Technology


3 Reasons to Intern in Dublin: 1. European headquarters for businesses 2. Open and friendly Irish workplace culture 3. Host city for Project Innovation



3 Reasons to Intern in Florence: 1. Walkable, easy to get around city 2. Abudance of English-friendly internships 3. Host city of Project Moda (free for Florence interns)


Featured Intern

Program Snapshot

Birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is famous for it’s iconic artwork, sprawling gardens, and historic architecture. Take in the breathtaking beauty of Tuscany with an Italian-speaking or English-friendly internship in Florence in industries like fashion, tourism, business, marketing, and gallery management. To help you acculturate to the Italian work culture you will partake in Italian language courses for the first two weeks of the program before starting your internship.

Florence was amazing. I really wanted to go and improve my language skills, and I really was able to. I feel much more confident in my fluency after completing this program. Everything outside the internship was fantastic ranging from the culture to the food. The entire group that I went with really made the experience great too.


Andrew L.

• Spring and Fall: 12-week programs • Summer: 9-week program

Hofstra School of Law

Inclusions • • • • • • • •

Guaranteed internship Centralized apartment-style housing Immersion-style language courses Personalized career development and pre-departure support Support from local staff available 24/7 On-site orientation Medical/travel insurance Mobile Phone (minutes not included)

Shindigs & Shenanigans • • • •

Trip to Verona Trip to Montepulciano Aperitivis (Italina happy hour) Trip to Cinque Terre

See page 35 for more information about Project Moda GET AN EDGE IN LIFE 17

Program Snapshot London is recognized as one of the most international and influential cities in the world. Walk along the bustling streets where the past and future seamlessly flow around modern architecture and historic cathedrals. The city is full of hundreds of opportunities in every field and an internship in London will be sure to catch an employer’s eye.

Terms • Spring and Fall: 15-week programs • Summer: 8-week programs (two start dates)


Shindigs & Shenanigans • Trip to Stonehenge • Bus tour around London • Trip to Bath and Oxford

Featured Intern

I knew that London was a city where I could gain some experience personally and professionally, and it was great! Along with all of the skills I learned, the experience taught me a lot about myself and how I handle challenges.

Siddhi S.

• Guaranteed internship • Centralized group studentresidence style housing • Personalized career development and pre-departure support • Medical/travel insurance • Local staff support available 24/7 • On-site orientation • Mobile Phone (minutes not included)

George Washington University 18


Academic Internship Program in London Program Snapshoot Do you want to study and intern abroad this year? Spend your fall or spring semester living, studying, and interning in London for 15 weeks. Through our partnership with the Foundation for International Education we can offer university students the opportunity to earn up to 15 credit hours from Drexel University while gaining hands-on internship experience. GET AN EDGE IN LIFE 19


3 Reasons to Intern in Milan: 1. Fashion capital of the world 2. Practice Italian language skills 3. Easy to travel to other countries like France and Austria


Featured Intern

Program Snapshot

I am truly having such an amazing time in Italy and learning so much from my internship. My entire experience with Global Experiences has been amazing, starting with the first phone call! Academy of Art University

Katie S.

Though it is renowned for it’s fashionscene, Milan is so much more than a fashion capital. As the second largest city in Italy, Milan offers great internship opportunities in many fields like business, accounting, law, hospitality, PR, and of course, fashion. Discover the fast-paced lifestyle of Milan and uncover all the beauty, art, and delicious food that the city has to offer! Along with an internship in your field, you will take Italian language courses for the first two weeks in Milan to help you integrate into the Italian workplace.

Terms • Spring and Fall: 12-week programs • Summer: 9-week program

Inclusions • Guaranteed internship • Centralized apartment-style housing • Local staff support available 24/7 • Immersive Italian language courses • On-site orientation • Personalized career development and pre-departure support • Medical/travel insurance • Mobile Phone (minutes not included)

Shindigs & Shenanigans • • • •

Trip to Venice Trip to Lake Como City tour of Milan Aperitivis (Italian happy hour)


Program Snapshot Do you think you have what it takes the live and intern in the Big Apple? Challenge yourself with an internship in the metropolis of New York City this year and gain unparalleled experience in your career field. New York City is home to thousands of businesses, NGOs, agencies and firms. No matter your career field, from accounting to event planning, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for among the pulsing streets of Manhattan.

Terms • Spring and Fall: 12-week programs • Summer: 8-week program

Inclusions • Guaranteed internship • Centralized student-residence style housing • Personalized career development and pre-departure support • On-site orientation • Local staff support available 24/7 • Medical/travel insurance

Shindigs & Shenanigans • Yankees baseball game • Broadway Musical • Canoeing on the Bronx River

Featured Intern

I thought it was a very good experience for me. It was a resume booster and will help me land a full-time job. The program was really well organized and I think the pre-screen interview process to get into the program is great. All of the interns were like-minded: fun and hard workers.

Mohammad D. 22

University of Tampa


3 Reasons to Intern in New York City: 1. Financial center of the United States of America 2. Large, multinational metropolis 3. Delicious foods from all over the world



3 Reasons to Intern in Paris: 1. Strengthen French language skills 2. Experience the arts that only Paris can offer 3. Parisian work life and culture


Featured Intern

Program Snapshot

Fall in love with the City of Lights with a full-time internship experience while improving your French language skills. If you have always dreamed of Paris and have an interest in marketing, business, law, international relations, finance, and fashion, there is no better place to spend a summer or semester.

Everything about the Global Experiences program was great. Improving my language was the main reason I wanted to go Paris. I really wanted to speak French at home and at work. The experience helped because I learned how to express ideas in the workplace instead of just within a classroom. Miami University of Ohio

Joe P.

Along with a guaranteed internship in your field, you will take immersive French language courses to help you adapt to the Parisian lifestyle and work culture.

Terms • Spring and Fall: 12-week programs • Summer: 10-week program

Inclusions • Centralized homestay-style housing (with breakfast) • Immersion-style language courses • Individualized career development and pre-departure support • Medical/travel insurance • Support from local staff available 24/7 • On-site orientation • Mobile Phone (minutes not included)

Shindigs & Shenanigans • River cruise on Seine • Trip to Loire Valley • Trip to Versailles


Program Snapshot Shanghai, China is one of the largest and most international cities in the world. This modern and thriving city is home to over 23 million people and thousands of businesses, agencies, and non-profits making it the ideal place for those who want a truly immersive cultural and professional experience. Discover more about your career field and yourself as you dive into the world of Chinese culture with a guaranteed internship with Global Experiences in Shanghai!

Terms • Spring and Fall: 12-week Programs • Summer: 8-weeks program


Shindigs & Shenanigans • Yellow Mountain Trip • Trip to the Great Wall • Traditional Chinese afternoon tea

Featured Intern

This experience taught me how to deal with internal struggles and the best way for me to overcome those challenges. It prepared me for what it is like to live in a new city and be away from home. I encourage future interns to be as be openedminded as possible.

Briana P. 26

• Housing in a student residence • Guaranteed Internship • Immersion-style language and culture courses • Personalized career development and pre-departure support • Local staff support available 24/7 • Medical and travel insurance • On-site orientation • Mobile Phone


3 Reasons to Intern in Shanghai: 1. Booming economic growth 2. Large, international city full of opportunities in every industry 3. The most English-friendly city in China



3 Reasons to Intern in Sydney: 1. Over 200 sunny days each year 2. Access to Asian and other international markets 3. Growth in creative industries like fashion and PR


Featured Alumni

Program Snapshot

Explore the beauty and culture of the Land of Oz with an internship in Sydney, Australia. With over 200 days of sunshine, it’s easy to see why so many people flock to Sydney’s famous beaches, gorgeous Blue Mountains, and iconic parks every year. Along with a booming tourism industry, Sydney houses hundreds of businesses, organizations, and non-profits that offer plenty of internship opportunities for every interest.

I definitely think that this internship experience has helped me in creating and meeting career goals. Before the internship I was pretty directionless, as far as what I actually wanted to do for a career. I now know that I am passionate about PR and I feel confident that I will have a successful future in the industry. Global Experiences has given me a wonderful addition to my resume while providing me with real work experience and a life changing trip.


University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Terms • Spring and Fall: 12-week programs • Summer: 8-week program

Inclusions • Guaranteed internship • Centralized apartment-style housing • Local staff support available 24/7 • Individualized career development and pre-departure information • Medical/travel insurance • On-site orientation • Mobile Phone (minutes not included)

Shindigs & Shenanigans • Trek through the Blue Mountains • Trip to Taragona Zoo • Surfing Lessons at Bondi Beach


Program Snapshot Imagine living and interning in the political powerhouse of Washington, D.C. The capital of the United States of America offers hundreds of opportunities for those interested in politics, history, non-profits, and law. Spend your summer learning a new skill among the national monuments and beautiful tree-lined streets of D.C.

Terms • Summer: 8-week program


Shindigs & Shenanigans • Tour the monuments and U.S. Capitol building • Nationals baseball game • Cruise on the Potomac River

Featured Intern

The experience I had in Washington D.C. courtesy of Global Experiences was one that I will not forget. The experience that we were presented is one that eclipsed my hopes going into the program. The group activities that were planned, the availability of GE contacts if we needed something, and of course, our internships, were what made this past summer so unforgettable.

Blake W. 30

University of Central Florida

• Guaranteed internship • 24/7 emergency support from Global Experiences staff • On-site orientation • Centralized student residence style housing • Personalized career development and pre-departure support • Medical/travel insurance


3 Reasons to Intern in DC: 1. Capital of the United States 2. Easy to get around; very walkable city 3. Home to international businesses, agencies and embassies


How It Works Inquire Once you inquire on our website,, a Program Consultant will call to speak with you about your career goals, educational background, location preferences, and ensure that you are a good candidate for the program.

Apply When we receive your application, our Program Consultants and Placement Team will determine if we’re able to match you with a great host employer in your chosen destination. If accepted into the program, it means we can guarantee you an internship within your field.

Enroll After acceptance, the next step is to simply enroll into the program with your initial deposit to secure your spot. Enrolling means you have officially decided to join the Global Experience program and take on the challenge and thrill of living and interning in a new city!

Prepare Before you arrive in your host city, you will work one-on-one with a Program Advisor to discuss your interests, internship goals, the visa process, and predeparture information. The Program Advisor will provide you with extensive professional development like reviewing your resume and cover letter, and preparing you for an interview with a potential host employer.

Interview You will do a Skype or phone interview with a potential employer that we’ve matched for you based on your goals and background.* If the first interview is not a good fit, we’ll continue to look for the best possible placement for you.

Arrival Once you’ve arrived in your host city, the Location Coordinator will host an on-site orientation. The Location Coordinator lives in that city year-round and will be your emergency contact available to you 24/7. He or she will also be responsible for planning social events, excursions, and networking events throughout your time on the ground. We strive to give you the independence you want with the all the support and resources you need to be successful during your internship. * Some interviews may take place in person upon arrival in the location


Internship Industries • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Accounting Advertising Architecture Business Charity/Non-profit Communications Education Environmental Science Event Management Fashion Film Finance/Economics Government/Politics Graphic Design

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hospitality Management Human Resources Information Technology Interior Design Journalism Law/Legal Marketing Museum/Fine Arts Photography Psychology Public Relations Sports Administration Theatre Video Production


University Partnerships Our collaborative and successful university custom partnerships allow students to fulfill their academic and career goals as part of an affordable experience that meets the needs of all stakeholders. Custom academic internships are currently available in all locations and our university partners include some of the top U.S. universities. We have over 4,000 alumni from over 1,000 universities from all over the world.

Universities with the most Global Experiences Alumni: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hofstra University: School of Law Pennsylvania State University University of Southern California Muhlenberg College Indiana University Salisbury University Rochester Institute of Technology University of Texas University of Colorado-Boulder Dartmouth College George Washington University University of Georgia Boston University College of Charleston Florida State University University of Michigan Central Michigan University University of Iowa University of Edinburgh Ryerson University Arizona State University College of William and Mary


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

High Point University Tulane University University of Ottawa University of Wisconsin-Madison Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Texas A&M-College Station University of Western Ontario Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Ohio State University-Columbus Harpeth Hall School University of Toronto University of Arizona University of Arkansas University of Virginia University of Oregon University of Maryland Virginia Tech Illinois Art Institute Concordia University

Special Programs Project Innovation The thriving city of Dublin is quickly becoming a world leader in tech start-ups and entrepreneurship. Dublin is at the heart of European investment in business innovation and it is the perfect place to launch your career. You will learn all of the ins-and-outs of starting your own business through first-hand exposure in a customized internship placement with a start-up company in Dublin for 8-weeks in the summer. During the program you will visit several Irish start-up companies and US businesses based in Dublin. To assist you in refining your entrepreneurial skills and network with industry leaders, you will partake in several workshops, panel discussions, and complete a business-themed competition. Project Innovation has all the inclusions of a regular Global Experiences internship program including furnished accommodations, social events and excursions, and individualized support from a dedicated Program Advisor.

Project Moda Project Moda is a 3-day weekend ‘Project Runway’ themed competition that takes place in Florence, Italy during the summer. This program add-on is great for any of our interns in Europe who love fashion and would like to spend a weekend in the heart of Tuscany! Participants will be given their challenge in their internship host country and will work in groups to create their own look and brand before leaving for Florence. Once in Italy, each group will prepare to show their looks on the catwalk before panel of Italian designers. Housing and social events are included in the event. Florence interns can join Project Moda for no extra fee!


Our Team Our staff spans 3 continents, 4 time zones, and 10 cities. Our main U.S.-based office is where we personally assist you - starting from the initial phone call up until you arrive in your host city. Once you’ve arrived in your host city you will have support from local staff who will provide orientations, employer-site visits, emergency support, and the implemention of a range of social events and excursions during your time abroad. Emily Merson, Co-founder and CEO Emily leads the strategic development of Global Experiences focusing on building the world’s leading international career development organization. Along with the executive team, Emily is committed to ensuring Global Experiences delivers excellence in personal career development and internship experiences, furthering its role as a trusted partner for higher education and dedication to providing life-changing experiences for young professionals around the world.

Jessica Burns, Director of Operations Jessica’s primary focus is providing personalized attention to Global Experiences’ College and University partners as well as acting as the liaison for all program partners around the world. She also oversees the daily facets of the organization’s head office in Annapolis, MD, ensuring Global Experiences is guided by its core values.

Michael Oettel, Director of Career Development Mike oversees Global Experiences’ placement team across the globe. He ensures that each and every young professional who works with Global Experiences has a substantive, challenging placement in a field that closely aligns with their career goals.


Melissa Buerkett Vivian, Director of Academic Internships. Melissa leads engagement with Universities and Colleges interested in developing or expanding their international internship programs. She ensures that programs are personalized to meet the needs of young professionals wishing to gain academic credit while investing in their careers.

Emily Oliver, Director of Program Management Emily is responsible for all pre-departure program advising and preparation. Emily manages our team of Program Advisors and Location Coordinators to ensure successful delivery of our programs in all internship destinations.

Alex Pasiner, Director of Sales and Marketing Alex supervises Global Experiences’ online presence and is responsible for supporting the team that speaks with students about the internship programs. He and his team ensure that applicants meet the qualifications and expectations of host employers around the world.

The Core Values are the business standards that Global Experiences sets for all of our staff, internship participants and partners. Our office strives to represent these values in every aspect of our business. Global Experiences Core values are: • • • • • •

Unflappable enthusiasm Industriousness Personal accountability to all stakeholders Always rise above the drama Shower everyone with kindness Constant innovation


Contact Information: 1-877-GE-ABROAD Follow Us

Global Experiences Brochure  

A full description of Global Experiences international internship programs.

Global Experiences Brochure  

A full description of Global Experiences international internship programs.