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Author : Sterling Publishing Pages : 22 pages Publisher : Sterling Children's Books Language : ISBN-10 : 1454919744 ISBN-13 : 9781454919 742

My First Hockey Book A chil d's first intr odu ctio n to spo rts Ga me on! Perf ect for par ent s to

sha re wit h thei r tod dler s, this sim ple boa rd boo k intr odu ces kid s to ver y bas ic voc abu lary ass oci ate d wit ha fav orit e spo rt. The con tem

por ary des ign feat ure s one wor d per pag e, a nic e big pho to, and a div ers e sele ctio n of chil dre n in the pict ure s. Plu s, the cov er is app eali ngl

y tact ile, wit h dee p em bos sin g and eye cat chi ng spo t glo ss. Kid s will gra b hol d of it aga in and aga in. Fro m “ho cke y stic k� to

“G OA L!” this fun boa rd boo k intr odu ces tod dler s to one of the mo st pop ular win ter spo rts. Tw ent yw ord s ass oci ate d wit h the ga me —in clu

din g “hel met ,” “pu ck,” “go alie ,” and “sla psh ot” — are pair ed wit h col orf ul pho tog rap hs, and a brig ht, che ery des ign. Kid s will feel all the exci

tem ent tha t tak es pla ce on the rink . My First Hockey Book

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My First Hockey Book  

My First Hockey Book

My First Hockey Book  

My First Hockey Book